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    Magic and Health Guidelines


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    Magic and Health Guidelines

    Post by Admin on Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:13 pm



    The health of your character, and your pets are measured in HP, or health points. At the beginning of all threads, your HP is 100%. You are completely healthy. As the thread goes on, you can lose HP through attacks from other mages or their pets. If your character/pet's HP ever reaches 0% then you die. No exceptions, no take backs. You're dead. Even so, if your HP is 10% or below, you're at the point where your body is most likely quite incapable of moving or battling, anyway.


    Each mage naturally regains HP over time. This applies most to topics that span over a number of days. It will be left to you how much magic you regain, but make sure to note how much is regained if you have a time skip, or your character stays somewhere overnight. Here's a small guide for you to go by:

    1 Night Rest, 80-99% HP: Back to 100%
    1 Night Rest, 50-79% HP: Up to 80-99%
    1 Night Rest, 20-49% HP: Up to 50-79%
    1 Night Rest, 11-19% HP: Up to 20-49%
    1 Night Rest, 10% HP or below: +5% per night until over 10% once more.

    This will make it easier for moderators checking that you are being fair with this. It also serves as a good guideline for you when in topics.



    As we all know, this is a magic site. Therefore, each and every one of you can use magic in some way, shape, or form. You are the 10% of Fiore that has the ability to use and utilize magic. Magic itself takes many forms, ranging from Dragon Slayers, Elemental magics, or magics that require an item to use. Here, magic is split into two basic categories, Caster and Holder.

    Caster Magic: Caster magic is magic cast using only a mage's innate magic power, and nothing else. Examples of this magic include Slayer Magic, and Moulding Magic.

    Holder Magic: Holder magic is a type of magic in which a mage uses an item or armor of some sort to cast a spell. These items are practically limitless in shape, they can be anything from a ring, to sword, to a shield. Examples of this magic include Stellar Summoning, and Card Magic.

    Note, this magic has limits. You will be allowed certain items pertaining to spells free of charge, but extra items must be purchased, and gold keys used in Summoning must be applied for, just as with Slayer magic.

    Banned Magic

    There is no completely banned magic. Naturally, you are expected to follow all rules of meta gaming, controlling PCs, and power-playing. Anything thought to be too OP will be denied when you attempt to app it. Keep in mind, however, magics that kill, maim, injure, poison, or anything similar onto another mage without giving them any chance to defend themselves will be denied by any mod and admin. Healing Magics that can bring people back to life will most likely be denied, as well as magic that allowes you to nonchalantly travel through time.


    Spells are what you will cast to fight, defend yourself, or aid others. They come in a wide variety of forms, and are always themed by the magic they are based on. Spells are split up into three main categories: Offensive, Defensive, and Supportive.

    Offensive magic is magic that causes damage to another PC.

    Defensive spells are those that defend your or the mages around you from Offensive magic.

    Supportive spells are spells that neither defend nor attack. Healing magic falls under this category, as well as other spells used for more conventional purposes than battle.

    Each mage starts off with a certain number of spells for free. Here is the list of spells each mage gets for free per rank:

    Spell Numbers:
    D-Rank users: 3 D-Rank Spells

    C-Rank Users: 3 D-Rank, 1 C-Rank

    B-Rank Users: 3 D-Rank, 2 C-Rank, 1 B-Rank

    A-Rank Users: 3 D-Rank, 3 C-Rank, 2 B-Rank, 1 A-Rank

    S-Rank Users: 3 D-Rank, 4 C-Rank, 3 B-Rank, 2 A-Rank, 1 S-Rank

    SS-Rank Users: 3 D-Rank, 5 C-Rank, 4 B-Rank, 3 A-Rank, 2 S-Rank, 1 SS-Rank

    X-Rank Users: 3 D-Rank, 5 C-Rank, 5 B-Rank, 4 A-Rank, 3 S-Rank, 2 SS-Rank, 1 X-Rank

    Spell Damage

    Most spells cause damage. The exact damage done is calculated by the difference between your own and the opponent's Arcane and Resistance Stats.

    Spell Damage Chart:

    This chart shows you what damage you will do. For example, according to this, a spell done by a mage of B-Rank will deal 27% damage to a mage of C-Rank. Notice, X-Rank numbers are much higher, mostly due to the fact that it's an inhumanely hard rank to get to. These are relative numbers with a good bit of math behind them. All the same, they are simply guildlines, not stone. They are lenient. There is a limit to leniency though, keep in mind that staff will watch for that.

