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    Kitty, The Devil's Pryde


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    Kitty, The Devil's Pryde

    Post by Kitten on Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:50 am

    The Devil's Pryde
    "Not everything is as it seems..."

    Name: Elizabeth Mary Rose Pryde [Alias: Natalia Ebony d'Blakc]
    Nickname: "Kitty"; "Kitty Pryde"; The Devil's Pryde; d'Blakc Queen
    Age + Birthday: "20"; the 31st of October
    Species: Dhamphir [Half Huntress/Half Vampiress]

    Species Ability/Perk:
    1. As her DNA has been corrupted due to her genetic coding change, any trace is DNA she leaves behind will be useless as it will not pinpoint back to her. Still, her scent remains very much the same and can very well be tracked that way.
    2. Elizabeth is able to change forms from her vampiric self to her huntress self. This does, in no way, give her additional boost nor does it change her genetic coding back to the way it used to be. It is simply a way to alter her appearance. This can only happen only once per post.

    Special/Unique Characteristics:
    1. When in Elizabeth's form, her eyes shift to this color and design
    3. Regardless of what form she takes, Elizabeth with always have this star decorating her left eye.
    2. Elizabeth has pointy fangs that she can summon at any given time

    Personality: Elizabeth Mary Rose Pryde is a woman born into power, wealth, and prestige to the heads of a clan full of vampire hunters. As with any woman of her stature, everything Elizabeth does is done with great delicacy and poise. Her speech and mannerism are top notch and her movements are quite delicate as well as flawless and precise. These features are even more enhanced due to her turn making her seem almost or perhaps even perfect . Despite belonging to the wealthy Pryde family, the head of the vampire hunter clan, Elizabeth does not see herself as a part of it and neither does her family see her as part of them. Her values and ways of thinking clash with theirs thus always leading to family disputes and conflict. Yet it is not the values and morals that drive her family apart, but Elizabeth's turn or, better said, half turn as her vampire hunter genes mostly rejected the vampiric infection. As her clan is made up of vampire hunters, Elizabeth has been shunned and even rejected by those she has grown up with. Due to her half turn, she is neither accepted in the vampiric nor hunter society making her quite bitter when the topic of her past is brought up. Even so, Elizabeth maintains her status in the supernatural society and has earned grudging respect from those even more above her. Neither accepted in the supernatural society or with the humans, Elizabeth was forced to live on her own and make ends meet in order to live comfortably and peacefully. This has caused her to grow resentment towards anyone and everyone. Even so, Elizabeth portrays beauty and poise, but when her prey lets their guard down, she strikes much like a snake would its morsel of food. Elizabeth is deadly. Not only do her enhanced physical features show that, but also her uncaring nature and bloodthirst. Elizabeth, when committing any sort or form of crime, leaves nothing behind partly due to untraceable DNA or fingerprints that comes from her vampiric genes. Even if her genes help her evade the law, her smooth way of talking seemingly to most as a form of hypnotism and her obsession with skillful planning help her out in the long run. Elizabeth prides herself with her wide lists of successful cons. After all, she has had nearly two centuries of practice. Elizabeth's successful cons show that she can work well with people and brilliantly lead a team. She works extremely well under pressure and her plans are perfect, flawless even. She is able to maneuver her plans to fit in last minute situations that may occur. Elizabeth's mind works rapidly. When head of a group and or organization, Rebecca leads with strong, firm hand. There is no time for fun and games when dealing with a huge ordeal. She will face it head on with always a plan and have a backup plan at hand for any situation. Rebecca dislikes hand to hand combat tremendously. After all, she is a lady of the court even if she is seen as the black sheep. Yet she will not at all complain with long range combat nor will she ever turn down a battle of wit unless she smells a set up. Elizabeth's strong mind is in perfect sync with her body making her a master for evasion and surprise. Not only does she like the tactical aspect of a con and or battle, but she enjoys taking part of it. She treats those who have earned her respect with warmth, but even so, she does not fully trust anyone. Elizabeth dislikes any form of distraction. With that being said, Elizabeth does not care much for games unless they stimulate the mind and she particularly dislikes the notion of love. Not only has she never experienced it, but she has seen it as an unnecessary distraction from the greater things in life.

    -The dark. Natalia has always enjoyed the shadows and the unknown that lies within.
    -Blood. Natalia loves the pool of dark, rich liquid that inhabit one's body.
    -Sweets. She enjoys sweets.
    -Experiments. She is a scientist or, better said, of scientific background.

    -Last minute changes. She hates it, but can work around it.
    -Goody two shoes. In life, you must get your hands dirty in order to obtain what you want.
    -Sexism. What men can do, she can do as well.

    -Dying. Dying without having accomplished her goals.
    -Betrayal. Betrayal is the worst crime a person can commit.
    -Falling in love. She fears the concept and believes that it will weaken her and hsway her from her goals.

    -Power and control. Coming from a very prestigious background, seeking power and control runs through her veins.
    -Seeking knowledge. Natalia loves to seek knowledge for knowledge is power
    -The World. Making a name for herself in the world, but her motivations lie beyond that. She wants to shape it

    Hair: Black [Natalia]/ Blood Red [Elizabeth]
    Eyes: Golden [Natalia]/ Redwood [Elizabeth]
    Skin Tone: Fair, Pale Skin
    Height: 5ft. 7in.
    Weight: 130lbs.
    Overall Appearances: N/A

    Rank: SS [Guildmaster of Animus Sin]
    Guild: Animus Sin
    Guild Tattoo Tramp Stamp; Bloody Red

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    Re: Kitty, The Devil's Pryde

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    Re: Kitty, The Devil's Pryde

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    Re: Kitty, The Devil's Pryde

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