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    Brother in pain (rp sample)


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    Brother in pain (rp sample)

    Post by Chelvaric on Fri Oct 09, 2015 4:20 am


    The sun was shining brightly over the farm lands as Chelvaric was flying over it. His ship was shining brightly by the sun reflecting on it. It made a lot of farmers look up as they were sweating from gathering the wheat from there farm lands. They were blinded by the reflection and couldn’t see that it was the tin rider of Chelvaric the wanted sky demon slayer. But they didn’t had anything to fear his business was nothing to do with humans. He was out here on a request of his newest friend. Miki the fire dismay. She was standing next to him on the bow of the ship while Miu was flying the ship.

    He looked at Miki as his hair was flowing on the unsteady wind on this heights. Spiffy was laying for her feet on the ground sleeping as she looked over the lands with a worried face. It had been a month ago when she suddenly appeared before him on one of his trips. She hadn’t said much and just grabbed his arm and said you’re the one. Afterwards a huge pain had flown in his arm as her soul burned itself in his soul. After wards he had a tattoo on his arm of a burning cat. It resembled the fire twin. His old fire angel cat summon. For some reason he knew how to summon Kimi and she was also cat like. He had tried to ask her where she came from and if she was one of Vertir’s angels. She had just shook her head on those times and remained silent. Saying he wasn’t ready yet.

    That was until she appeared before him this morning and said the moment was there to find a hidden truth. He agreed to it as their soul was now bound to each other and he could feel the importance and pain in her request. He looked at the mountains before him. He recognized them as they were the mountains he had looked at every morning when he woke up in his home town. But it wasn’t his home town that was the destinations it was a mountain a bit further to the north. They called it the silver mountain. It was a mountain that gave a silver like shine in the setting sun and the upcoming sun. it was rumored a lot of spirits hold up on the mountain. And the foot of the mountain was running wild with small demon spawn. It kept a lot of people away from the mountain. But it didn’t scare Chelvaric anymore. He would take on any demon now.

    “we should land near the rocks shaped in a claw.”, Kimi said and felt quiet again. She was feeling worried what her former boss would do when he discovered she was now bound to a human and had to serve him. Tough this wasn’t a regular human. He was a descent of Vertir. It’s blood was running through its veins. As well as the demon blood of its demon. So he remained only partially human. This would calm him down hopefully. But in the end he did order her to find this man. Maybe there was something she didn’t know.

    “Miu said the ship down near those rocks.”, Chelvaric shouted as he pointed at some rocks. They were shaped in a rough form of a cat paw. One big rock in the middle and four little ones around it In the front. He was sure this wasn’t a coincidence. Like the temple to Vertir who was hidden with a cat shaped head rock in the forest. Was this another secret temple. One that even his people didn’t know off. But it didn’t feel like the presence of Vertir was here. Not that he had felt that presence for a long time yet.

    The mountains were rising up next to them as they reached the silver mountain. The silver glow wasn’t here as it was in the middle of the day. But a creepy mist was hanging over the foot of the mountain as they reached near the top. The entrance was all up here. And it seemed they weren’t alone. Chelvaric looked at five figures walking around near the entrance as they were searching for something. Did somebody know he was coming to here.

    “No! they already reached to here. Boss we have to take out those five there a scouting party of Rakai.”, Miki said as she watched the figures from the boat. They already reached the mountain. this was bad she didn’t knew the army had advanced so close to the location. But if they would take out this recon party it would delay the army for a bit and her boss could in the meantime hear out her god and they could come to an agreement. With Chelvaric they could beat these. And she wasn’t doubting that he would help them. As he would be helping himself to. She look with pride at her new boss he was noble and bloodthirsty ay the same time. She may not show it to him but she was proud of serving him.

    “Rakai? I don’t know who he is but if he threatens friends of my friends I’ll take them out. let’s go Miki this is good training for you to.” , Chelvaric said as he prepared to jump down. He did a sign to Miu to set the ship down as he jumped from the ship. Behind him Miki jumped to and her kitty changed to his scythe form. Chelvaric opened his arms as he let the wind flow around him. The sky felt so great. And for some reason he was feeling the presence of Legillia around him.

