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    Selenia Calvis's General Backstory


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    Selenia Calvis's General Backstory

    Post by Selenia on Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:51 am

    Selenia was born in Crocus and grew up hearing about Sabertooth daily, so it was only natural she would want to join. After her class toured the town's magic shop, she saw something that would change her life forever: a shiny silver key that seemed like it was calling out to her. Although she was young, she asked the shopkeeper what type of magic that key was used for. Telling her it was a rare, special kind of magic called Celestial Spirit magic, she instantly decided that was going to be her goal.

    At 15, she applied for a job as a waitress at the guild hall and fortunately enough was taken in. She had been too scared to ask anyone to teach her, but luckily enough a nice guy, who had most likely just been flirting with her, offered to teach her magic. Excited, she told him of what she wanted to learn, and he helped her out, the guild's extensive library proving to be a welcome resource. At 16, after saving up most of what she'd earned working at the guild, she went back to the shop and bought her first key: Nikora, the gate of the Canis Minor. Returning to the guild for her shift later that day, she started trying to summon the Spirit, hoping to catch the guild master's eye. And catch his eye she did: it took her a couple of tries, but she did summon him - right onto the tray of drinks she was carrying, which launched them into the air and drenched the master. After apologizing profusely, the guy that had helped Selenia walked up to put in a good word for Selenia, which helped the situation. After some consideration, the master accepted her into Sabertooth on one condition: if she was going to be a part of Sabertooth, she could not longer be a waitress. Happy to oblige, Selenia joined Sabertooth and became stronger every day, going on missions with the man she was slowing beginning to fall in love with. Over the year she bought or was rewarded with even more keys. Her second Spirit was Pyxis, whose key she discovered in a pyramid after a run in with a minor Dark Guild. Caelum was the next key, which she had been longing for after reading about him in multiple books. She found the key in the final book after reading the last pages which spoke of a powerful incantation. She went on to buy Horologium at Oshibana's Magic Shop before obtaining Gemini's key after a battle with an evil Celestial Spirit mage, and a few months later was rewarded for her part in ridding a dangerous beast from a forest with Crux's key. A bit later, she received the Chameleon's key after helping a Celestial Spirit mage from Midi fight off a gang of criminals who attacked her when she was on the outskirts of Crocus.  Finally, her most recent key was that of Aquarius, but the story doesn't end there.

    She had gone off with a team to fight a creature; they had no real idea that it was actually a demon from the books of Zeref. The job had only mentioned a large reward and its urgency. When they got there, however, they realized that they were no match for the opponent. All her allies were slain, and she only survived because her comrade gave her life to kill the monster, using her Machina Soul to spear through the demon; it in turn slew her, and Selenia was left all alone.

    She returned to the guild three days later in a pouring rain, the reward and key waiting for her there. She didn't want to see it however; she said she would give up on magic, and told the master to use the money for the funerals of her slain friends. As she went home to the girl's dormitory, most likely for the last time, she began to weep, falling to the ground as the rain and tears mixed on her face. As she cried, memories of her friends came flooding back into her mind, and although they hurt to remember, they also told her something. She would always have a home at Sabertooth, but no matter what, she had to keep moving forward. The pain she felt and the sadness she was experiencing caused her keys to glow and summoned her Spirits came forth in a circle around her. It was only for a moment, but she knew it was a sign as they all smiled at her before disappearing: she would continue forward as a Celestial Spirit mage, if only to honor their memory. It was the only part of them she had left. When she arrived in her room, soaking wet, a note had been placed on the table next to Aquarius's key.

    "If you truly wish to leave the guild, the key is yours to sell. I only hope the decision you make makes you happy."

    She smiled, knowing that the master had likely done this; she would've never been able to sell a key herself, especially not a golden key of the Zodiac. From that day on she began living with new strength and joined another team, only hoping that she could make her fallen guild mates proud. But deep down, she had a burning passion in her soul. She would find Zeref's demons and rid the world of them. Not for revenge, but to make sure that they would never cause any more death. First, however, she would need to get to know her new team, and grow stronger herself.

    Learning to deal with Aquarius's attitude had become Selenia's new biggest challenge, and their conflicting personalities caused a lot of problems, although whether or not they'll realize how alike they truly are is uncertain. In the meantime, however, Selenia had been trying to keep a level head and hoped that Aquarius will, eventually, come to not dislike her as much.

    During the beginning of the war she received Monoceros's key from one of the remaining members of the Magic Council, who'd been waiting for a Celestial Spirit summoner who would be able to handle the responsibility of the weight of a golden key. He gave it to her in the hopes that she would be able to use it against the dark guilds, which she did. After fighting one of the hardest battles of her life, she took down the dark wizard who held the Phoenix's key. Finally, once the war was over, she was rewarded by the king for her actions, given the key of Corona Australis for all that she did.

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