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    Azurian Draconic Sorcery


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    Azurian Draconic Sorcery

    Post by Raiden on Fri Oct 02, 2015 11:05 pm

    Removal of information til later date.

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    Re: Azurian Draconic Sorcery

    Post by Uri on Fri Dec 04, 2015 8:55 pm

    Hi, my name is Uri. I will be grading your magic app today. Please note that I can only give the first approval. But otherwise, let's get started!

    Water and Lightning combined makes the storm element. You need to change the element to storm.

    If your magic does not have any defensive spells change it to offensive. Take out the support part. You can still have supportive spells even though it just says supportive.

    Perks of Magic:
    @Raiden wrote:Raiden is able to infuse his body with his magical powers, causing for touch attacks, this however does mean his touch does not discriminate. When Raiden is infused allies and foes alike all sustain the same amount of damage his spells emit.

    This perk is denied straight away. This needs to be a spell in order for you to use. Please either remove this perk or replace it with something else

    @Raiden wrote:When this occurs Raiden suffers a 25% to sneaking
    Can you explain this a bit more clearly in the app? I do not understand what this means. You need a duration and cooldown for this perk.

    You need a percentage on the last perk. Exact numbers are needed. Also change the numbers/turns thing into post. Many minutes can pass in posts and turns aren't exactly helpful either. You also need a cooldown.

    @Raiden wrote:Electrical spells are able to harm Raiden, but he is able to only reject 5% effectiveness, the other 20% is slammed onto him. Even though he is able ti use lightning, he is not excluded from the weakness of water, only slightly able to avoid the true effectiveness.

    What do you mean by he is able to only "reject" 5% effectiveness? Do you mean he is able to not take 5% of the damage total sustained from this attack? If so, that means the other 95% will be taken. And please explain what do you mean by him being able to "avoid the true effectiveness?"

    Your other two weaknesses are fine.

    The first two strength are fine. However the last perk is denied. You cannot have something from your character species affect your magic since that is in fact a character perk and not a magic strength.


    Lightning Transcendence
    @Raiden wrote:Increases his movement speed by 15%, causing him to be able to dodge simple attacks such as punches or kicks, and possibly thrown objects and projectiles.
    The base buff for D rank is 10%. Please also reword this. You cannot dodge all punches or kicks otherwise you will be auto-dodging which is strictly forbidden here.

    Tempest Sunderspear
    You accidentally put the name of the spell in the rank. And please remember since you are D rank, the spell is D rank. Also please do not do something like "having a 50% chance of doing etc", it is impossible to determine that on this site. Also remember please do not do turns/minutes, instead please do posts. Also the range for D rank is 20 meters please change that.

    Lightning Blade
    By range, it means how far the spell can go. The actual dimensions of the swords needs to be in the appearance section. You also can't do D rank damage with each hit since that would be too OP. Please change that. As always, duration/cooldown needs to be in posts not in minutes/turns

    Please bump when edits are made~

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