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    Mitsuchika Otonashi DONE

    Mitsuchika otonashi

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    Mitsuchika Otonashi DONE

    Post by Mitsuchika otonashi on Wed Sep 16, 2015 1:05 am

    In-Site Information:

    General Information:
    Name: Mitsuchika Otonashi
    Nickname: The traveling illusionary fox
    Age: 23
    Birthdate: 8/27
    Species: Kitsune: a shape shifting fox youkai from Nippon (Japan's traditional name). Originally Kitsunes were simple foxes who acquired demonic powers as they became tainted by malevolent entities.
    Species Ability/Perk: Shapeshifting: Mitsuchika is able to shift into both a fox pup and a full grown fox. ( Can only change once per post.
    Special/Unique Characteristics: Mitsuchika has Silver fox ears and six wavy  silver tails stretching from his spine in his human form.

    Character Depth:
    Personality: Mitsuchika is best describe as a wandering fool with too much free time on his hands. When Mitsuchika first begins his day he spends a few seconds toying around with random things around his hotel room to piss off house keeping. Mitsuchika is lazy during the midday hours and will walk around town aimlessly. When night rolls around Mitsuchika is always enjoying the night life which means crashing parties stealing from a corrupt jackass, or beating someone up from a syndicate for the reward money.

    Mitsuchika rarely talks to many people due to his magic making it hard for him to truly have a conversation. It's not so much that he has such poor control it's just that he gets bored far too quickly when talking to some one new.

    When Mitsuchika is in combat he is considered by witnesses to be very apathetic when facing the enemy. To counter act this Mitsuchika has crippled his powers by placing a complex array of seals on his arms and legs .

    When Mitsuchika is the leader during a mission he is calm and authoritative; though Mitsuchika will literally smack the client  if they are jeopardizing the mission should situation call for it.

    When Mitsuchika is acting as a supportive role in a job he is quiet and obediently listen to orders before executing them  to the best of his abilities.

    When Mitsuchika is in a romantic relationship he is gentle caring and thoughtful. He will sneak up on the person he is courting and hug them with all of his tails.

    On a bad day Mitsuchika will barely move from his bed room. A bad day for Mitsuchika is either when  the corruption that plagues him starts to sap away at his sanity or when memories of his home and loved ones enter his mind.

    On a good day Mitsuchika will greet people and smile happily as he helps people out with any problem they might be having.
    -Azuchi buns: Mitsuchika loves rice flour peach buns with red bean paste ...mmmmmm <3
    -Napping in the shade on a hot summers day: Mitsuchika is rather lazy at times a loves spending his free time outside sleeping under a tree.
    -Fireworks: Fireworks are Mitsu's favorite thing about holidays from his homeland.
    - The Moon: Much like wolves Mitsuchika love staring at the full moon.

    - Birds: Mitsuchika was kidnapped by a flock of tengu when he was a child enough said.
    - Cold : Mitsuchika gets sick rather easily in the cold.
    -Ignorant humans: Humans destroyed Mitsuchika's home
    - People who touch his ears and tails without permission :
    -Kappa: A river spirit that steals people souls through their butts need I say more
    -Gyuki:A mountain dwelling bull demon that can shake the very earth with one powerful stomp.
    -Gashadokuro: A skeleton of a giant that seeks an endless feast of flesh.

    - To Save Corrupted Youkai: Mitsuchika has spent several years of his life searching corrupted Youkai. While most Youkai seek to live in peace there are those who have become tainted by something. Mitsuchika is one of those who has become corrupted yet still attempts to hold on to his sanity.
    -Finding a new home: Mitsuchika's family and friends were all slain during a war caused by human clans so he has been wandering the lands in search of a new home.
    - To Live a happy life: It's cliché  but Mitsuchika simply wishes to have a peaceful life.

    Hair: silver
    Eyes: Red
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Height: 6ft 8inches
    Weight: 153 lbs
    Overall Appearances:

    Rank: D
    Guild: Wanderer at the moment.
    Guild Tattoo none

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    Zed The Workaholic

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    Re: Mitsuchika Otonashi DONE

    Post by Zed The Workaholic on Wed Sep 16, 2015 8:21 am

    Hi there, I'm sure you meant to put this but could you please type WIP next to the name of the topic so that we the staff don't confuse it for being finished? Thanks and good luck with the character!

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    Re: Mitsuchika Otonashi DONE

    Post by Bacon on Tue Oct 06, 2015 7:36 pm

    Hello there! This is just a friendly reminder that, when you finish this app, feel free to post in 'Help Desk' for grading. Have a nice day! ^-^

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    Re: Mitsuchika Otonashi DONE

    Post by Amaterasu on Sun Oct 11, 2015 4:07 pm

    This application has a 48hr timer now of which means the user has 48hrs to make the edits onto this application if it has not been finished in 48hrs this topic will be moved to the archives


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    Re: Mitsuchika Otonashi DONE

    Post by Selenia on Wed Oct 28, 2015 1:42 pm

    Hi, my name's Selenia and even though someone messed up and put you into a group, I'll be grading your app ^^

    There's a few things of information to add under "General Information". The first is, while you provided an age, please add a birthday. Also, I need to know your character's allegiance (lawful, neutral, chaotic, then good, neutral, or evil). Examples are Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Good, True Neutral (Neutral Neutral). Please choose the one that best defines your character; you can find more information online. Also, please add your character's gender.

    Species: Kitsune: a shape shifting fox youkai from Nippon (Japan's traditional name)
    Species Ability/Perk: Shapeshifting: Mitsuchika is able to shift into both a fox pup and a full grown fox. Illusions: Mitsuchika is able to create illusions
    As to your species and perks, please add some information regarding Kitsune. How did they come to be, how is the current state of the race, what are they like usually, etc.

    Your Shapeshifting perk looks fine, as long as it has no actual effect on battle. Might want to restrict it to once per post.

    Can you explain why a Kitsune can create illusions? Also, you wouldn't be able to use this perk in PvP; it's practically it's own magic.

    Last minor change is that you don't have a guild mark as a Wanderer, so please edit that out.

    Once you've made the edits, please bump and I'll get to it ASAP, thank you!


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    Re: Mitsuchika Otonashi DONE

    Post by Selenia on Wed Oct 28, 2015 3:49 pm

    Looks good now, approved :D

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    Re: Mitsuchika Otonashi DONE

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