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    Guild Hall Infomation


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    Guild Hall Infomation

    Post by Fūjin on Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:28 pm

    Welcome one and all to the home of one of the few Neutral Guild’s of the world known as Dragon Heart, It rests in a Southeastern, coastal, mountain range of the Midgar a short carriage ride from the city’s train station but fair enough from the city for the use of magic to take place with the guild halls and property. The guild itself is currently under the leadership of the leader of founding members and first Guild Master, Fūjin Stratas. This easy going, warm hearted and caring person has already began to lead Dragon Heart into hopeful  future and has made the guild hall an outstanding home to all who bear the mark of the guild. The guild hall in total sits on a total of 25,867 sq ft of land and was carved out of the face of a small mountain standing at 43 metres (141 ft) tall

    The guild itself is looks similar to that of a mix of a church and a castle and in terms of size it stretches across a total of 25,867 sq ft of land and was carved out of the face of a small mountain standing at 43 metres (141 ft) tall. Though unlike most castle and buildings the guild hall doesn’t really have floors just corridors leading from one location to the next not having a certain set rooms on one level. The whole inside of the guild hall inside and out, walls, floors and ceilings were chiselled out of the mountain it is located on and has countless marble banisters aligning the outside, all of which have been polished and smoothed out to be like marble and can be accessed from inside while the building being practically impossible to climb or scale from the outside. After you enter the main foyer where a map of the guild and a clocking system for members is; you will find two paths to follow from, the first will lead you up a set of stairs that leads to the council room for when the guild master or an ace takes out handpicked squads, when two representatives of other guilds to meet the guild master or when the guild master is receiving reports from his Ace’s. If you went underneath the set of stairs you would end up in the guild’s main hall where it has a fully functioning bar/restaurant, job board, team and dorm registrations, a suggestion box, a stage fully open to the members and a balcony that is connected to the council room. From the main hall you can get to almost any location within the guild building through what would look like a maze of corridors to an outsider of the guild. On the top of each tower, on each of the guild’s outer walls on every banner that hangs in the guild it will have the guild’s emblem, hanging proudly for all to see, this is also seen being held up by the statues of dragons that line the bridge that leads into the grounds of the Guild.


    Midgar is the island country once ravaged by war which Dragon Heart stopped and claimed the no man’s land which was once a country under their control and protection. The country itself has a very dramatic climate changing with the season, having a multiple different biomes within the country and is roughly roughly 8.95 million square kilometres (about 3 million square miles). Also due the war that was waged there the island has become a negative zone for magic, meaning that magic will not work over the island with the exception for those who bear the guild crest on there body and have a guild maker statue in there village, town or city (which they all do). The war also caused pieces of the island from before the war to become floating islands that orbit the main island.
    Guild Gardens:

    The guild’s gardens are located on the largest balcony which was turned into a porch and the a garden for the members to enjoy having a wide range of flowers, trees and shrubs along with as benches and hammocks to admire and contemplate for all members to enjoy and relax. Most of the small shrubs berry bushes and the some floral presentations have been arranged to show the guild mark.


    The Dragon Heart guild being forged from a coastal mountain has the privilege of owning its own private beach and port that is located on the south end of the guild, there is a large pit camp fire down at the beach along with hammocks underneath palm trees on the sandy white beach with crystal clear water. At the end of the guild’s property there stands a dragon statue with a magical barrier that only lets those with the guild mark pass through. The port is free to use for any members allowing them a place to keep their ships docked.

    Training Area :

    To the west side at the foot of the guild hall lies a training ground consisting of a forest with magically enhanced moving and self repairing targets, these grounds offer the guild members a chance to hone their skills and teamwork in between jobs as well as recording how well they do within the grounds during their training in a form of a score which is posted up on a scoreboard within the main hall set next to the job board, this helps set a healthy competition between the members as they aim to get the high scores. It also helps the guild master keep track of how everyone is progressing in their training. The perimeter of the grounds is outlined by the same dragon statues used on the beach only letting guild members in while keeping any stray magic blasts causing collateral damage, there is also a control lacrima held by a dragon statue at the entrance to the training ground to record who uses the grounds, when they use it, what difficulty it has been set too and their overall score. Neighbouring the training grounds is the guild's arena where the guild members can challenge each other to duel or invite members of other guild to fight.

    Main Entrance/Foyer and Main Hall:

    Main Entrance/Foyer:

    The main Entrance/Foyer area is seen as you enter the great Dragon Heart guild hall. The room looks as if it was carved from marble and the polished, with in fact it was carved out of the mountain and was decorated with crimson red velvet carpets and drapes. Within the foyer there is only a set of stairs leading to the guild's council room with restricted access only allowing the guild master, his Aces and the founding fathers of the guild inside, while on the wall on the right is a clocking system to record when a member leaves or returns while on the left hand wall there is a map of the guild engraved on to the wall and if you were to travel down the corridor underneath the set of stairs leading to the council you would find yourself in the main hall.

    Main Hall:
    The main hall would be considered to have a simple design with many tables, chairs and benches for the members to sit, chat, make a fort (we won't go into details about that one time) as well as order food and drink and to make bounds with each other if the room was made of stone. The hall' has a high raised ceiling with balconies from other locations looking down at the hall below giving it the very open feel it deserves being the single largest room within the guild and looking up to the ceiling you would see that it has been enchanted to reflect the weather outside with the exception of rain, hail and snow (you can tell that from the colour of the clouds) and at night it is scattered with star constellations. The balconies throughout the hall are each supported up with large stone pillars and every second pillar having the guild emblem engraved on it. On the left hand side of the hall lies a bar from which (or any of the members that have volunteered to be a waiter/waitress) all members can order drinks and food as well on the house for guild members of course, the bar sells  most alcoholic beverages such as liquors, ales, spirits and beer to drink along drinks to suit any particular members needs (e.g. A blood substitute for vampires). At the rear end of the hall there is a stage free for use of guild and non-guild members.

    Council Room:

    The room that lies at the top of set of stairs in the main foyer you are brought to the council room. The council room is used when the guild master or an ace takes out handpicked squads to give out mission/job debriefs, when two representatives of other guilds to meet the guild master or when the guild master is receiving reports from his Aces.


    Dragon Heart has a large library that is free for use for all members and visitors to browse at their leisure, containing books from modern times and times long forgotten, it also several archive lacrima globes throughout the almost seemingly unending rows of books. The archives hold records on completed jobs by guild members past high scores from the training grounds and has the location of anything you need to find within the library.

    Hot Spring/Baths:

    Hot Springs:
    Bath house:
    While the guild hall was being carved out it was found that within the mountain there was a cave with numerous hot springs. Given the commanded by the guild master they were fashioned out to be open and free to use for the members of the guild while adding in bath houses that used water from the springs to power the bath.


    The Dragon Heart guild also provide free, boarding/housing for its members giving them their own dorm which are free to personalise and keep as long as they stay in the guild.

    Alchemy Lab:

    Dragon Heart has a large Alchemy Lab that is free for use for all members to use at their leisure, containing numerous of rare ingredients you will only find there working well with the number of recipes one could find in the in the guild library.

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