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    The Gate of the Canis Minor


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    The Gate of the Canis Minor

    Post by Selenia on Mon Oct 12, 2015 3:59 pm

    It was 10 years ago that Selenia's journey began as a Celestial Spirit Mage. It was then, on that fateful day, that she discovered her interest in this magic type. Moreover, however, it was this day that Selenia laid her eyes on the key that would become her first Celestial Spirit: the key of the Canis Minor, Nikora, who she would eventually nickname Plue. Plue was going to be her constant companion and as her first spirit would always hold a cuddly, cute place in her heart. And it is this story, of how Selenia learned about the key of this particular Celestial Spirit, that our story begins.

    "Um... teacher, what's that?" a short, plump boy asked, pointing at little box.

    "That is called ColorS magic. It's a magical item that allows the user to change the color of something," the teacher replied.

    "Ohhhh," nearly the entire class said, their eyes already beginning to wander. In moments, the scene became chaotic, with the teacher hurrying here and there to reprimand the children for nearly breaking this and that. The shopkeeper, thoroughly frustrated but having no choice but to allow these rowdy brats into his shop, kept a watchful eye out for thieves, and it was than that he spotted a slender blond girl gazing upon a silver gate key.

    This slender blond girl we know as Selenia, and this was the moment she laid her eyes upon Plue's key. It was a moment that would shape the rest of her life forever.

    "So, what do you think, huh?" the shopkeeper asked, having stepped out from behind the counter and walked up to the girl. "Interesting, isn't it? It's called a Gate key, little one, and it belongs to a type of holder magic called Celestial Spirit Magic. This particular key is known as the key of the Canis Minor, Nikora."

    Selenia turned, a little surprised that the man had noticed her staring at the object. All she could say at that point was," H-how much?"

    The shopkeeper laughed, smiling.

    "Well, for you, I'll sell it for 20,000 Jewel. What do you say?" the man said, being earnest but also knowing she wouldn't be able to buy it as this time.

    "I don't... I don't have that much," Selenia said, pulling the few Jewel she had from her pocket and showing it to him.

    "Well, that's no matter. It just means you'll have to work for it, and if you work hard enough, you'll certainly make enough. Also, you'll need to learn all you can about this magic as well, otherwise it'll be a waste."

    "Can you, can you teach me?" Selenia asked, biting her nails.

    The man laughed again, grinning widely now.

    "Who, me? No, no. You want a real magician. There has to be someone at Fairy Tail who'll be able to help you out. They're quite a good bunch," he replied.

    "Fairy Tail..." I mumbled, my secret hopes of one day joining the guild flushing into my face.

    "Alright, kids, it's time to go now!" the teacher announced, much to the disappointment of the children. But eventually they began to file out, and as Selenia turned back to look inside the shop one last time, she could see the man holding the key's case, headed towards the back of the store. Although she didn't realize it at the time, he had decided to hold the key for her in the case that she ever did join Fairy Tail.  And, in the end, it made all the difference.

    ~~~ 6 Years Later ~~~

    "Hello there, can I help you?" he muttered, still looking down at a small contraption he was tinkering with.

    "I'm here to buy a Celestial Spirit key-" Selenia began, but he cut her off.

    "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't have any of those for sale. The nearest town with one in stock would be Oshibana; I'm sorry for your inconvenience," he said, not having looked up yet.

    "So you sold the Nikora's key?" Selenia mumbled, her joy instantly subsiding into sadness.

    "Wait, how do you know I had..." the man said, looking up. His eyes instantly lit up, and warmth came into his puffy cheeks.

    "Oh I should've known it was you. I hope you'll excuse me for my rudeness; a customer of mine returned this after breaking it and asked me if I could have it fixed by tomorrow for a job, so I've been working on it since then. Anyways, here, just give me a second," the man said, heading into the back of the shop. Moments later he returned, the wooden case covered in dust. But I could care less; just the sight of the case was still here brought back my good spirits instantly.

    "Well then, I believe the agreed upon price was 20,000 Jewel, wasn't it?"

    "Yes... I think so. But hasn't the key gone up in price?" Selenia asked.

    "Consider it a gift for working so hard. You'll make a great mage, Selenia," he said as I took the box, opening it to marvel at the key inside as I handed him to the Jewel, "I just know it."

    And with that, Selenia left the shop after saying good-bye, more content than she ever had been in a long time.

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