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    Raina's RP Sample for Ace (S Rank)


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    Raina's RP Sample for Ace (S Rank)

    Post by Raina on Mon Sep 21, 2015 3:34 pm

    It had been a while since they had done something like this. Many thought after the girl's return, things would not be the same. That Leo would not forgive her for disappearing for so long, that Master Ebony would expel her from the guild, that Fairy Tail would lose its princess forever. Of course many people cannot begin to comprehend what is happening in the minds of the members of said guild. a guild notorious for going over board and being way to energetic during missions. A guild known for getting results, at all costs.

    The princess had disappeared for almost a year without a trace. The members of Fairy Tail searched for her high and low almost destroying Magnolia in the process. They attack countless dark wizards who they thought captured their beloved princess. But yet, they could not find her. Where had she gone? Is she safe? Many questions left unanswered for such a long time. Many tears were shed for their lost love. Their lost royalty. There lost friend. Many dark guilds feared the wraith of the guild during this time. Each one a suspect in the case of their missing ally. Who was the culprit and was their princess still alive? Tartarus? Savage Skull? Was this fighting pointless? Has their already moved on to the afterlife? Has her magic returned to the world?The princess of Fairy Tail was alive, but in extreme peril.

    Raina Lynna Dawne Scylar, daughter of the Siren King Relios Reginald Scylar, and the Angel Queen, Ryos Rose Scylar. Heir to the kingdom of Mystia, a world hidden in a different dimension. A dimension home to beings considered mythical or legendary. A dimension she called home, or at least used to. Its beauty tainted by the darkness of a once beloved sister. Aria Fang Scylar, sister to the princess of Fairy Tail. Just as beautiful as her sister, but stronger physically. She is a woman who craved power, never having enough. She craved a lost power that her sister possessed. Mystic Magic.

    Mystic magic, a lost magic only practiced by one wizard in the world. A magic that linked the caster with the elements that maintain balance in the world. Flame, the element of strength and passion, the element that controls the warmth of the world and the love in people's hearts. Water, the element of compromise and intelligence, the element that controls growth and the ability to compromise, or remain fluid. Earth, the element of defense and integrity, the element that promotes life and the ability to overcome challenges. Wind, the element of speed and grace, the element that controls hope and the ability to see the future and dream. And lastly, Holy Light, the element of angels and purity, the element that maintains the good in the world and protects it with its divine warmth. This magic is tied to the world itself and can bring the world to its knees if in the wrong hands. They say not even the strongest of wizard saints could have this magic and use it for good, due to the corrupting nature of its powers.

    Raina was heading home for the night over a year ago when it happened. Her bubblegum pink hair flowing with the breeze as she walked danced behind her. She didn't sense the shadows sneaking behind her. Something was cloaking them , or someone. Her magic did sense it though. A wave of light barraged around her body and knocked the assailants on their backs. She quickly turned around finally noticed their presence. There was just too many of them. She fought them on as many as she could. She side kicked one into another sending them both to the ground before flipping out of the one of one's attack. Their movements were sluggish but agile, almost non human. She couldn't make out any faces cause of their armor and robes but she sensed a familiarity to them. She quickly kicked another in the chin and sent his helm flying off, and that is when she noticed the horror that brought her to her knees. Her royal knight, Faulkner, leader of the Sacred Feathers, a battalion of the best angelic warriors in her kingdom. His body has been turned pale green and is twisted. An expression of horror splashed on his face, stuck like it was the last thing he saw before whatever happened to him turned him into this horror. She had heard of a creature like this once before in text. A creature that once had a soul but twisted with dark magic, Ghoul.

    A creature so dark and evil, no remnant of their souls remain after the dark, cursed magic is placed on them. Ghouls possess super human strength and stamina and claws filled with various poisons. The claws can either poison someone and lead them to death or knock them unconscious if the target is extremely sturdy. Physical attacks will not defeat this evil. Holy magic is a death sentence to them and will let the tortured souls finally rest.

    She knew she had the power to stop these monsters, but she could not bring herself to do it. She knew these knights, most of them grew up with her. Most of them are family to her, how could she bring herself to kill them? She knew she had to find the source of the curse, and only one mage knew exactly how and who to use this curse on and get the best reaction out of her. Aria. "She sent you after me, didn't see, Faulkner? I'll come with you, just promise not to harm people here and return to Mystia." She did not know if the ghouls understood her but they seemed to lead her into their portal and followed her to a black castle surrounded by an evil glow.

    "Sister, it's about time. I knew my little spell would get you here." A sinister and seductive voice called out of the darkness, and then she appeared. The once beloved sister, Aria. Her once conservative apparel now but a dream, as she is dressed in skimpy armor that expose her ample breasts and thighs. The armor only covers the bottom half of her chest, exposes her belly button and stops at her thighs in a bikini style. Along her belt and draped across her arms are bat wings. The once bright and happy angel is no longer there, only thing that remains is this dark demonic woman, a true succubus through and through.

