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    Earth Dragon Slayer Magic (WIP)


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    Earth Dragon Slayer Magic (WIP)

    Post by RockLegendRyu on Tue Oct 06, 2015 12:05 pm

    Earth Dragon Slayer
    A Rank
    Caster Magic
    Fairy Tail

    Magic Description
    Generally taught by an Earth Dragon in most recent times, Earth Dragon Slayer magic is, unlike most Slayer magic, a well balanced magic. Earth Dragon Slayer Magic allows the user to produce and control earth from any part of their body, which can be used both in melee and as a ranged form of offense. It also allows the user to manipulate the earth around them by focusing their magic energy in one point. Users often are able to control earth around them to some extent and can virtually fight in any environment available. As many other dragon slayers can do, Earth Dragon Slayers can live off of any form of Earth to include, Dirt, Gems, Rocks and Sand. This magic, generally either taught by dragon, or obtained through a lacrima, was taught to Ryujin by Terraria, the Earth Dragon.

    Perks of Magic

    - Since Earth is a major element to an Earth Mages powers, they learn how to "see" in the ground. Earth Dragons Slayers are able to sense vibrations through the ground, "seeing" by sensing their surroundings and making a mental image of it. It allows for a 360 degree field of "vision", outside of normal line-of-sight. To operate, the user needs direct contact with the ground.

    Tunneling: The caster digs a hole in either a cliff side or the ground below them, either by punching or spinning like a drill, which allows them to quickly move to other places without being seen or heard but also can be used to dodge attacks or even get behind opponents in combat. The position is a choice however it does take time to dig a hole in the ground or walls because the caster needs momentum. The ONLY condition where the user does NOT need time to build up momentum is when falling from the sky (however they need to be conscious too)

    Dragon Force: Dragon Force is a result of a Dragon Slayer consuming massive amounts of their respective element and reaching a super human state of power. In this state, all spells go up in rank by 1 and 2 stats determined by your choice of element go up by one rank. Dragon Force can only be accessed once per thread and is only usable by B-ranks or higher.
    Duration of Dragon Force:
    -A-rank or less Lasts 8 posts
    -S-rank lasts 10 posts
    -SS-rank lasts 12 posts
    -X-rank lasts 15 posts

    - Earth has a very well known weakness to water, seeing that Earth can only absorb so much of it. Water also erodes rocks and rock formations quickly if not stopped soon enough.

    -As a natural side effect of being a Dragon Slayer, vehicles are somewhat of a problem to ride on and leave the user very sick.

    - Due to Earth being everywhere, not all of it is 100% controllable, included in this list are some, but not all Earth based elements that are NOT controllable; Lava, Glass, Ash (Volcanic), Mud, Wood, Plants, Metals (separate element) and more.


    - Extremely Effective against Air and Fire magic seeing as throwing stones on a fire could snuff it out. Air also cannot pass through stones and there for would have very little effect against a shield of rocks.

    - Since Earth is all around, it is easily found and easily adjustable to the users wants. Not only this but the user has the ability to use rocks to shield others AND be a useful projectile and can even the upper hand on an opponent by making every move unpredictable since the earth is what everyone stands on.

    -Earth is a strong element on its one, without user interjection, however when used in the form of an attack, there is a slight boost seeing now that the caster has turned it into weapon. On defense rocks and the sorts are extremely tough and hard to penetrate which is ideal when making things like shields and armors that attach to the body. Stone is ALSO good in recreational things, such as buildings, and makes for a guild building material and can be condensed to a flatter yet tougher material which can then be stacked, raised, lowered or even built upon.

