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    Deep Into The Darkness (Arina--Roleplay Sample)


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    Deep Into The Darkness (Arina--Roleplay Sample)

    Post by Arina on Fri Oct 09, 2015 2:35 am

    A small frame of a body remained huddled at the edge of the room. Darkness poured from the boundaries of the chamber, consolidated only by a small lamp situated in the corner, and a light that peeked from beneath the large steel door that on most days remained unopened. The light tiptoed across the room, reflected by the large mirror that covered the wall opposite of the door. Despite the small frame, the room was not completely empty. Masses of books lined shelves that encompassed the walls not already monopolized by the door or mirror. The books showed signs of wearing: bindings torn and frayed from use. A few books were strewn next to the figure, their texts recently excavated by the room's sole occupant.

    The huddled mass was contorted over a volume of particular interest. Long mahogany locks hid its face. Movement only occurred when a rumbling echoed through the chamber. A pale face rose from the entrails of the book, glancing around the room. It was still empty. The door remained closed. The figure-- a girl, perhaps in her early teenage years-- was still alone. Aloneness did not mean ignorance, however. The teenager recognized the sound. The gentle roar was thunder in the distance. Her gaze fell upon the long mirrored wall. It was the closest thing she had to a window, though it was merely a vessel for her own reflection, and not the outside world. She imagined how the flash of lightning would dance across the room... How the shadows would writhe in pain as the luminescence fought and won, if only for a second, had it been exposed to the light. She thought too of how the faces--those that lay behind the mirror would contort too as they were painted with the soft white thunderous light. She knew that they were there, she had this understanding for a while: years at the very least. Such an understanding had once filled her with hatred, though it had since diluted to indifference. She nestled back into the novel.

    A second crack of thunder resonated through the room again, much louder than the first. The brunette jolted at the sound. It came as a surprise, without the lit prediction of the lightning. Her sight grazed the room again, but she was met with a far different vision. Her brow furrowed as she watched the mesmerizing sight of the crackling fire in the fireplace that had been situated in the center of the library. She could hear the patter of rain against the window panes, and her nostrils flared as they were met with the scent of the storm that was lingering outside. She breathed slowly, in an attempt to slow the deafening sound of her pacing heart. Her hands trembled as she closed the book she had woken to. She wasn't sure if it had been sleeping or if she had merely caught herself in a trance of her own memories-- or both. Palms pressed against her face, hiding her emerald orbs. She stayed there, completely still, ignoring the angry grumbles of the storming outside.

    The rain had slowed, and the thunder was only a distant growl when Arina's viridescent eyes fluttered open again. Her deep emeralds were met with gazing sapphires, belonging to a young blonde man. The man couldn't have been more than a year or two older than the young woman-- perhaps twenty or twenty-one. He wasn't more than a foot from Arina's face, his chin nestled into the palm of his hand as he watched her without repent. The brunette inched back, at the sudden presence of the man, or at least how sudden his presence had felt: she had no idea how long he had been sitting there. She wasn't intimidated by his staring. She knew the man. He was a clerk at the library, and she was a regular here. They had plenty of previous interactions, though none had been characterized in such a way as this one. Her head tilted as her gaze met his, watching him the same way that he watched her. They stayed there for a few moments, gazing at each other in silence: asking unspoken questions.

    The man broke the silence first, perhaps feeling the weight of the awkwardness that had settled between the two of them. "I didn't mean to startle you, Miss Sosune... It's just..." He trailed off, a tinge of color finding its way to his cheeks. "I uh... don't think I have ever seen you that... still... Is uh... everything okay?" His voice was unsteady as he spoke, Arina's constant gaze aiding him none in his attempt with confidence.

    She remained silent for a while, perhaps enjoying watching him squirm, though the silence was most likely attributed to composing an appropriate response. "I am fine, Henri. I just have not been sleeping all too well recently, and it seems it might be catching up with me." Her words were laced with formality, as they always were. She had taught herself how to read, and the formal language of technical books had long translated into her vocal patterns as well. "Though I am uncertain that a concern for one's stillness justifies staring at a young lady as you have." she stated plainly. "The books may start to get the wrong idea after all... I would hate for them to write a report and send it to your employer." Her voice was hushed as she spoke, as though she were completely serious of her statement: truthfully convinced that the books may have some secret plot against the man.

    The young man became rigid in response, standing quickly to create some distance between the two of them. His gaze refusing to meet the woman's any longer. "R-right! Well, I'm glad you're--" his words were cut off by a sudden darkness that overtook the building. Such an immediate change had dashed the man's gaze searched for the woman's response.

