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    The Ranks


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    The Ranks

    Post by Admin on Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:14 pm

    You have just started your magical adventure and are new to magic, you could easily pwn a person without magic but you still have a lot to learn.
    [Starting rank]

    You've got some tricks up your sleeve and you're decently strong to boot, KEEP LEARNING!
    [200 EXP]

    You might as well consider  yourself a regarded mage in the community, you've made it this far and you are nothing to joke about but don't forget, there will always be someone better than you!
    [800 EXP]

    Wow you made it this far? You're knowledge of not just your magic but magic in general is pretty good, you can take on most opponents you'd face.
    [3,000 EXP]

    Once considered the pinnacle of power in terms of mages, you're extremely strong. With your most powerful spells you could even change landscapes, scary! BUT there is power beyond this.
    [8,500 EXP]

    You've become a bit more than just a top ranked mage, you might be a guild leader or just someone who is extremely talented, regardless...your power is scary.
    [16,000 EXP]

    Stories have told of your power through the ages...The pinnacle of your power is something to be reckoned with and definitely not to be messed with, we'll see what you can do.

    Mission rewards

    D rank mission: 50 Experience per mission.

    C rank mission: 80 Experience per mission.

    B rank mission: 140 Experience per mission.

    A rank mission: 250 Experience per mission.

    S rank mission: 400 Experience per mission.

    SS rank mission: 800 Experience per mission.

    X rank mission: --Undetermined Amount--

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