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    Tartaros Guildhall


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    Tartaros Guildhall

    Post by Digdug on Fri Oct 09, 2015 8:17 pm

    The Flying City: Rum

    Before and during the war, Rum City was a bustling settlement in the nation of Alvarez. Today, however, if one were to approach where it once sat, there would be nothing to be found except for a mile-long crater. The story of the what happened to the city is simple and somewhat tragic. After the war, the victorious side set out to destroy the last remnants of the defeated Tartaros guild. In an attempt to escape the pressure of the law, the last of Tartaros fled and abandoned their outposts, hoping to instead find refuge at Rum City, where the nobility of the area was thought to be loyal to their cause at the time. And for a short time, Tartaros was given asylum within the castle walls of the city's lord.

    The lord's loyalty did not last long. Under the influence of greed, he sold out the location of Tartaros to the emperor of Alvarez. The emperor sent some of his finest soldiers and mages who arrived at the city's gates with haste. Upon finding out about the betrayal, the Tartaros guild massacred the city's royal family (men, women, and children), though it did little about the army outside the walls. The situation seemed as though it would end on either a jail cell or a chopping block.

    In a final act of desperation, the guild master "hijacked" the city, for lack of a better word. She used her powerful magic to raise the city from the ground and suspended it above the clouds. It has never been seen again, and all searches for it have thus far failed.

    It was there at the Guild Master Bertha made her first mistake. She invited into her guild a man she didn't fully understand, a man she shouldn't have trusted. It was only a little over a month later that Bertha was killed and the once Tartaros Guild was taken over and remade into Demon Blade. Demon Blade was not as passive as Tartaros, nor was the new Guild Master. They went to work to make Rum a force to be reckon with. The once stationary base began to move. The vulnerability of clouds being the only form of cover was changed.

    The magic that held the city aloft was far more extensive than Bertha had ever imagined. There wasn't just the floating magic, allowing the city to travel anywhere in the world, but there were two other spells attached to the first. Magic that both shielded and cloaked the city was now active, making this once docile city into a veritable fortress.

    The Layout

    Rum City is circular, with the castle in the center and the city's districts adjacent to it on all directions. The city has four districts: the Ale Quarter, the Wine Quarter, the Champagne Quarter, and the Whiskey Quarter. The Ale Quarter, on the northwest side, is the housing area where most of the city's inhabitants live. The Wine Quarter in the northeast area is the market area, a place where commerce is common. The Champagne Quarter on the south east area is somewhat of the industrial area, where goods are produce. The Whiskey Quarter, on the southwest area, is the closest thing to rural land in Rum City. It is there that crops are produce, as well as the place rainwater from the clouds is collected.

    The populace of the city are basically hostages, and they're well aware of it. With no knowledge of how to leave the city short of jumping off to one's death, though, they can do nothing more than continue on with their day-to-day lives as best as they can. Though at first they resented being help captive, they've come to accept their new found overlords and in a way have made peace with them. In return the Guild has made it law that acts of evil they love so much must be kept away from the populace of Rum.

    The final piece of Rum City is the five Satellite Islands that float and swirl around the main island. These 5 moving lands belong to the Ruling Council of Demon Blade, the Black Hand. They are the sources of all the magic keeping the city aloft and protected from invasion.

    Getting There

    The most practical way of getting into the city is through portals. The Tartaros Guild Master Bertha placing portals all over the world, one in every major city. The new Guild Demon Blade saw no reason not to keep those as the only way onto the City of Rum. The magic was changed slightly though. The portals are stone arches placed in strategic places. Tavern basements, Dead End Alleys, etc. These portals once only activated when someone possessing the Tartaros Guild mark approached it. That was changed to now only allow those with the Demon Blade mark. None to this day has discovered a single portal.


    The once pathetic defenses of the Guild Home have been worked on relentlessly by the new Guild Master and the members of Demon Blade. Parts of the City's defenses where put there long ago by whom ever made it so that it could fly. Demon Blade was able to find the controls to the other parts of the spell and for that reason there is now the two major defenses, Cloak and Shield.

    The Cloaking is nothing as vulgar as simple invisibility. No the agent mages were far more elegant than that. What they choose to hide their floating city was that of Storm Cloud. Now where ever the city goes, the Storm Cloud follows. Black clouds that bring rain, lightning and thunder with it. It completely envelopes the city, keeping it hidden from sight by anyone that would look up towards the heavens or even those daring enough to fly through them.
    Storm Cloaking:

    The Shield itself was made so brilliantly that it not only protects the city from outside intruders, it also will create Life Link with anyone that tries to break it. The shield surrounds the entire floating city and the 5 islands that orbit it, keeping all with in safe and at the same time trapping them.
    Link Shield:


    The City of Rum and the Guild Hall of the Demon Blade has but one weapon. This weapon was not made by the mages of old, but rather crafted by the Guild Members as a way to bombard enemies from their floating city. It took an effort of an enormous amount, using up a good amount of the guild's resources and remaining pull to get everything they needed. But after so long working on it, the Particle Cannon was completed. While it is not as powerful as an Etherion Cannon, the Particle Cannon is a force to be reckoned with. It was designed to be a piercing beam that will break through shields with ease and still damage what ever was protected behind it. While it is as powerful as it is, it takes a lot of energy. To help with the energy needs, the Particle Cannon was tied into the same power as both the Shield and Cloaking Magics. For that reason if the Cannon is to be fired, both the Shield and Cloaking must be dropped for it to charge and fire.
    Particle Cannon:

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