    The only light was the fireplace, that caused the shadows to crawl across the floor and ceiling. The darkness contorted the faces of the two companions as they exchanged confused glances. The lightning was too far away to have been the cause of the outage. Brows furrowed as they stood muted, listening to the silent screams of the books-- the only other occupants of the library besides the two of them, or they had thought. A gentle crash could be heard in the distance, followed by what sounded like howling. Without a second thought, the woman broke her eye contact and headed towards the large wooden door. There was a tightness in her throat as she pushed the heavy portal outwards to the evening air. There was still a light drizzle of rain and a coo of the wind as it etched the building and Arina's face. She grimaced at the wind, though she hadn't thought of turning back to the library, and the man who trailed after her. Instead, she trudged forward, her boots sloshing in the puddles on the ground.

    Arina had rounded the corner towards the back of the building, just as another crash echoed through the wet night air. She dashed behind a partial wall. She remained crouched, listening intently to where the crash had originated. Her fingertips grazed the stone wall, feeling the etching of the wet bricks beneath her skin. Her eyes strained to see through the darkness that enveloped the night. "I would suggest you come out now." she stated with conviction. She awaited a response, but was met with silence. She remained still, desperately trying to see the shadowy mass that was moving on the roof, to make out who-- or what it belonged to.

    Henri, the library clerk was tentative as he walked towards the woman in her crouched position. He lingered behind the curvature of the building, a safe distance away from whatever had been haunting the library.  "What is it?" he whispered, peeking his eyes over the building's ledge. "A hoodlum?" he questioned, "A robber? A..."

    His voice was cut off by the sharp movement of the woman's index finger meeting her pursed lips, and a soft, well rounded, airy "Shhh...."

    Another bump paired this time with a louder, almost primal yowling.  The woman was already walking away, inching towards the sound, remaining as silent as she could as she approached the figure. "It is not any of those things..." she began tenderly, looking towards the huddled mass. A tinge of emotion flooded her, as she saw the shape, pathetic in an attempt to get warm. She wondered if she had looked as pathetic as the being in front of her when salvation had found her in at the clinic. Was she some scared lonely creature in her prison? She shook away the thoughts. The dream had certainly rattled her. "It appears to be a Curily." she said, gently pulling the small creature from its attempted burrow. The little beast curled into the woman's arms, shivering from the cold. Arina was delicate as she nuzzled the creature into her jacket. She smiled sweetly at the the young man, who was still crouched behind the wall. Shaking her head, she slowly walked away. "I am going to try to get the little one warm." she called back towards the man, though she was already shuffling through the puddles, pulling the jacket over the curily, to protect it from the drizzling rain.

    The creature had made a pleasant home in its jacket burrow, by the time that Arina had returned to her flat. She had to coax it out as she created a small bed next to her fireplace, fortified with pillows and blankets. Even after the bed was created, however the being refused to leave the brunette's side, curling into the tilt of the woman's chest as she curled up with yet another book. The woman wasn't certain how to react to its affection. Its body was so delicate as she held it against her. She was scared that any force would shatter the creature into millions of pieces, though the curily seemed to have no such reservations. Before long, each being was curled in front of the fireplace, tangled into each other. Each of their chests rose and fell rhythmically in their new, subdued states.

    It was dark in the room, save for the dancing light created by the crack in the doorway and the light in the corner. The teenager stirred, and she was alone. She was used to alone, but alone wasn't friendly. Her eyes gazed over the stacks of books that lined the shelves. The stories were her only escape, her only friends-- which is why she had read them hundreds of times over. The lulls of loneliness came and went. It was present now, and she looked longingly at the mirror that was on the far wall. There were people behind it, she knew it, she had known it for years. However, she couldn't say that she knew the people, or that the people knew her. Her head fell back against the wall with a thud. Agony. Her  Flames lapped beneath the steel door, and it inched open with a thunderous creek. A shadow of a creature grew against the flames, luring the young woman from her prison. As she walked towards the blinding light that was the facility engulfed in a fiery tomb, she reached out groping for whatever had brought her such sanctuary. She had grabbed hold of something, when she heard the shattering of glass behind her. She paused, hoping the see the faces that she knew resided behind the glass, but the figure pulled her forward toward salvation.

    The young woman awoke with a stir for the second time. Her eyes fell to the fireplace--this time it was her own, and not the library's-- and the soft glow of its dying embers. Her fingertips grazed her cheeks, tracing the trail of tears that had mapped her face. She pulled the little creature close to her, nuzzling its sleeping form. It wasn't often that she cried, though the memory of salvation day always seemed to accompany the tears of joy. "If only I could provide you half the kindness that he had shown me." her voice dripped with nostalgia, "I would die a saint." dexterous fingers caressed the being's soft fur. She was hopeful that sleep would come easier now. The little creature seemed to ward off the memories of loneliness. The woman wondered if salvation could strike twice.

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