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    The Fallen Fifth Son... Bardo Rebellion


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    The Fallen Fifth Son... Bardo Rebellion

    Post by Eiyū on Fri Oct 02, 2015 7:36 am

    As the five sons of Ipswich would have walked on the clouds within the heavens, Bardo would have let out a deep sigh as he would have become seemingly complacent with life as he knew it. Though to most this would have been the pinnacle of beauty and power being known as an Ipswich angel was taking on the role of being among the most powerful beings to ever grace the sky known to date, being part of these five families with supernatural powers that could even scare some of the gods which made them subject the families to being guards of their individual realms. Bardo would have been a guard for the gates of hades making sure that no evil slipped through the cracks however, the problem with this would be the level of dark energy that he would have begun to slowly go mad, with the addition of his already seemingly long tainted magic that when used slowly decays the body and destroys the mind from having any pure thoughts only striving for more and more power…

    However, the tale of Bardo doesn’t truly begin within the confines of the heavens for he would have caught a glimpse of the ignorance and travesty that would have begun erupting in the realm of Fiore, it would seem that the man different races of earth land would have begun a war for seemingly a new world order and or perhaps the dark versus the light, however, it would be the abuse of magic and disregard for the citizens that would have seemingly begun getting caught within the cross fire that would have… put a grand smirk upon the angel who would have slowly begun to allow the darkness that has been consuming him to finally take root and turn the once holy knight of the gods into one seeking only further knowledge and experiences, therefore, without even a second thought it would seemingly take no time for the angel to spawn his once crimson red wings that would have begun taking a turn having started to corrupt into a sad of nightmare black, as he would hold the grand smile that was put upon his face as he would have begun ascending off of the gates walls the pressure from his power would have caused it to wake as if the hell hound Cerberus would have come crashing trying to escape from his eternal prison.

    “The ignorance of this world is a fileting joy for those bread for greatness and brings nothing but needless chaos and disarray…”

    With these muffled words Bardo would let his wings slowly start to shed their once beautiful crimson red and as he would watch them gently drift down eventually fading from his gaze he would let out a deep sigh of detest as he would look seemingly with perfect clarity down at the battlefield that would have been Fiore… It was sickening to him as he would see the mass collisions of magic and the blood painted walls, floors, and corpses… However, he still couldn’t help but feel slight joy as he would look down upon the carnage that would be taking place and without any further hesitation he would let himself slowly descend from the clouds but before he could fully break through the heavenly white guards that would have hidden the existence of the ancient beings from above his fellow brethren would have seemingly appeared before him as if a blockade to stop him from the madness he was about to let himself be consumed by… and in a rather angelic voice they would have all spoken in tandem,

    “If you leave this post not only will the human obtain a power yet unknown to their kind, but we shall hunt you and devour the power as to which you are escaping with Bardo Ipswich…”

    As these words would ring throughout his mind and he would seemingly take a moment to think yet again of his decision it would be clear to him what he needed to do or rather what he truly wished for himself instead of the steady day in and out of guarding from the demon’s that would attempt to escape from their prison for whatever crimes they would have committed he wanted to experience life as they called it for he had spent the last a thousand years guarding truly against nothing… therefore, he would have simply looked them within the eyes though mere illusions for they would never dare leave their post his eyes would take on a midnight black shade all over leaving nothing to be seen but the darkness that would have consumed him as his veins within his face would show from underneath his skin in the same tint as his eyes and he would merely wave  his hand and disperse of the illusions and would leave a message with this action as well to all his fellow brethren,

    “If you wish to hunt me do not simply threaten me and instead come at me like men of honor, I shall await the day for your vengeance upon me with great anticipation for it will be an honor to kill the other four diamond angels that’s name bring fear and joy to those that hear them… Also I am no longer Bardo Ipswich but rather Bardo the Rebellious… The fallen fifth son…”

    With that ringing not only in the ears of his so called brethren but all of the heavens he would swiftly begin his journey to earth-land and would come down as if a black meteor slightly blocking out the sun causing an eclipse for a mere moment, as he would get closer to the land that he would be calling home the once clear vision of the battlefield would become blurry it would seem many of his gifts as an angel would begin to fade, and as he would enter into the atmosphere of the magical land he would slightly begin to lose control of his magic causing his once pitch black eyes to turn into those of a normal human with bright blue eyes, his skin going from a seemingly angelic pasty white into that of a tanned color, his hair going from a pitch black shade into that of a vibrant blonde coloration and he would have come crashing down into the earth-land ground leaving a crater of massive proportions, and as he would attempt to arise once again as if he normally would be able to do his body would be weak and limp it would seem the human form would have rather heavy limitations, and as he would slowly lose consciousness he would simply have a smile on his face as he would notice he was nowhere near the battleground which might have been the last blessing he would have receive, he would only allow his mind to go blank for once he would awaken his survival game and adventure truly would begin. Therefore, as everything would fade to black he would have one last thing to say to those of the heavens if they were still watching.

    “Let the games begin, and I hope you can entertain me upon your arrival…”

    With these final words he would have had a smile on his face as he would seemingly fade into nothingness as he body lay their seemingly lifeless it would be as if he was taking the best nap of his life and for once in a long time he would have come to a since of happiness he would have seemingly lost o so long ago…

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