    He turned around as he crashed in the ground with his foot. A small crater appeared under him as he looked at the five demons around him. They all looked like humans but then around 2.5 yards big. They were covered in complete dark metal armors. There helms had horns around the top and the mouth looked like a dogs mouth filled with sharp teeth. The helm had 6 small round eye openings on the sides. They wore swords with pointy spikes on the sides of the blades. On the breast plate Chelvaric could see a big R printed on their plates in red. Their shoulders were decorated with skulls of what looked like mountain lions. He didn’t even needed a reason more to beat them these skulls were enough.

    Their eye’s started to glow when he stood up from his landing. The closest one near him started to howl and to Chelvaric. He was rather quick and the blade came searing down. Chelvaric stepped aside as the blade crushed the ground where he just stood. He jumped up and was standing on the blades edge as he looked at the knight. The eyes of the knight glowed again and he pulled his sword away. Chelvaric jumped up and made a spiral to land behind the demon knight. He smashed his hand forward and the knight flew forward by the crushing blow. They were quick and heavy armored but still only scouts. The demon flew forward a couple of yards and the armor was bended in the back.

    Two other knights growled and attacked him from the sides. As the both swing there blades from a side he jumped up and made him horizontal as thin as he could. The left blade passed him from above while the right blade passed underneath him. He landed on his hands and jumped up after this. He ran to the closest one of the two and dodged the blade as he attacked again. Chelvaric grabbed the other arm not holding the blade and Swinged himself up using the arm as a rope. He landed on the back of the knight and he grabbed the head of the knight. He started to turn it with all strength that he could do while dodging the blade that the knight was trying to stab to him. But he could’nt aim to good as a sword wasn’t a piercing weapon. And the neck started to cush under the pressure of the demons strength. Not long after a knack was heard and the head was looking the wrong way and the demon fell dead down.

    “DUCK CHEL!”, Chelvaric heard Miki shouting and he let him fall with the body as a spinning burning scythe flew over him. Behind Chelvaric the knight that he pushed away was standing and his body was being set on fire by the scythe. The knight screamed out unearthly dog howls as he was dying from the fire.

    “Good job miki now let’s finish this that boss of the team looks a bit harder let me bust out a bit of my magic for this.”, Chelvaric said as he ran to the next two knights. They also ran to him while growling and the eyes were lighting up. Chelvaric ran between them so that he had one knight on each side. The both swing towards him. He dodged the first blade and grabbed the hand of the knight. He blocked the other blade with the arm and then grabbed the other knights hand as well. Chelvaric pulled them towards each other and they got pierced by their own blades. They fell dead on their knees with both of their heads resting on each shoulder as the light died in there helm.

    Miki was looking how Chelvaric just took two out again. he was stronger than these scouts of course but still it was impressive to see how easy he handled them. only the leader of the squad was left he looked more impressive than the others as he wore a double bladed axe and his armor was trimmed with gold. He was running toward Miki and she jumped back as the axe cleaved the ground in two when it hit the ground. A gap was underneath her and she fell down. he Spin her scythe around and used it as a pole. She was hanging on here scythe as the endings were stuck on the ground and holding her up instead of falling down. she pulled herself up and jumped up she spin around towards the knight and hit his axe in a clash. A demonic cling of steel was heard as the hit each other. But the little girl was being pushed back as the knight had way more strength in his body.

    She fell on the ground by his strength and the knight swung his axe in the air to cleave her in two with a speed that shouldn’t be possible in this armor he was wearing. The axe was about to come down when spats of blood splatted on her. the knight kept standing strait till a red cross appeared of his body. And he started to fell in four pieces. Chelvaric was standing behind him with two scimitars of wind around his arms. he wasn’t even sweating or anything when he let them disappear. Somebody landed next to Miki and Miu’s face appeared before hers while she was extending a hand to her.

    “Good job Miki that distraction was enough for me to take him out. now let us meet this important person of you.” , Chelvaric said as he inspected one of the knights by taking its helm off. The face of the knight was human but it’s cheek were ripped open and half dog teeth were coming out. it was a disgusting sight to see. He stood up and Miu and him started to follow Miki towards the rocks. From the moment he had hit the ground he had felled a presence like Vertirs spirit on this place. The stopped when they reached the middle smallest rock of the paw. A small cat paw was imprinted in the rock and she looked at chelvaric.

