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    Chao-Li Xin [DONE]

    Chao-Li Xin

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    Chao-Li Xin [DONE]

    Post by Chao-Li Xin on Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:32 pm

    In-Site Information:

    General Information:
    Name: Chao-Li Xin
    Nickname: Xin
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Species Ability/Perk:

    • RETALIATION: When Xin falls below 30% health, his spells deal 20% more damage for a 5 post period of time, and can only be used once per battle. If Xin enters another battle at 30% health or lower this passive is ineffective.
    • FUROR:  When Xin is hit by an enemy spell, he gains a spell rank-dependent amount of Fury points. (D ranks give 1, C give 2, B give 3, A give 4 and S+ give 5.) Once he reaches 5 Fury points he gains a single stack of Rage. For each stack of Rage he obtains, he can choose to empower his next spell, causing it to deal 5% more damage. Once a spell is empowered, the rage stack is spent and more Fury points must be gained in order to access it again. At a single time, Xin may only have 2 rage stacks, and he can only build 3 stacks in a topic. After reaching 10 fury points he stops gaining them. If used in conjunction with Retaliation, the former ability's damage increase is reduced to 5%. Unexpended stacks that remain after 5 posts are lost.

    (I've run these passives by Sonya/Serenity, and she was OK with them.)
    Special/Unique Characteristics: His back is riddled with scars from competitive fights.

    Character Depth:
    Personality: Listing these, if that's okay. Battle traits are designated in red.

    • Competitive: Ever since Xin was a small child he had been thrust into numerous competitive situations- most involving some form of fighting or combat- and held to expectations concerning indisputable victory. As such, he has become incredibly competitive, especially when it comes to fighting in tournaments.
    • Bitter: Xin has never actually been considered the "best" at anything- despite his above average skills, his ability has always been dwarfed by at least one or two competitors of far superior ability. Often, he goes unnoticed and unrespected. This has led him to become a bitter, angry individual who strives for perfection and utmost victory. If he does not achieve this he becomes incredibly irritable or falls into depression. Since he is not praised or recognized even for things he excels in, hatred for those who are quickly rises.
    • Self-Critical: As a result of his bitterness about failure, Xin has become incredibly self-critical. To address this trait of his, he trains his body, mind and soul intensely, and experiences mental forms of torture if he is not able to accomplish his goals.  
    • Envious: Despite his constant struggle to improve, Xin always seems to fall short in some degree. Thus, he looks at those who are superior to him with an extreme envy. This goes hand-in-hand with his bitterness.
    • Headstrong: Again, despite his self-criticizing tendencies, Xin still firmly believes he is exceptionally skilled- especially in battle. He abhors it when other people tell him that he can't do something, or that he is unable to accomplish a task he wants to accomplish. When there's a will, there's a way- he just hasn't found the way yet.
    • Irritable: Xin is an irritable individual in general- he absolutely despises those who nag him or annoy him in any way. Since he gets annoyed quite easily, he sadly does not have many friends.
    • Empathetic: This trait here might conflict with the rest of the traits listed, but to those in similar situations, Xin can be surprisingly empathetic. He knows what it feels like to never come in first place, or to not have his skill recognized by many, and how frustrating it can be. He also takes pity upon the helpless, or the lost.
    • Sarcastic: Xin does not make friends easily- but when he does, these friends are exposed to the witty, sarcastic side of him. His relationships are based off of dry, snarky humor.
    • Cynical: Xin has a twisted viewpoint of the world- everyone who he does not know incredibly well is out to get him. Thus, he adopts a cynical and pessimistic viewpoint upon most activities.
    • Mistrusting: Tying in with his cynicism, Xin finds it hard to trust people. He believes most people to be saboteurs who would not hesitate to cut him down and gain an upper hand over him if given the chance. (This is another reason why Xin has so few friends.)
    • Combat-Minded: Xin loves fighting- he finds it to be one of his favorite activities. When pitted against an opponent in a competitive setting, Xin enters an almost trancelike state of focus, striking and dodging and blocking with excellent timing. When he begins to lose matches, he feels as though he is overcome by waves of energy, pulsating through his body and giving him strength and resolve to continue. He almost never gives up during a fight.
    • Intelligent: Not only pushed to succeed in battle, Xin has been pressured to do well academically during his school days. He was a top-ranking scholar, but always fell short of first in class when it came to exam scores. Nevertheless, he has retained an incredible intellect and top-notch wit.
    • Angry: During combat, the more injured he gets, the more angry Xin becomes. He uses this anger as drive to push forward and defeat his opponents quickly. When he is close to losing he enters a frenzied state and fights viciously to win- or at least leave the opponent hurting the next morning if failure to win is the only option.
    • Calculative: Xin uses his intellect to analyze his opponents and strike them in ways that will ensure him the win.
    • Driven: Motivated by his past failures and his desire to gain respect and recognition, Xin has an incredible drive and "will to win" that he uses in battle.
    • Unmerciful: Nothing stands between Xin and his will to win; he is not above brutalizing his opponents if it helps him secure his overarching goal to be the best.
    • Protective: In a tag-team battle or a fight with allies, he is incredibly protective with those on his side. He knows that losing an ally would handicap him and his chances of victory.
    • Agile: Not much of a personality trait- however, Xin's reflexes seem to improve as he fights, making him more wiry and agile.
    • Mocking: He often mocks his foes in fights which he feels are going "too easily" for him- he hopes this will spur them on and make them land harder strikes.

