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    Welcome to Fairy Tail Online!~


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    Welcome to Fairy Tail Online!~

    Post by Bacon on Mon Oct 05, 2015 8:36 am

    Welcome to Fairy Tail Online!~

    Hello everyone and welcome to Fairy Tail Online!

    After long days of the staff's hard work and determination, I am quite pleased to formally announce that this site is now open for Beta Stage.

    Some of you may be wondering: what exactly does Beta stage mean? Well, to put it quite simply, everyone is now free create their characters and role play in the various locations of the forum. They are also free to make applications for the various opportunities we have to offer as long as they are open and available. The only difference being that more systems are going to be added into the site as we progress. Staff will also be making minor adjustments to rules depending on how this stage of the site goes. Once the site systems are fully operational and up, we will announce that the site in 'full launch.'

    That said, allow me to introduce to you all the list of the things this site now has to offer.

    New and or Updated Guidelines and Templates

    Character Applications
    Rank Guidelines
    Magic Guidelines
    Magic Template
    Stat Guidelines

    As said before, this is just a list of completed things, but we are rapidly working on getting everything else out there as soon as possible. Please check News and Announcements regularly to keep yourself up to date with the various site updates.

    I'd also like to take the time to thank the staff for their hard work as well as the members who have been very patient with us from the start. On behalf of the entire staff here, I would like to bid you all welcome and we hope that you have a great time here in Fairy Tail Online!

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