    “If you truly are our friend your hand will fit this stone. Don’t be afraid of what happens after we won’t be on earth land anymore.”, Miki said as spiffy was sitting on her shoulder looking at Chelvaric and Miu while she stepped away from the rock so that he could lay his hand on it. Chelvaric didn’t seem to be doubting and walked to the paw. His hand went to the paw but hesitated before it was laid on it. A white wind appeared around him as his hand started to change in to a cat paw. The rock started to glow and not long after a cat of 10 yards in green glowing light appeared before them. Miu pulled her guns as she thought they were in dangerous but Miki pulled her hands down and whispered speechless to stay calm. The cats eye glowed and his mouth opened and not long after it fell forward right over the three persons. The cat ate them and swallowed them in. The cat disappeared as something started to suck it up from the inside. And not long after the green light was completely sucked up by it.

    Chelvaric’s head hurt as a lot of voices where hurt around him when he regained consensus. It was all black in his sight but then he knew it was because his eyes were closed. He was being shaked trough as he started to open his eyes. He felt like a lightning hit his bones when he saw the scene before him. They were in a town that was filled with houses that were made from tiny bones it looked like rat or mouse bones. Some were decorated with dog skulls. But that wasn’t the thing that made him stunned.

    “oh look that cutie is that a human?”, a woman’s voice said. “it can’t be he has ears and tail like us but he doesn’t feel like us.”, another voice called out. “plus see that little girl with the fox ears he got a angel with him. What are you doing here sweetie this isn’t you’re place to be. Better go back to the clouds of milk”, the last comment made a lot of laughter come from the other people that were gathered around them. but it weren’t humans. They all were decorated with cat ears and tail. All sizes and colors were around. Some were covered fully in fur others were on fire or covered in earth. There were more cat humans then Chelvaric had ever seen before. And the female population looked like the majority. He felt something warm dripping over his mouth. As he felt what it was he looked at his own blood driping from his nose. He quickly whipped it away and got up.

    “Boss you alright?”, Miu asked as she pulled him up. Chelvaric could see that Miki was here to and was calming down the people around her. When she showed some kind of badge they all fell quiet and quickly walked away while bowing towards Chelvaric. Miu had a bit of a angry look in her eyes when she saw the blood. Chelvaric just smiled to her while rubbing the back of his head in a way to say sorry.

    “This way boss we can’t keep him waiting it will be a hard business already.”, Miki said and she waved them quickly to follow her and started to run off. Chelvaric quickly followed her and had to run to keep up because of this he didn’t had much of time to look around but he saw things from milk fountains till gladiator mouse fights. Blood bathes and dog torturing. This place was a hell for the Enemies of cats Chelvaric thought. And in the same time this was a heaven for hunter cats. He was breathing heavenly when they finally arrived at their destination.

    It was a big round wall decorated with all statues of some kind of cat on fire. it seemed to tell the history of this place but he couldn’t see too much again as he was pulled by Miki to a small door in the wall. Fierce looking guards were standing near the gate. They were completely covered in fur and had metal plating on it. they were wearing razor sharp claws to fight. And seemed to emit a magic presence to. Chelvaric was being pressured by the feeling of Vertirs spirit on this place. But on the same time it wasn’t his presence. He still was wrestling with this when the guards bowed to Chelvaric as they opened the door by seeing her badge. Chelvaric was still wrestling with this feeling while they walked through some bright lighted hallways. Cat statues were decorating the place everywhere. And big flags with a G printed on it were hanging next to them. It was full with guards walking around that bowed to Chelvaric when he passed but he didn’t notice it as he was busy thinking. They finally reached a double sided door with again a couple of guards before it. it was nicely decorated with golden drawings. Chelvaric didn’t have a good look at them as they opened when the guards saw him. For some reason all the elite guards knew his face. They walked inside and the sight that he then saw would always be in his mind.

