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    Paying for stat training abolishment suggestion


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    Paying for stat training abolishment suggestion

    Post by Hikari-chan on Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:52 pm

    Okay, so after reading over the stat guidelines, I noticed something unsettling.

    That something would be.... PAYING to train a stat. I realize that there is a way to get around that. Which brings me to my next point... why pay at all if you can get around the fee? Its pointless and frankly, a bit ridiculous to make people pay to train a STAT of all things. I can understand making people pay for items, pets, spell slots and etc, but for a stat? That to me, is just plain silly. I DO however like how you guys have the training thread WC set up, that is a pro to this. However! I do strongly suggest that you guys consider abolishing the training fees completely. Now, I leave this topic open to those who'd like to also voice their opinions on this matter.

    *Drops the mic and waits for someone to pick it up*

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