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    Animus Sin: The Future Guild Hall


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    Animus Sin: The Future Guild Hall

    Post by Kitten on Mon Sep 14, 2015 3:16 pm


    The Animus Sin's Guildhall

    Hello Guest and welcome to the Animus Sin's Guildhall. You will find this guild to be quite elusive, secretive, and highly advanced in technology and other means of defense due to its unusual and unsuspecting location. Unlike other guildhalls and due to the secrecy that surrounds the Animus Sin guild, the guild is located miles deep underneath the ground. Like so, they operate much like an underground agency as they  unexpectedly and unknowingly to most work busily deep beneath Fiore. Animus Sin, by far, is one of the most technologically advanced guild Fiore has to offer. Everything they do, they themselves have created and tested. Reason for this being that, as a hidden and underground agency, they have had to supply themselves with the things they need in order to function efficiently and rapidly. This said, to find the guild would be an impossibility unless a member knows of the entrances that surround it. If, by any chance, a member leaves the guild indefinitely and or turns their full allegiance to the light guilds, extreme precautions are taken to seal the entrances and reopen new ones. Furthermore, any mage found guilty of betraying Animus Sin would have to face severe consequences issued by the Guildmasters unless they give the authority to someone else to issue a suitable punishment. There is no going around that. Here, betrayal is the highest offense a mage can commit and it will not be let go of easily if at all.

    Now for the guildhall.  The guild is divided into three divisions as follows:

    First Division:

    The First Division

    The First Division is the level of the guild a mage sees as they enter the guild

    The Second Wing:
    The Second Wing:

    The Second Wing of the Guildhall is where the mages of the guild relax. This wing includes the mess halls, dormitories, pools, and the sort.

    The Rooms:
    The Rooms

    Here in Animus Sin, we look after our own in every which way. That is why the rooms for each of our member are customized to fit their every needs in order to ensure that every member remains comfortable and at rest within the guild. From a three person dorm room to a single bedroom, we have it all. Each room is highly secured to ensure a member's things are safe. Not only will they need a password to enter their room, but also a thumb scanner and or retina eye scanner will be installed so that it is not easily accessed by intruders.

    The Mess Hall:
    The Mess Hall

    The Pool, Spas, and Jaccuzi:
    The Pool, Spas, and Jaccuzi

    The swimming pool is one of the most popular places to relax and cool off.

    For the female, and male, mages who like to unwind in style, we offer stylish spas where you may relax in after a long day.

    The Hall:
    The Hall

    This is the Third Division of the guild. Here is where the mages are busily at work. The conference rooms, information center, mainframe, laboratory, and the sort is found here. This Hall is also the most guarded and the heavily secured section of the guild. It is also the farthest from the ground and not all rooms within are easily accessed/clearanced to regular members.

    This Hall includes:
    The Danger Room:
    The Danger Room

    The Danger Room, arguably, could be considered one of the most prized room within the Animus Sin guild. Here, you will find what appears to be an empty room. Yet, if data is inserted in correctly on the main computer of this room, the room whirls to life. This room is a holographic projection room and could be used to project opponents for a mage to fight and train with, to create holographic buildings for practice covert operations if blue pints are obtained, and or simply create a scenery for relaxation. The endless uses for the room are indefinite and all mages are encouraged to use the room to its full potential.

    The Laboratory:

    This room is where the science of the guild happens. The laboratory is mostly found sealed unless the password is obtained. Currently, only the scientists of the guild  and Guildmaster have the key and, if not authorized to give it, the scientist will be severely punished if the password is given. Due to the lab being under lock and key, one can only imagine what truly is going on there and what new things Animus Sin has to offer. This room is found next to the Danger Room.

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