    A big huge cat was lying in a basket as he was asleep the cat was surly 20 yards big and 10 yards high. And for some reason Chelvaric didn’t think this was his real size. The power emitted from this creature was pushing Chelvaric and his companions in a kneeling. The cat’s fur where orange flames that were liking around him but the basket didn’t burn. Other than the basket and the cat there was nothing in this room. It was on that moment when Miki started to speak that it opened his eyes.

    “I brought the person who can save us oh Geratini my demon god. With his power he can save us from this disaster while you’re bound.”, miki said while she was bowing like the rest. The cat oppend his eyes and sniffed a bit in the air before he looked at them. He first looked at the girl when he recognized her a smile was coming on his face. When he then looked at the person who she brought he was angry. He jumped with tremendous power out of his basket and started to scream in their heads not with words.

    “YOU DARE TO BRING A HUMAN HERE AND SAY HES OUR SAVIOR. I AM GERATINI THE DEMON CAT I SHALL NEVER NEED THE HELP¨OF A HUMAN. AND SURLY NOT THE HELP OF ONE OF MY BROTHERS PETS. HOW WILL THEY DEFEAT THOSE GENERALS WHO TOOK MY CHILDS HOW WILL THEY DEFEAT THE ARMY’S OF THE DEMON DOG.”, The voice of Geratini shouted trough there brain in anger. It seemed this was the brother of Vertir. If this was indeed his brother Chelvaric was going to help him as he may know where Vertir is. He has to convince him to trust him.

    Chelvaric pushed himself up with all his strength against the power. He only could get up half but this impressed the cat demon for a bit and then he shouted in the couple of seconds he could stay half up.
    He had to show his respect and his loyalty to him so that he would be trusted. This was the time he could turn the tides in his favor again.

    “Please Geratini I may be a human but I was trained by your brother. And since then I gained the power to beat demons. I beat a recon squad easily that was walking around the entrance of this place. I will give my live for you. Show me your targets and I will crush them.”, Chelvaric said and he was crushed harder in the ground by power as the cat became even more furious. A human had dared to speak to him or even get up. How did he dare do that.

    “THIS IS YOUR DEAD HUMAN.”, Geratini screamed in their heads and jumped forwards. He landed on the ground before the party and slashed his paw to Chelvaric. The power of this demon would kill him for sure. But then he felt a wind flying through his hair and the next moment Legilia appeared in front of him and a sphere of wind took the blow of the paw. Still the power was enough to break it. he saw Legilia even falling on a knee from his power. And he probably didn’t even use his full power in that strike. Even legillia was way below his level. He truly was the brother of a god.

    “Sorry to interrupt this conversation. But this man is my property. Plus your making a big mistake Geratini old friend. This man has the power to beat all your enemies. And at the same time. this could make the beginning of our alliance. I shall give him access to my troops to use against the demon dog. With him out of the way my family can take the leadership over the forge. And that could be beneficial to both of us.”, Legilia said as she bowed for the demon. She had respect in her voice and it seemed they knew each other.

    “Okay legilia we are old friends and I can see the benefits for us both in it. But he will have to pass my test first before I include him in my plan. You human who possess my brothers blood. You will go and kill the two generals who are preparing to attack this place. There armies aren’t too far from here. One is in the cold north. The fallen knight Rakai. The other is the fallen Mage Ferina. They should be a challenge for your skills. This will test you. Destroy their armies with Legilia forces and kill the generals. If you find any of my generals they will serve you from now on. In the mean time you save your human world from their forces to as that will be there next target after me. The other one will be in the swamps of death in the east of here. Now go and prove yourself.”, Geratini said and he blinked with his eyes. Cat paws appeared from the ground around Miu, Miki and Chelvaric and the grabeed them and pulled them in the ground.

    Geratini started to glow and not long after he was standing in human form before Legilia. He wore a long kings robe in red and walked to Legilia. She bowed for him as he reached her and he started to talk to her.

    “Shall we have a dinner while your champion proves himself lady Legilia princess of the wind. In the mean time you can tell me why you trust him so much.”, the demon said as he smiled to her and gave her his arm. Legilia chuckled. But inside she hoped that Chelvaric would succeed or this could mean her dead to.

    “of course Lord Geratini I couldn’t say no to this kind of invitation.”, tough he was actually forcing here to stay. It was just in a way that it was social acceptable under the demons. This was going to be a long dinner.

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