    Likes: (3 minimum)
    - Combat- He sees combat as an opportunity to learn new ways to win (or at least attempt to gain victory.)
    - Spicy Food- He likes the taste of spicy food; he often ingests copious qualities of spicy food because he feels that if he can endure the burn in his mouth he will be able to endure other sources of pain for longer as well.
    - Victory- He rarely sees this- Victory ushers in a sense of glory that Xin has desired since he was introduced to the world of combat.

    Dislikes: (3 minimum)
    - Coming in Second Place- Second place is not first place- and is therefore not a true winning position. Xin accepts nothing but the best.
    - Not being recognized for his achievements- Xin puts in hard work, and when he feels this work doesn't pay off he gets angry.
    - Being told he can't beat someone- He hates when anybody tells him he can't beat someone or do something. Xin believes any walls can be surpassed with the right amount of motivation and training.
    - Bitter Foods- They leave a nasty taste on his tongue. This taste distracts him from his surroundings because of how rancid it is.

    Fears: (3 minimum)
    - Defeat- Xin does not want to lose- he wishes to grow stronger and stronger each day, and defeat will not aid in this hope.
    - Deterioration of Skill- If his skills deteriorate his overall ability deteriorates. If his ability deteriorates, then victory is less of a plausible outcome in fights.
    - Humiliation- Nobody likes the sensation of feeling pathetic, or being laughed at. Combine this with Xin's overall bitter personality and it makes sense why he hates humiliation.

    Motivations/Goals: (3 minimum)
    - Win First Place in any fighting competition- He has always wanted to be the champion of some sort of battle competition to live up to a standard set for him by his father.
    - Recognition for his feats- He does not want his effort to go unnoticed; he wants others to know how much work he puts into things he does. Xin desires respect, more than anything else.
    - Be the Best at something- Despite being better than average at most things Xin has never been the absolute best at anything. He wishes to change this.

    Hair: Brown; Unkempt, most of the time.
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin Tone: Fair, slightly tanned
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 190 lbs
    Overall Appearances: Avatar, m8

    Rank: D
    Guild: Dragon Heart
    Guild Tattoo: Lower Left Back, Red

    RP SAMPLE (For Rank):

    Xin was a fighter. He always had been- ever since the day of his birth. He trained in various martial arts since he learned how to walk and primarily received instruction from his father, Chao-Wei Yun- a powerful mage who made a large portion of his family’s income through winning battle tournaments in fight clubs across Fiore.  Chao-Wei was known throughout the underground fighting industry for his explosive power and relentless offense. Few crossed him; he had that intimidating demeanor which helped “psyche his opponents out”, making them drop their guard and become easier to beat. Naturally, he’d wanted his son Chao-Li Xin to carry on his legacy, and began to mold him into a championship warrior since he was born. The warrior’s son began to show promise after only a short period of time training, and Chao-Wei knew his talent had been passed down. However, when Xin was entered into his first tournaments, it became obvious that he had not inherited his father’s luck. He would advance to quarterfinals or semifinals only to be crushed by one of his opponents. This seemed to be a common occurrence not just on the battlefield but in all forms of competition- academics, music (he took up the violin and the guitar), and even sports, among other things. Over time, the young Xin became bitter and envious of those more skilled than him, and his focus and desires shifted onto solely two things- victory and recognition.
    Today he would finally see a chance to taste this victory. Just the day before, a request had been posted to Xin’s guild, Dragon Heart, calling for wizards of all skill levels to participate in a sort of underground battle-royale. Xin saw an opportunity to take advantage of- perhaps here he could finally display his ability in such a way that would grant him the glory he had been chasing after for so long. He had grabbed the request and saved the location, keeping the physical copy with him to turn in to the attendants when he arrived at the arena to sign up.  

