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    So I has a suggestion for staff to consider.


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    So I has a suggestion for staff to consider.

    Post by Velistra on Sat Sep 12, 2015 8:20 pm

    I see we have a board for Events/Contests/Giveaways and that has me thinking about something I have seen on other sites. It is typically called spin the wheel/dice safari or something like that and it is simply a game/contest where you have a chance for free stuff. It could be just free monies of various increments or it could be shop vouchers like a free basic weapon or free basic pet. Possibly a free pet/weapon/armor of your current rank thus eliminating the hassle for upgrading stuff. In short an admin would go into the admin panel and create a custom dice mechanic filled with various wiff dice results and some that say you have one this reward.

    Though an even easier way is to simply create a dice that rolls from say 1-100 and then choose out a number or two that when rolled yield this prize. Usually when I have seen it done as suggested in the second option any particular prize is only good for the first person to roll that number and then the prize and number required for it are replaced. This can be something that is a once a day, once a week, or once a month type deal. It all depends on what is being offered as a prize, and how often the prizes get updated. Not sure if this is something the rest of the site would want or something staff would want to bother with, but it is out there and a discussion can be had about it.

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