    Driven by the carnal need for power, Aria gained the ability to absorb others magic, and while she used this in the name of what is good and true for a while, she know uses it to take magic from anyone with a power she desires. She even used her power on her own family. Aria craves lost magic and craves what her sister has.

    "Aria! Why are you doing this! These are our friends! Our family!" Raina exclaimed while the tears fell from her crimson, sea-like eyes. She couldn't let her friends and family suffer any longer, while under Aria's control, they would never be reborn.  There soul's trapped in an endless hell. She knew she had to step in and end their suffering. She raised her hands and unchained the rosary around her neck and held it in the sky, "I am sorry for her evil and wicked spell on you, my friends. Please, allow me to end it and end your suffering!" She called out as the tears started the pour her face. But she did not look sad, she looked determined. This is why she had this power. To save the souls of people in need.

    Light flowed around Raina with such intensity that it caused the ghouls to fall on their backs. She channeled the holy magic letting it flow allow her wrists in a wave like motion before exclaiming as loud as she could, "Holy magic, help me please! Saint!" She kissed her two index fingers causing the tips to glow very bright as she slung her arm towards the ghouls sending a sword like burst of magic at them. The spell explodes on impact reducing the ghouls to ash because of their weakness to light and holy. The amount of magic she channeled was too much for her body to handle. Her legs shook as she fell to her knees before passing out.

    She awoke in a cold sweat chained in a jail cell and that is where she stayed for months as her sister tried to drain the magic from her without success.  Her magic and her body were one. She was the last host to this magic and it was determined not to leave. Her body was left burned and bruised but her wounds would heal without as much as a day passing. Her magic had always had a mind of its own but know it was determined to keep her alive.
    Almost a year had passed since she was locked away in the cell, and she finally found her opening. She managed to break out and vowed to become stronger to defeat her sister before returning to Magnolia and sealing the portal there.

    And now she was here, out and about with the man that held her heart, Leo. Ebony had set them up to go out and enjoy what the world had to offer even if it was just a night. They walked down the cobblestone road with the sound of her heels hitting the stone below. As they passed a strange floating tower in the sky, something sparkled at the top and caught the pink haired beauty's eye. "What is that?" She asked Leo.

    "That is the Sky Tower and the fabled Gem of Time on top. It says the Gem could give power to ones in need or even bend time and space, but it's all a myth." Leo said as he smiled handsomely as he rustled his hand through his golden locks of hair.
    "Fabled huh? Then what am I?" Raina said as she smiled, her mind now made up on testing that gem. Her intentions are pure for it. She wants to become stronger to protect her loved ones. When they returned to told Leo and Ebony her intentions and was brought with worry from the two. They would rather her stay weak then take the chance of being hurt again. Tears welled up in her eyes from the doubt she received from her closest loved ones in the guild. "I can do this, I have to do this, so PLEASE! Support me!" She exclaimed before running out of the guild and made her way to the tower and ascended it. "

    The top of the tower was breathe taking. You could see all of Magnolia and the surrounding citys and landmarks around it. So many memories from this city. The attack from the dark mages which ultimately lead to her coma. So many times she made her friends worry for her. So many times she was useless to them in battle. Never again. She needed to protected them with all her strength and power. Especially if "she" showed her face in Magnolia. The breeze was brutal from the height of the tower's roof. She was extremely high in the sky. She was even higher than the birds, she could hear them singing below her. It had taken her all night to climb the tower and now she was here. Their song reminded her of her father and his silky siren voice. She worried for her parents safety but that wasn't all she worried about. She worried if her friends were right. Should she not have come here? Was she not strong enough? Was she just wasting her time? She knew in her heart her reasoning for being here was pure but was her journey fruitless? She examined the gem quickly and touched it as it sparkled transporting her to a secret place.

    Her body felt weightless and graceful as it vanished into gold dust and slowly danced around the Gem of Time before  being absorbed by it. The wind around her seemed to ripple but never move like it frozen. No, it seemed to not progress in time at all. Something, or someone had stopped the flow of time. The only thing moving here was her body flying through the false sky. She could feel the frozen wind against her bare skin. The transfer apparently reacted odd with her genetic makeup and caused her to shed her clothing and return to her angelic form. Her nude body continued to fly through the skies with her wings fluttering against the frozen breeze.

    She landed in a unknown but yet somehow familiar terrain. Had she seen this is her dreams? Fields of flowers and life all together in a peaceful and yet so unbelievably breathtaking world. The skies a crystal sapphire blue that crossed the false horizon, it was clear this was not Fiore any more. No signs of wildlife existed in this faux world, but yet birds could be heard chirping and the sounds of squirrels were squeaking. Everything seemed so surreal and glistened in the light as a false sun. A false world in a frozen space. "Elysium. Land of the dead. Fitting that the Gem of Time would take me to a place never touched by time. Now how do I get out of here?"

    Suddenly wind picked up and blew the girl back a little as her hair went wild in the breeze.
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