    Xin had woken up this morning and walked from his city flat in Magnolia to the proposed “arena”. This was not an easy job- he had to travel through a maze of dingy alleyways, and he encountered a whole cast of shady folk along the way. At long last he reached a pair of rusted steel doors. Two burly men wearing white dress shirts and black pants guarded the entrance like soldiers. They asked to see the request which Xin had picked up earlier- upon flashing it, he was let inside, where he submitted the paper he had used to get in to an official sitting at a collapsible table. Upon doing this he was presented with a form upon which several names were hastily scribbled- this was where he would pencil in his name and information. Grabbing a pencil on the floor at his feet, he wrote his own name- Chao-Li Xin- and returned the form, before being led to the area where all the fighters were kept before the battle began.

    When he entered this area he surveyed the people who now surrounded him. There seemed to be a mixture of different wizards; no two shared many similarities with one another. Xin took note of seasoned, experienced-looking fighters who appeared to have participated in these events many times in the past- he also noticed those whose eyes darted back and forth, fidgeting nervously- they were likely here to make a quick buck or to get out of a financial pinch. He didn’t plan on speaking with any of these people, however- his intention was to win. Kindling a friendship now would only be a hindrance later on. After all, there would only be one victor.

    Among the people who surrounded him, Xin identified a few potential threats. There was one man who wore ripped jeans and no shirt; another had long, black hair and wore chest armor. Both of these men were incredibly built (in a muscular context) ; the shirtless man (who was snarling and growling at people and to himself) had very defined abs and the man wearing the chest armor had incredibly toned biceps. Xin tried to avert his glance from these people lest they meet his and start a confrontation. He would stay away from them once the fight began, to try and measure how they fared in the battle before engaging on them. To identify them, he gave them nicknames- the one with the armor would be “Bruiser”, and the one without the shirt would be “Maniac.” Among the rest of the competitors, Xin took note of a man whose arms seemed to morph into reptilian claws at the forearms- his tongue flickered in and out like a viper- and he would be known as such (“Serpent”). Another man wore a mage robe and carried around a large wizard’s staff and a spherical lacrima; Xin decided to name this man “Warlock”. Most of the other people in the ring were not as noteworthy- Xin just knew to stay away from the four he had identified.

    A man came in to explain the rules (standard rules of a competitive fight) and led the fighters to the arena; it was surprisingly large, (a 60m long, 30m wide oval with a dirt floor) considering the cramped exterior location. The battleground was elevated and its perimeter was encompassed by a rope barrier to keep fighters from toppling into the audience, who spectated from about a meter below. Xin kicked up some dust as he walked, surveying his surroundings. A blinding light shone down upon the fighters as they walked upon the stage and the packed audience cheered. Xin paid this no attention; the only thing on his mind was victory.

