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    Malik's History [WIP]

    Malik Roberts

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    Malik's History [WIP]

    Post by Malik Roberts on Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:45 pm

    Malik was born into a family of powerful mages to a loving mother and father. There names are Monique and Cortez respectively. Both his parents were demi-deities, those who are deities within flesh and blood. His mother gave birth to him in a nursery room within the guild of Fairy Tail. The doctors noted the boy being full of energy as he was kicking and flailing his small arms and legs. He was quite active in his infancy, having large amounts of energy. This made him that much more adorable to look at. Seeing her child filled with such life made Monique smile with joy. Cortez gave a grin as well when seeing his first child. His wife said that Malik has his father's eyes, which is of a wonderfully golden brown. Afterwards, his mother had two other children, his younger brother and sister. Their names are Marques and Makayla, respective.

    Despite both his parents being a demi-goddess and a demi-god, the boy was much different. While he was part-god, it was quickly discovered he was also part-demon, making him a nephalem. He was certainly a surprise, but the questioned remained where did he inherited his demon blood from. They soon found out that one of Malik's ancestors is Azoth, the Demon God of Destruction. He is a powerful transcendent demon who shockingly enough has a strong hatred for evil. It was learned that Azoth was once known as a divine god of destruction, but he anger and hate overtook him, which ending up with his soul becoming empty. All that was left was the desire to kill and destroy, which was fortunately directed towards evil beings. Due to accomplishments as a divine being and the fact that he is now a demon, Azoth cannot enter Heaven or be condemned to Hell. As such, he is stuck in between. So, he had decided to creating a realm for himself. He ending up meeting with a women, whom rekindle what emotions he previously had. Over time, they fell in love, which resulted in his bloodline being mixed in with members of the Roberts Family.

    Being a nephalem, Malik possessed all the strengths of deities and demons, but none of their weaknesses. In ancient times, his race were seen as legendary heroes. They were beings of both Light and Darkness, but were neutral and, like all living beings, had the right to chose which side to be on. Whether they choose good or evil is left up to them. When he was born, he look to be an ordinary human child, but his mother could obviously sense the mixture of angelic and demonic energy within him. Not only that, it was potent. She can see her son becoming an amazing man in the future. Nephalem were rare in present, since demons and divine beings were enemies. There was no doubt that it was difficult to find another being such as the newborn infant in Monique's arms.

    Growing up, he was always interested in magic, fascinated by the many feats it can accomplish and the capabilities it possesses. It depends on what type is being utilized, though. Generally, magic can be used for anything. As a child, Malik was very curious about his surroundings. He wanted to learn more about the world and explore to his hearts content. This would at times provoke him to explore the environment around him. When he was still an infant, he would try to wonder off in various directions, if left by himself. He would even crawl to a different area within the Fairy Tail Guild unknown to him. Fortunately, his mother was always there to pick him up before he could go to far and end up in a dangerous place. There was always activity taking place within the guild she was a part of and she didn't want him to get involved in much of it, knowing he could get hurt by accident as he was still a baby who could barely defend himself. When halted his further exploration, she told him he was still too young to be wandering off by himself, hoping he will understand.

    After his younger siblings were born and he was older, at the age of 3, his parent decided to go into the meadows near Magnolia for a vacation. His father had set up a picnic for everyone to relaxing in the sun's beautiful rays. His mother was watch both him and his brother play with their toys as she held her infant daughter in her arms. While the family enjoyed their vacation, they were miraculously greeted by the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu. It was reveal she was the adoptive sister of Cortez, making her Malik's aunt. How they meet was left to be answered later, but what is known that when his father was younger, he formed a bond with Amaterasu where they become siblings. Cortez hugged his sister in joy at her presence. She noted she was hear for not a visit, but to move in. It is certain a shocking development to the adults. Thankfully, the home they loved in allowed multiple people, other than 5, to live peacefully. Cortez question his sister on why was she moving in with them. She explained that she missed being within Fiore as well as the people that became a part of her family.

    When all was said, she was introduced to the her brother's children, Malik, Marques, and Makayla. They were all so small and adorable, innocent miracle playing to their fullest. Sitting down, Amaterasu asked, if she could hold the eldest child, which his mother allowed. Picking him up from the blanket that laid flatly upon the lush grass of the meadow, she held him close to her. Humorously, he look around the landscape, trying to find anything of interest. He appears to not mind who is hold him at the moment as all he seems to care about at the moment was exploration. His mother and aunt gave a small giggle at the boy's behavior.

    Rp Sample:

    Becoming a Flame God Slayer

    Deep within the blissful meadow-like fields close to the Town of Magnolia. The sun showered the land with with it's brilliant rays, rejuvenating life as time pass by. The brilliance of the celestial object, which sat above all who basked in it's glow

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