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    Guild Positions


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    Guild Positions

    Post by Digdug on Mon Oct 12, 2015 8:01 am

    The Harbingers of Destruction

    There are five faces of the wizard's guild Tartaros known as the Harbingers, five men and women whose mere titles strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. They are the Throne, the Dominion, the Virtue, the Power, and the Principality.

    The Throne - AVAILABLE
    The Dominion - AVAILABLE
    The Virtue - AVAILABLE
    The Power - AVAILABLE
    The Principality - AVAILABLE

    The Throne is the right hand of the guild master, someone who faithfully carries out her personal bidding. He or she has earned his title by proving his or her loyalty time and time again and can most often be found within Castle Rum, conducting the choir that is Tartaros.

    The Dominion is the one given dominion over Rum City. He or shee is free to do as he or she pleases with the city and its inhabitants, whether it be by settling disputes between citizens with peaceful talk or with a sword to the neck. The actions of this one man (or woman) will decide if he or she is the nightmare of the citizens or their protector

    The Virtue is an epitaph to the creed of Tartaros. He or she is the most disciplined of the five Harbingers, only causing destruction and death when it is most necessary to peace. His or her true job, however, is that of an inquisitor, one tasked with smiting groups and hubs of people that pose a threat to the ideology of Tartaros.

    The Power's duty is the most simple of the five - to find and subdue (to either kill or capture) a single designated target, or small group of targets. The Harbinger puts his or her life on the line above the other four, hunting only the most dangerous of enemies.

    The Principality is the one whose job is most bloody. Unlike the Power, he or sheis not tasked with subduing a single target, nor is there any chance of merely capturing someone. Instead, he or she is the one responsible for mass destruction in any form possible, whether that be through massacres, the destruction of cities, or even worse. Fortunately, he or she is only called to do his duty once in a great while and only when it is absolutely necessary.


    To obtain a position as one of the five, fill out the following template and post it here:
    [b]Character Name:[/b]
    [b]Reason:[/b] In-character reasons on why your character should have the position.

    Please note that rank is not a factor in getting a position.

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