    Place your Spells you know here
    {D-rank Spells here}

    Earth Pillar:
    Name: Earth Pillar

    Rank: D

    Type: Offence and Assistance

    Range: 30 meters (height of object no more than 500 meters)

    Appearance: Made out of earth or stone and is basically a pillar made out of the chosen materials. Can be jagged and extended upon. The dimensions are chosen by the user since since earth can be molded and easily shaped. Rock Pillars

    Description: The spell is almost self explanatory about how it looks and what id does. The pillar is created out of the surrounding earth and is launched towards the assailant from any possible direction, however it is slow and easily dodged. When being used as an Assistance spell it solidifies a platform made of earth and allows the user to stand on it, as can be moved while walking to the users content.

    Extra: Sand can be solidified to form these pillars if of B rank or higher.

    Rock Wall:
    Name: Rock Wall

    Rank: D

    Type: Defensive

    Range: 5 meters, has 360 degree range.

    Appearance: Rock wall can be any material made of earth

    Description: This is also self explanatory, the user creates a wall (max of 30 meters) to shield them from incoming attacks. The user can also surround themselves in a dome shape allowing fro 360 degree coverage or their bodies.

    Extra: Can be made out of any earthly material

    {C-rank Spells here}
    Earth Armor:
    Name: Earth Armor

    Rank: C

    Type: Defensive

    Range: Immediately around the body

    Appearance: Earth Armor can substitute stone or sand

    Description: The spell, like the Rock Wall, grants the user to wear Earth over their body to protect them in battle. The major difference between Earth Armor and Rock Wall, is that Earth Armor is mobile and can be used in an offensive manner, but limits flexibility so its best used in  a defense while moving.

    Extra:It can only be a few inches thick or else it would be too heavy to carry around on the casters body, and therefore can only take so much damage before chunks start falling off.

    Earth Dragon Rock Throw:
    Name: Earth Dragon Rock Throw

    Rank: C

    Type: Offensive

    Range: 50 meters

    Appearance: Basically throwing rocks at the casters opponent within the range.

    Description: The caster focuses on the rocks or sand or gems around them and lifts them using their magic abilities and then throws them at the caster. Advantage is that these objects can be thrown from anywhere that rocks or sand or gems can be seen. The Disadvantage is that they dont move very fast and are also only able to move in a straight line and therefore are easier to dodge.

    Extra:All earth material are usable. With dirt and sand it can either be in clumped chunks or in a decent sized stream (nothing like a pillar)

    {B-Rank Spells here}

    Name: Terra fists

    Type: Offensive, Defensive, and Attachment

    Range: Immediately around the hands.

    Appearance: The appearance of spells is whatever material the user chooses, be it stone or gems. The material chosen forms around the hands and half of the forearm in a form of gauntlets. Terrafist

    Description: The spell turns the users hands and part of their arm into a s flexible yet solid piece of rock or gemstone and can be used to block on coming attacks or be used to increase the power you the casters attack, basically like hitting someone in the face with a rock (or gem) with the force of a fist.

    Extra: This can be attached to the feet and legs but isnt as useful as if would be attached to the arms.

    {A-Rank Spells here}

    Earth Dragon Roar:
    Name: Earth Dragon Roar

    Rank: A

    Type: AOE/Offensive

    Range: 30 meters

    Appearance: Kinda like Natus' spinning fire attack but instead its golden like sand. Can also be grey if stone is used or brown if dirt is used. Gems cannot be used in the roar.

    Description: The caster inhales a large amount of their element through their mouths, only to expel it towards their opponents. When within range of spell, this spell tends to blind opponents temporarily.

    Extra: Tires the user if used too much or too long

    {S-Rank Spells here}

    {SS-Rank Spells here}

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    Re: Earth Dragon Slayer Magic (WIP)

    Post by Selenia on Sun Dec 06, 2015 1:37 pm

    Bumping. If no response is made to this app within a week, app will be archived, thanks!


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    Re: Earth Dragon Slayer Magic (WIP)

    Post by RockLegendRyu on Wed Feb 24, 2016 5:07 am

    Please do not archive this magic, i am working on it however its not as easy as it looks to make and comeplete spells

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    Re: Earth Dragon Slayer Magic (WIP)

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