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    A Guide On Getting Started


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    A Guide On Getting Started

    Post by Bacon on Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:47 pm

    Welcome to the Unknown Lands!
    This guide is dedicated in helping you get started. If, even after reading through the guide, you still have questions, feel free to contact any of our admins and or moderators. They are always ready to help.

    STEP 1: Account Name

    • Please read the General Rules of the site before anything.
    • Please ensure that you are only creating ONE character per account.
    • You can only allowed to change your account name before we charge you for it. Even then, the account name must be to your character's name or you get charged.

    STEP 2: Face Character (FC)

    • Pick an avatar for your character. This picture must depict your character in some form. It does not necessarily have to be in the outfit that you will be playing it in, but the face will represent your character's face.
    • You may NOT pick a character that has already been chosen by another player. You may use it though, if the member who has claimed it grants you permission to use it. To see claimed faces and to claim a face of your own, see the Face Claim List.
    • Your FC must be a fictional character, not a non fictional character. (Meaning, do not use a live person to represent your character.)

    STEP 3: Your Character

    • To create your character, follow the template found in W.I.P Characters under Registration.
    • Once done with your character, make sure to edit in 'DONE' on the title of your character thread. Mods will then see you are done and look through as soon as possible.
    • Also, once you have completed it, reply to it with a "Bump" and a mod or an admin will check it for you. The 'bump' will bring your thread to the top of the forum.

    STEP 4: Lineage System

    • Once your character is approved, you may roll for a lineage.
    • You may roll only once. If more times are rolled, you will either be charged per lineage or lineages will be voided.
    • You may NOT create another account just because you do not like your current lineage. If you want to change it, buy a scroll (found in VIP shop) or pay for a reroll.

    STEP 5: Equipment, Pets, and Items.

    • You may create any of these in any order. You may also choose not to create any.
    • Items, Pets, and Equipments MUST be approved before being able to use it.

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