    Spell Usage

    So, here, we have no mana. You do not have a limit on spells you can use, but each spell does have a cooldown. The cooldown depends on the rank of the spell, and should always be at the very least, the duration of the spell, plus one. When you hit the point where you cannot use any spells due to all cooldowns being in progress, you forfeit your chance to attack for that post, unless you wish to attempt a physical attack, such as punching or kicking. Note, no mage can use 100 spells at once, as I'm sure some people will want to do while spamming spells with a low cooldown. You are allowed to guage this, but keep in mind that there is a limit to how much a mage can do.

    Status Effectors

    Status Effectors are effects of spells that leave a more lasting effect, such as freezing, poison, paralysis, ect;. Here are the numbers for these types of spells:

    D: 1-2 post length
    C: 2-3 post length
    B: 3-4 post length
    A: 4-5 post length
    S: 5 post length
    SS: 6 post length
    X: 7 post length

    There is some wiggle room on this, depending on the spell you make. Note, not all Status Effectors take HP. Simply the draining type, which will be mentioned below. The list above is referring to all, but the ones that merely inhibit movement or awareness will stick only to this list.  The moderator or admin checking your app will have the decision on whether the effect length you decide on is too OP or not. Now, for the types. Here are the types of lasting damage spells. These are simply suggestions, and you are completely free to make a spell that deals lasting damage in some other way:

    Electrical Damage: Also known as paralysis. This effects the body's ability to move smoothly, and nearly destroys fine motor skills for it's duration. Enhanced if the target is covered in water.

    Sleep Spells: This is something that will have to be more easily escaped, as it can be OP. But, spells such as these put the target  under a magically enhanced sleep, a sleep that will last the length seen above, compared to the rank.

    Burn Damage: This is something that detracts health over posts, just as draining spells do.

    Binding Spells: These are spells that prevent the target from moving for a fixed amount of time.

    Freezing Spells: Similar to binding spells, they freeze the user's body, or a part of their body, temporarily stopping or inhibiting movement. Weak against fire magic.

    Draining Damage: This is a spell type that is a simple health drainer. Here are the parameters for lasting damage spells:

    D: 1% per post
    C: 2% per post
    B: 3% per post
    A: 4% per post
    S: 5% per post
    SS: 6% per post
    X: 8% per post

    Again, slightly flexible, just as the parameters on other status effectors are.

    Stat Boosts: Spells that are aimed towards boosting your stats, exclusively supportive in type. These can be perks, though you can't buff yourself in strength 50% when you are merely a D rank. Keep the buffs reasonable if you choose to have a buff as your perk. You can use spells to boost any stat, HP regain, ect; Though there is a limit to how much you can boost per rank as well as the durations. The cooldown will always be one post higher than the duration. Please use the following as a guideline:

    D-Rank: +/- 1 Tier Rank for 2 Posts (1 Stat Only)
    C-Rank: +/- 1 Tier Rank for 3 Posts (1 Stat Only)
    B-Rank: +/- 1 Tier Rank for 5 Posts (1 Stat Only)
    A-Rank: +/- 1 Tier Ranks for 3 Posts (2 Stat Only)
    S-Rank: +/- 1 Tier Ranks for 5 Posts (2 Stat Only)
    SS-Rank: +/- 1 Tier Ranks for 7 Posts (2 Stat Only)

    Note, this is a bit flexible, but less so than the other lists. Try to stay within these numbers.

    Physical Attacks/Non Magic Damage

    As well as magic, there are non-magical attacks that also deal damage. Here are the types of non-magical attacks:

    Fist-Fighting/Hand-to-Hand: This is any and all types of fighting where there are no weapons, simply your fist, elbow, knee, or any other body part into the opponent's body with intent of injury.

    Weapons: This is including all NON ENCHANTED weapons. Weapons with abilities, passive, or active, are ENCHANTED weapons, and will be treated just like a spell. Weapons that aren't enchanted, like a regular sword, fall under the non-magic weapons category.

    These  two types of fighting deal less damage than magical attacks, but still do deal damage. Considering that your magical ability has nothing to do with this, this is measured by stats, not by rank. For simplicity's sake, and for more practical reasons, this will be based in your Strength stat. The list is below. Note, all the numbers are based on good, solid hits. Grazing hits, or hits from an injured arm, will be less.

    Non-Magic Damage Chart:

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