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    Thunder Palace


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    Thunder Palace

    Post by Shuhei on Thu Oct 01, 2015 5:07 pm

    Flashes of light illuminated the dark grey nimbus clouds like a flickering lantern, accompanied soon after by bellowing thunder, echoing throughout the region of Fiore.  Among the clouds before a massive Drum that seemed to be suspended by nothing but air, the white haired deity stood drenched.  Beads of rain water rolled down his terrifying image, that of a tremendously muscular man and his Godly robes fluttered harshly in the gale.  Slowly the God raised his metal baton that started to glow brightly with divine power and swiftly the God beat the drum, unleashing fury.  Bolts of lightning shot forth from the impact and the bellowing sound of thunder echoed again.  The storm raged over Earthland, as the Gods actions in the Sage Realm directly impacted the Mortal Realm, so was the power of Gods of the Sage Realm.  Once more the Deity raised his baton and prepared to beat the Drum of thunder, as was his duty in Heaven, but he was suddenly interrupted.  

    "Lei Gooooooooooooong!"  The voice of a child rang loudly through the storm.  A whispy child flew through the realm of Clouds, surrounded by white fluffy puffs of white nimbus cloud that clashed brightly against the dark storm.  His robe was bright green and the sleeves extended far beyond his hands nearly the length of his entire body and fluttered behind him as he soared through the air.  The grim thunder God looked angrily at the boy, who was in fact several thousand years old, but still a boy by Divine standards.  "Yun Tong, what the Hell do you want?  I'm busy."  The Thunder God shouted.  The boy, who stood only as high as Lei Gong's knee, flew around the Deity circling him three times.  "It's time It's time It's time It's time!"  The boy continued to shout with glee.  Lei Gong appeared frustrated and a vein popped out of his forehead as the boy continued to act quite childish around him.  "Time for what?"  The boy stopped and smiled, looking happily in to Lei Gong's eyes.  "Time to see the Mortals!"  A puzzled expression painted the Deity's face.  "I don't have time for this."  He shook his head and turned towards his drum and once more Lei Gong raised his baton and struck the drum.  Lightning and thunder ensued, as it always had.

    "Lei Gooooooooooooong!"  Yun Tong shouted again.  "WHAT!?"  Lei Gong replied in anger nearly as loud as the thunderous drum.  "You have to go see the Mortals!  Jade Emperor said so!"  Puzzled once again, Lei Gong sighed and buried his face in his palm.  "Why does Jade Emperor want me to go..."  He hesitated.  "Down there?"  Yun Tong laughed.  "You're not gonna liiiiiike iiiiiiiiit!"  Yun Tong's chuckle and childish behavior infuriated the Thunder God endlessly and he growled in anger.  "Would you just tell me!?"  he shouted.  Yun Tong chuckled again putting his hands up to his mouth, sleeves draping down in front of him.  "You know the Monkey King?"  Lei Gong nodded, gritting his teeth.  "Weeelllll, he stole Kinto-Un, the most powerful storm-cloud in the Sage Realm, thinking it was just some normal Flying Nimbus.  He took it with him to the Mortal Realm and Jade Emperor's real angry about it!"  All look of anger disappeared from Lei Gong's face and a simple, blank expression replaced it as he processed the information.  "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?"  Yun Tong chuckled loudly and spread his sleeved arms as he soared around the enraged Thunder God. "Mmmmhmm."  

    Lei Gong began to panic, dropping his baton and clutching his head with both hands.  "Kinto-Un, beautiful Kinto-un, that brat of a Monkey King has you and you're all alone in the Mortal Realm, being ridden around like some kind of Flying Nimbus!  WHAT SHAME!"  Yun Tong circled Lei Gong once more and patted him on the back.  "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find him and bring him a swift, painful agonizing death befitting a vermin such as himself and bring Honor to the House of Clouds."  He chuckled, tilting his head to the side.  Lei Gong turned his head and looked at his young disciple.  "You're disturbing sometimes, you know that?"  Yun Tong smiled and nodded.  With a grunt, Lei Gong picked himself up.  "Fine then!  If Jade Emperor commands it I will gladly obey and shed my immortality to enter the Mortal Realm!"  Yun Tong cheered.  "And while you're gone, I'll take care of your drum for you!"  Lei Gong grunted.  "Just remember, it's not a goddamn toy!  It's serious adult work!"  Lei Gong looked back to see Yun Tong, holding his baton and readying himself to beat the drum.  Only that Lei Gong's Baton was several times Yun Tong's length and he struggled to lift one end up off the ground.  "What do you think you're doing?!"  Angrily he snatched his Baton away from Yun Tong.  "I'll be taking this with me!  Find something else to beat the Drum with."  Yun Tong chuckled and rolled up one of his sleeves and quickly lashed it out toward the Drum, producing a somewhat duller sounding thunder than what Lei Gong was producing earlier.  Yun Tong looked at Lei Gong and smiled while the Thunder God stared blankly at the child.  Shaking his head, Lei Gong turned away.  "I better get this done fast..."

    Looking down, Lei Gong swept his arm over the dark Clouds beneath him.  slowly, the clouds began swirling and started to accelerate, opening up and forming a vortex tunnel through which the Deity could see the Mortal Realm, the land of mankind.  He breathed deeply as he shed his Godly robes knowing that once he took his first step in to the Mortal Realm, his clock would start ticking and his Mortal life would begin.  For Gods were not permitted to interfere with human affairs by the law of the Jade Emperor.  "Here goes..."  Spreading his arms, Lei Gong leaned forward and fell face first in to a free fall through the raging storm.  The wind was strong, and the rain felt like needles on his skin as he descended from the Heavens.  As if he were soaring down the center of a tornado he flew through the clouds, eyes wide gazing toward the land that was swiftly approaching.  He felt his divinity diminishing from him, as new sensations washed over him.  Cold, tense, slight agony as it felt more and more difficult to breath.  Finally, he fell through the cloud barrier and entered the Mortal Realm.  Soaring through the open sky,  leaving the storm behind him.  He looked back at the raging storm, his home, his palace, and for a moment he felt uncertain.  He would not admit to feeling fear, but it was there, if only for a moment.  Clutching his fists, he buried his fears and gazed ahead towards Earthland with new found strength.  He gazed onward toward Earthland, towards his duty, towards the swiftly approaching solid mass of rock and dirt and Thud.  It all went black.  

    Bellowing thunder echoed through the region.  The not so mighty Lei Gong began to regain his consciousness and his eyes began to open slowly.  Gazing unto the stones that were painted red with his blood, he began to realize that his body was in pain.  Suddenly the pain overwhelmed him, the pounding in his head and throbbing in his body from landing face first on the rocks, a feat no normal human would be capable of surviving, but by the will of the Gods, this first blunder was forgiven and only then was his immortality totally withdrawn.  With a loud groan he turned on to his back revealing the gash across his face to the Heavens.  Thunder bellowed.  "Laugh it up you little brat!"  He said in n angered tone and then sighed, closing his eyes.  His body felt stiff and he found it extremely difficult to move.  Which was understandable considering, but it was a sensation he was not accustomed to, and he didn't like it.  For the time being he would stay here.  Not a great start to his mission...

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