    The fighters all stood in a circle, facing each other, with about 10 meters of distance from the one across from them. A holographic referee was created by a projection lacrima hanging overhead; after a quick mental count Xin deduced that there were 24 in total, including him. The fight’s announcers introduced each competitor- but Xin was not paying any attention to him- he was busy tapping into his focus. At the sound of the bell to begin the match, his mind entered a state of extreme concentration. He watched the rest of the contestants spring to life; Serpent had knocked a meek-looking man to the ground and begun brutalizing him, striking him with poison-tipped claws which glowed green. Bruiser cocked his fist like he was re-loading a shotgun and expelled from it a concentrated blast of bluish energy; it smacked  a skinny man with blonde hair and a pointy nose clean in the chest and sent him flying out of the arena into the audience. Warlock stood still and watched as a woman leapt upwards, aiming a flying knee at his head. Moments before she would make contact with him, he tossed his lacrima into the air. Using some form of telekinesis magic he commanded the lacrima to fly towards the woman at breakneck speed, knocking her from the air onto the ground. The offending lacrima drifted up lazily before it was commanded downwards again, at a much faster velocity; the woman was struck in the chest. She coughed up blood and did not move. While Xin was watching this, he felt a sharp pain strike the center of his back, knocking him down and stunning him momentarily. Maniac, the shirtless man, had sprinted towards him from afar and rammed his head into the spine of Xin, catching him by surprise. As Maniac recoiled from the attack and prepared to follow it up with more strikes, Xin leapt to his feet. His shirtless enemy threw a punch; his fist was coated in a red energy. Before the hit could connect with Xin, it was deflected; Xin had caught Maniac’s fist in his palm. He balled his other hand into a fist and pulled Maniac inwards before landing a sharp blow to the enemy’s face. Maniac flew to the ground a few meters away, but before he could get up Xin stomped his boot into the earth. The floor seemed to explode in a direct line from the boot to Maniac, sending dust and shards of earth flying. The shirtless fighter was launched into the air. Once he got near the ground Xin leapt up and locked his arms around Maniac’s neck; they fell to earth together. Upon contact with the battlefield floor Xin heard a faint crack; Maniac was down and out.

    With one potential threat eliminated and three more on the horizon, Xin focused on staying away from those who may be dangerous to him and attacking those who posed no threat. He eliminated most of the weaker fighters. Soon it was down to five men; Xin, “Bruiser”, “Serpent”, “Warlock”, and a bald, tan-skinned man who looked incredibly muscular and wore spiked armor. Xin had noticed this man earlier, but he was wearing a cloak over the armor then, and did not look too intimidating with it on. He resolved to call this new challenge “Spike”. The crowd was cheering like crazy. Xin hung back, watching the other men fight each other. He strategized; currently Bruiser and Serpent were fighting each other, as were Warlock and Spike. Bruiser took down Serpent by using that shotgun-esque move with his fist; however, instead of doing it from a distance he fired the bluish ball of energy at point blank making full contact with his opponent’s abdomen. The reptilian man flew back and slammed into the turnbuckle post of the ring; he had been taken out of the fight.
    Meanwhile, Warlock tried to use his telekinesis-style magic and orb to keep Spike at bay; however, when the orb slammed into the big bald man’s dome head it appeared to have little effect on him. After trying this, he attempted to attack Spike’s chestplate by repeatedly slamming the orb into it- however, the sharp steel thorns on the armor scraped and eventually shattered the ball. Warlock backed up as Spike flew towards him, but walked into Bruiser, who focused his attention on the staff-bearing mage as well. He tried to use his staff to defend himself, but Bruiser was on top of him before he could do anything. He rained down on Warlock with an onslaught of fierce jabs and kicks, but was interrupted; Spike picked both Bruiser and Warlock up by the necks and slammed them into the ground on their backs, before leaping up. When his boots landed on the ground a crater was formed- and the impact that created the crater put both Bruiser and Warlock out of the fight. Now it was just Xin and Spike.

    Xin had sized Spike up, and concluded that if he got enough strikes to unprotected areas (like the bald man’s head) he might be able to win. There was no point in trying to soften the man’s steel armor, as the spikes would shred Xin to pieces if he even made contact with them. Spike charged towards Xin and attempted to grab him but missed, overshooting a few meters and falling to the ground. Xin capitalized on this, and slammed his foot into the ground once more, creating a line of explosions in the earth heading towards Spike. Spike was launched into the air; Once more, Xin leapt upwards after him, but instead of putting the bald man in a headlock and slamming into the ground with him, he kicked the man’s head; he fell to the ground. Had Xin done it? Had he won? The suspense and the tension built. When Xin landed (a few seconds after Spike) he walked up to the man wearing the spiked armor. He surveyed the damage he had done. As he was doing this, he was surprised to see movement- Spike was standing up slowly. Xin’s eyes grew wide with disbelief; his opponent shrugged off the blow like it was nothing. The muscular man stood and cracked his neck, before walking slowly towards Xin. Xin slashed his arms in an X-formation, and a purple X-shaped projection of energy flew towards Spike and hit his chestplate. He was slowed momentarily, but continued walking towards Xin. Xin flew into a frenzy of attacks; he shot purple energy in a stream towards Spike, who stuck out his forearm and blocked it easily; then, he followed up by stamping his boot into the ground and causing the explosions once more. Spike was sent a few feet into the air by this, but he landed afterwards and was not shaken. Xin did a backflip-kick, and a purple stream of energy shot from his foot as he did this, arcing towards Spike; but once again, it was shrugged off. Spike was getting closer; Xin had to do something fast.

