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    RP Sample(Please be good enough to pass >.<)



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    RP Sample(Please be good enough to pass >.<)

    Post by Mika on Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:23 pm

    My RP sample for becoming Blue Pegasus GM. Hope its good enough >.<

    The sun was out and burning brightly in the sky and there wasn't hardly a cloud in sight. This made the day extremely warm but at the same time nice. Mika walked around the peaceful town of Clover. She had lived in this town for as long as she remembered. Mika had no clue how she came to be on earth, nor did she have any memories of what it was like back in heaven. She had only recently remembered being an angel. It all happened two years ago. Mika and her parents had been inside there house on the outskirts of Clover, waiting for a terrible storm to pass. Thunder was booming, rain was pounding on the window panes and lightning flashed off in the distance. Seventeen year old Mika would cling to her mother every time the thunder roared. Her mother would pet her hair and try to calm her daughter's nerves. "Its okay sweetheart, the thunder won't harm us." Mika simply nodded at her mother's comforting words.

    As the storm went on, it seemed like it would never pass. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, Mika's father got up to answer, however as he was about to open the door, Mika got an extremely bad feeling and she wasn't wrong. The moment he opened the door, there was a frightening shadow figure that stood much taller than Mika's father. The young blonde girl's face grew incredibly pale as the shadowy figure stabbed her father through the heart with his bare hand. Mika's father groaned loudly in pain before falling on the floor. As soon as that happened, Mika's mother wrapped her arms tightly around her and ran for the back of the house. However, the demons who had attacked her father, suddenly appeared in front of Mika and her mother. Mika's mother pushed Mika away right before the demons slaughtered her by ripping her body up. Mika had now seen the people who raised her, killed. Mama...papa...it.. it can't be..." The demons were ready to kill Mika next. The young girl sobbing over the death of the only family she had ever known, suddenly was enveloped in a soft white light, that pushed the demons back.

    A pair of beautiful white wings sprung out from her back. The demons hissed at this."Oh shit, this girl's an angel!" Now, Mika had no idea what was going on. She couldn't believe her eyes or the demons' words. "Me? An angel?? It can't be..." The demons hissed once more. "we planned to kill you too girl but its clear we're not going to be able to today.. HOWEVER! We will be back for you someday and finish our job!" With that the demon's left into a shadow portal. With them gone, Mika blacked out.

    As Mika continued to walk along the road. She couldn't believe two years had passed since that dark and dreadful day. Thinking about it, would always cause Mika to cry. She was all alone in the world now, no family, no friends. As Mika reached the other end of town, she came across an old abandoned castle like building. Even though it was old, it was still a beautiful piece of architecture. It seemed that if someone had the power, they could restore it to its former glory. There was nothing that said it was off limits, so Mika decided to check it out. It was just as big on the inside as it was on the outside. The castle had multiple large rooms. She couldn't believe what she had come across.

    Mika had never seen such an amazing old place. Looking around at this old castle, an idea came to her mind, if she didn't have a family, she would make one in the form of creating a guild. The next day, Rin went to the town hall to talk to someone about taking the old castle for herself to start her guild. She was able to buy the castle on the cheap which made Mika very happy. Next step was to find a way to restore the castle to its former glory. Not having the magical power herself to do so. Mika went on a search to find someone who DID have the power. It took her a few months to find someone willing to do the job but she never gave up. Things seemed to all be going right.

    The following year, the castle was now fully restored, Mika had gotten the castle looking as if it was brand new. She had made it to where a dorm type facility was added on. She had so many things done, it took all the money she had saved up since her parents were killed. So now, the young girl was officially broke. Mika decided to name the guild Blue Pegasus after her parents' names which meant Blue and Pegasus. It showed that her love for the people who raised her was still burning strong and their memory would never be forgotten.

    Mika had gotten everything taken care of with the Magic Council, so now all that was left to do was find members to join her guild. Over the span of the next three months, young people all around Mika's age or even younger began flocking to the guild, wanting to join, and before she knew it, she was starting to have a family once more.

    Three months later...

    Mika had woken up and got dressed. She headed to the guild hall first thing in the morning. Upon arriving, there were already several members there in the main part of the hall, all sitting around and chatting it up. When Mika entered the room they all greeted her warmly. "Good Morning Sis!" Mika had her members get in the habit of calling her sis or sister. She didn't want to be called "master" because it felt to distant to her, she wanted to make Blue Pegasus just like a family, therefore, the members called each other brother or sister or by their names, just depended on what they were comfortable with.

    Everything was peaceful, and finally, Mika had a family once again. However, this family could never really fill the void left by her REAL family but it helped keep her happy and not sad. Mika excused herself from her family and headed deeper into the hall straight to her private office. She had gotten word the magic council had sent over a huge pile of job requests for the guild that needed her stamp of approval. Once in her office, Mika sat down at her desk and got to work stamping job request flyers. The stack was so high, and eventually her wrists were ready for a break.

    When that time came, Mika left her office to rejoin her family only to find that a fresh face had shown up. It was a young boy, who looked to be about 3 years younger than Mika and seemed rather nervous. Mika approached the boy slowly and with a warm smile. "Hello, are you here because you want to join our family?" She said in a light and warm tone. The boy, nodded a little enthusiastically in response. "Well then, we're more than welcome to have you. May I ask your name?" The boy swallowed before speaking. "My name is David, and I want to join Blue Pegasus." Mika's smile grew brighter after hearing this, and signaled one of her members to bring her the guild stamp. Once Mika had it in hand, she looked back at David smiling brightly. "Where would you like your guild tattoo to be?" David lifted his sleeve slightly and pointed to his left forearm. Mika pushed the stamp against that area and when she took it off, a guild mark in the color red, appeared on that spot.

    Mika handed the stamp back to the member who brought it out. "Welcome to the family David!" She said warmly to him. David seemed over joyed upon hearing that. A week later, everyone was making merry in the guild hall Mika was at the bar and took a stand atop the bar counter to make a speech.

    "Attention my brothers and sisters! I just want to thank everyone for being apart of this family. I know many of you know nothing about my past and I don't know most of yours but, I don't think that's very important really, what I think is important is the fact that we all care about each other like a family does and that to each other, our pasts mean nothing. Its our future that matters and what we make our destinies to be. Let us all remember, that no matter what, we will ALWAYS be there for each other, no matter what! Cheers! To our family!!" With her speech finished, Everyone who had a drink clinked glasses and continued to make merry throughout the day.

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