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    Origins of Velistra WIP


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    Origins of Velistra WIP

    Post by Velistra on Fri Oct 09, 2015 6:40 pm

    One hundred and five years ago Velistra was scientifically created to be a half-dragon. This was done with the aid of dragon fossils which still contained usable DNA as well as a female scientist, Sarrina, who agreed to carry the child. Velistra was the third embryo made out of eight and the only one to make it to birth. As much as she was a science experiment she was also the beloved daughter of the woman who would become the lead scientist of the project after the original head retired when Velistra was, but a ten year old toddler.

    It was discovered quickly that Velistra was developing, and growing, slower than was expected. Examining Velistra's brain waves and behavior patterns it was determined that she was developing as much as a human would in one year every five years. Flabbergasted at the longevity of Velistra's life they realized that she could easily live four to five hundred years, possibly longer if her aging rate slowed down once her body reached maturity some fifty to sixty years in the future.

    As excited as her mother was at the chance to study ways of possibly increasing the lifespan of humans, she was heartbroken to know that she would most likely be dead during her daughter's developmental years as she was already thirty years old when she had Velistra and would be ninety-five when her daughter was effectively thirteen years old.

    With the resolve that only a lovely mother could do, Velistra's mother put Velistra first before her research. When the research was inevitable she would allow nothing invasive or emotionally scarring could be done to or around her daughter. In every moment she could she worked on creating memories with her daughter so that when she was long gone she could always remain fondly in Velistra's heart and mind.

    When Velistra twenty-five, effective age of five, she began to show her first signs of magic. Other than showing up at such a developmentally young age Sarrina and the other scientist on the project were none the surprised at the development, at first. It was clear from the beginning that any of the children would most likely be magical as dragons are by nature magical beings. To add to the mix the fact that Velistra's mother was an expert ice make mage made everyone wonder when Valistra would show signs of magic. More importantly what kind of magic would show, as not only her mother but almost all the women on her mom's side of the family were ice make mages in one of Fiore's rare hereditary line of magic.

    There were bets, made behind Sarrina's back of course, of which side of Velistra's heritage would manifest in her magic. When Velistra started freezing things it was initially seen as a sign of ice make magic, but what it actually was is something no one could have expected. As fate would have Velistra was the inheritor of a far greater magic that only half-dragons were able to wield, Dragon Inheritance. It was a magic so rare due to a couple reasons. Firstly half-dragon's were rare at the best of times and with dragons either dead or in hiding now a days that was a hard thing to come by. The other aspect of it is that the half-dragon's human lineage has to have a hereditary line of magic in the same element as that of the dragon's element.

    As it turned out the dragon fossil that was used to make Velistra was an ice dragon which combined with her mother's line of ice make mages granted Velistra the required magical disposition to use Dragon Inheritance. At first it merely manifested in Velistra having the ability to use ice magic and thus she began training with her mother. The first signs of the magic being unique was the change in Velistra's eyes when using it, the pupils would elongate into slits.

    As the magic training continued and she became more powerful in her use of magic Velistra's body began to glow with runes as she used her magic. Then the cincher came when she was fifty, and her mom was eighty, Velistra was suddenly encased in a shell of magical energy and with in her head Velistra heard the voice of her father for the first time. He explained that she was using Dragon Inheritance which allowed her to not only use the magic of her heritage, ice, but also call upon the form, power, and knowledge of her draconic ancestry. He further explained that since she always desired to know her father that his soul was called from the beyond to guide her in the use of the magic and be her source of knowledge in the dragonic ways. With that he was gone and Velistra collapsed in a feverish state unable to move.

    Five years later Velistra lost her mother and was raised for the next fifteen years with the scientists remaining in the project. Unfortunately without her mother around the test that she kept denying were suddenly starting to be done to her. None of them were inherently inhumane but they were uncomfortable and terrifying to a young girl alone in the world. Her salvation came on the fifteenth year after her mother's death when the research losts its funding and she was left to to fend for herself.

    Thus her life of living on the streets began at the age of seventy, though she physically and mentally was fourteen. For the next thirty-five years this continued and she constantly moved from town to town relying on her magic to survive. At every possible opportunity she would activate her Dragon Inheritance revelling in the increase of power and the sense of closeness to her father it gave her. After a while she stopped being feverish after using the dragonic avatar, but she discovered that no matter how much she trained and tried she simply could not move well after using it. The paralysis increased in severity and length the longer she used the avatar causing her to use it less and less.

    Instead she went back to her roots by recalling her lessons with her mom and restarting in the basics. In doing so she was able to become quite skilled in the art of ice-make. In fact it was through this retraining that she realized that Dragon Inheritance was simply her draconic origins boosting her abilities with ice-make, tying her magically with with both of her parents.

    Now many years after her mother's death Velistra recalls her early training days as she trains her skills and magic in the ever increasing effort to become better. As she does so she ponders how her mom would respond to how she was currently living. As a member of Black Airs she has done some really despicable things, but likewise has done many wonderous things. Shrugging it off to worry about later she concentrates on clearing her mind and releasing her magic.


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