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    The Aftermath


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    The Aftermath

    Post by Adrien on Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:28 am


    A lone body laid among the rubble of the building that was once recognised as Fiore’s Magic Council main headquarters that overlooked the now demolished city of Era; as the fires continued to burn the already scorched ground causing the pillars of smoke from the ruins to grow larger as they danced in the winds that blew through what was left of the war. The body covered in blood looking as if it had been painted red began, to raise up letting out barely audible noises of pain from its mouth. The blood on the body and on the ground around him began to glow a sinister light and raise into the air, as a pink steam like vapor trailed from it. The blood flowed into the body’s open wounds bringing small pieces of flesh that had been laying in some of the pools it had recently been. The body breathed heavily slowly standing up straight with his head looking skyward as the last of the blood flowed off and into his body and, what it revealed itself to be was young man with a patched skin complexion slowly turning from a dark tan to a pale caucasian. His eyes  were both a pale greyish green for a split moment before his left eye turned a bright emerald green and his right turned a piercing crimson red that matched his colour of his glowing blood that had flowed inside of him. He let out a primal, deafening scream clarifying his pain aloud in case of anyone near him was still alive and, continued to scream until his voice gave way leaving nothing but gasps and whimpers as tears rolled down his face; caused by vivid images of the events that had just passed and those of long ago.

    The first image was that of a young girl looking to be about twelve years in age, being decapitated by a priest in white robes as the girl was restrained by several men and women holding her back by ropes that had been tied to her wrists and ankles. He saw a hand reach out to the girl from his perspective just as blood red blades flew past from behind him chopping the villagers to pieces, their blood staining the girls pale skinned body, white dress and platinum white hair as it rolled on the ground. He could feel himself scream out loud with no sound coming from his lips matching the rest of the silent images he watched. The young man’s vision switched back to reality as he moved to slam his arms into the ground, causing a small dent in the ground though he only heard the sound of one hand making impact; he slowly began to turn his head to view where he expected his right arm to be but instead through the absence of his arm he saw the arm of a corpse across from him with the left hand of a weapon exposed with a ring on her ring finger that matched the one on his own. His eyes widened in disbelief, beginning to crawl over to the corpse’s side; struggling as he used nothing but his one arm and his legs to crawl over to it as new images flooded his eyes while his snow white hair fell in front of them almost blinding his view in reality.

    In front of him this time was a young girl with bright blue hair who was reaching forward to grab his hand; suddenly the image changed to a young woman with the same coloured hair dressed in a blue and white dress also extending his hand to him. It took him a few moments to realise it was the same young girl who had grabbed his hand in the first image and the more he focused on that fact the more the rest of the picture came into focus showing a large building in the background ancient greek in design made of a light blue and white marble as more and more vaguely familiar looking people with smiles on his face  looked at him as the women took his hand. He swapped to reality to see his hand holding the corpse’s hand, recognising it to be the one that belonged to the woman in his flashback he began to frantically pull the rubble of the woman's body as his memories began to recollect causing the man to sob once more as blood began to flow of his open wound forming a clawed five finger appendage where his right arm should be solidifying to become a replacement limb, attaching itself to his body just as the last piece rubble was cleared showing the women from his flashbacks.
    He continued to sob as he took her in his arm while his warm tears stained her blood caked, cold face as it looked up at him with a lifeless stare. “Why, why did this have to happen to you…” he cried gripping the dead body slightly tighter unaware of the crystallized blood limb turning black as arcs of red electricity giving off a black light began to bounce over his body “After all you promised me, all I promised you. You said we would always be together and I promised to always to protect you even though you constantly outshone me making my promise to you void.” he slowly began to stop crying burying his emotions as he spoke taking off her ring and placing it on his own hand with his eyes closed not knowing some of her blood from the women’s open wounds were flowing into his prosthetic arm. Opening his eyes he continued to speak with a slightly shaky voice while closing her eyes “And yet the moment you see me as your equal, the moment I’m recognised as someone who can protect you this war breaks out and...I fail...I loose everything...a guild to return to...I loose you...this war took you away from me...they took you away from me…”

    He gently placed the woman back on the ground  before using using the rubble to make a respectable makeshift grave before speaking once more “This pointless war all began because the magic council refused to change...because they were afraid of losing their power...their arrogance and making use of use like their pawns took you away from me…” He exhaled deeply calming himself as the sparks from his body died down “I’ll curse the magic council and all those who protect it from now on until I change this world to be one where I can guarantee that nothing like what happen to Saoirse or you, the woman I loved, will never happen again to anyone. I swear this on my own grave so if I fail I’ll at least be with you once again…” He turned around to see an hourglass figured women in a form fitting black dress with luscious black hair looking almost as bad as the pale man with a blood moulded construct for arm dressed only on his broken battle armor from his hip down showing the countless open scars he had. He could tell from the scent of the blood from her body that she had barely survived the attack and tried to give her a cold hearted stare but couldn’t stop his tears, as he waited for the women to make her move as he felt it would determine both of their futures.

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