    After trying several more techniques, Xin was running out of steam. When Spike reached him, he looked no weaker than he had appeared at the start of the onslaught. Xin tried one last technique- he had been cornered at the ropes- he used this to his advantage, climbing up onto the top rope and leaping onto the head of the bald man in the spiked armor. He kicked the man’s skull once more, in an attempt to disorientate him; however, this did not work. Xin landed on the ground, and his opponent turned around. He felt fingers close around his neck; he was lifted off of the ground and slammed onto his back. A giant boot landed upon his chest, and the world around him faded into unconsciousness.

    He felt nothing now but a disdain and sense of envy for the victor. He would never be the best at anything- not even at things he thought he was good at. A bitter anger filled Xin’s unconscious thoughts. He had come so far.

    He would not lose the next time.

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    Re: Chao-Li Xin [DONE]

    Post by Mizuko on Mon Sep 21, 2015 7:08 pm

    Hiya! I'll be grading your app today. So, your personality is excellent! I would recommend you put a bit more on battling, considering only about 100 of the 700 word count is battling, which doesn't give us much information. Everything from your likes down to your last motivation needs one sentence in description. As for the S Rank, that something that needs to be applied for, so until that system is completely set up, you'll need to put D.
    Chao-Li Xin

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    Re: Chao-Li Xin [DONE]

    Post by Chao-Li Xin on Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:27 pm

    Bumped. I was told some time in the recent past that an RP sample would be necessary to apply for a higher rank; so I had been working on it for a little while. I finished in about 15 minutes ago, and then edited the app.

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    Re: Chao-Li Xin [DONE]

    Post by Mizuko on Tue Sep 22, 2015 6:56 pm

    Don't worry, the RP sakple well still be valid, you'll just have to apply later. Once you change the rank, it'll be good.
    Chao-Li Xin

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    Re: Chao-Li Xin [DONE]

    Post by Chao-Li Xin on Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:01 pm

    Bumped again.


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    Re: Chao-Li Xin [DONE]

    Post by Mizuko on Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:52 pm

    Approved for the first time! Locking for the 2nd.

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    Re: Chao-Li Xin [DONE]

    Post by Krow on Fri Oct 02, 2015 10:03 am

    RETALIATION: When Xin falls below 50% health, his offensive spells deal 20% more HP damage. When used in conjunction with Furor, the boost is reduced to 10%.

    1. This ability looks cool, but I'd like you to drop the health amount at which it can be triggered down to 25%, as everyone regenerates a certain amount of health after a certain number of posts. As such, this is basically making you tank in terms of attack power, with little negative circumstances being taken on your end. This also needs a Duration and Cool-down established for it.

    FUROR:  When Xin is hit by an enemy spell, he gains a stack of Fury. Each stack of Fury amplifies the power of the next spell cast by 5%. He can store up to 3 stacks of Fury before releasing it, allowing for a maximum of up to 15% extra damage dealt. He can only accumulate a total of 3 stacks of Fury throughout a single fight. Using this passive in conjunction with Retaliation reduces the former passive's damage boost by 10%.

    2. What rank of spell causes him to gain a stack of fury, do certain spells cause him to gain it faster or slower? Also, this needs an established Duration and Cool-down. I get that it can only be used once per fight, but you must also keep in mind, there are jobs on this site, so you could partake in multiple fights in the same thread, which would make this ability easily abused. Also, please specify the rank of the spell that is being augmented by this ability.

    Chao-Li Xin

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    Re: Chao-Li Xin [DONE]

    Post by Chao-Li Xin on Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:54 pm

    Edited the passives so as to conform with the new Health rules.

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    Re: Chao-Li Xin [DONE]

    Post by Bacon on Fri Oct 09, 2015 11:33 pm

    Approved lol!

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    Re: Chao-Li Xin [DONE]

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