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    A fight long past


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    A fight long past

    Post by Fūjin on Mon Oct 12, 2015 7:43 pm

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    An eight year old Fūjin finally made to the top of a mountain looking over a town the size of a small city with rainbow lights glowing in the night sky after traveling for a year on his own after his pack had been killed and his dad’s disappearance the year before that. He could the cheers of the town’s people in the distance as if they were a few metres away from him, Fūjin smiled at the sight, it had been awhile since he had been to a place this lively, he wondered if there was some sort of festival going on at the moment. Descending down the mountain, he leapt down in large single bounds leaving blasts of air and patches of static atmosphere in his trail. Landing down onto one of the rooftop of what looked like a huge hall still that overlooked the streets full of drunken people dancing to blaring music underneath the multi-coloured blossom petals as if the town was a flower festival. He took off the raggedy make shift bag that was carrying a large odd looking egg he had found in the mountains, he hugged it gently to keep it warm "I wonder where we are this time little buddy." he spoke to it knowing there would be no reply. Fūjin then accidently misheard someone below saying the words Magnolia Town, being shocked thinking it was the egg held the egg to his face, "Did....did you just speak to me?" a puzzled look was on his face as he talked to the egg now "and here all this time I thought you were just an egg I found in a burnt bush about to be crushed by a Vulcan."

    After he accidentally breathed the smog from a nearby chimney causing him to sneeze and he was blown high up into the air into and landed into the streets crashing into a traveller, landing on top of the man and upon landing on top of him pieces of iron shrapnel were scattered across the cobblestone pavement. Fūjin got to his feet looking as if the air had pushed him up, "Sorry mister," he bowed and apologised to the person he landed on holding his egg behind his back, but then he looked back to where he was blasted from "huh…I wonder how high did I go?..." he questioned himself while doing the math in his head "looks about 7 feet straight up into the air...huh I usually go higher."[/b][/color] he bowed to the man again, he went on his leaped onto the nearest rooftop with a single bound leaving the strong winds and a static atmosphere in his leave, running along the rooftops towards a huge tree he saw while he was coming down the mountain. The shouts of drunken men cheering, bones cracking and bottles smashing each other each other’s skulls, it sounded like they were arguing over who was going to win a fight that was on after the bingo tournament. Not caring Fūjin he ran past the alleyway and towards the tree, once he got close enough he leaped into the giant multi-coloured, glowing cherry blossom tree, once the he put his egg in a secure branch next to him, there were sounds of drunk men gathering as the shouts and roars increased in volume, more sounds rose some of explosions, some of steel clashing and then some was just the sound of blood being smashed out of one man's skull and onto the ground, then sudden thought wandered into his head "Wait....why am I here?" as soon as he spoke his branch broke and he fell into a ring with walls made of sandbags. One man in a dress vest picked him up by the wrist "WE HAVE A VOLUNTEER FIGHTER FOR TONIGHT FIGHT LADS!" he yelled as he was pushed back in, "oh sh*t." he muttered underneath his breath. “Oh my!” The man in the vest continued “Looks like we already have the opponent!"  the announcer pointed to a very familiar looking man as he walked up to Fūjin as he realised it was the man he bumped into a short while earlier.
    "Don't worry. I don't intend to kill you, but just to hurt you enough to let out my frustration. If not you then it would be some random building! Kahahaha!!"

    He watched the man as he laughed while getting into what looked like a boxing stance. Fūjin realised he had no choice but to fight as the spectating men had surrounded them and looked too drunk to be reasoned with the man who had just jumped into the ring;  the man had the look of a psychopath in his eyes causing Fujin to sigh as he unsheathed his katantas sticking them into the roots of the tree cutting through like butter and got into his fighting stance body completely relaxed. "Look I don't want to fight but it seems like you’re not the kind of person who wouldn't listen even if I did talk to you."  He flipped up four fingers and electricity formed the words "BRING IT" on tops of them ”Just remember whatever happens in this fight, you brought on yourself."  With a flick of Fuji’s hands the electricity retracted back into his hand  as took a deep breath and shot a huge blast of static like lightning charged wind in the form a twister out of his mouth as he yelled at the top of his lungs "STORM DRAGON'S ROAR."
    "Kahaha you're the one that needs to worry! After all I need to pay you back for making me drop my iron!!! Kahahahaha!!!!!!!!"  the man called out as he immediately let loose a powerful whirlwind of iron shards after tossing the bag of iron shards he had on his belt "Shrapnel Twister!!!" Fūjin watched the man’s eyes shrink as he put more power into his iron twister while cracking a wry smile and fired off iron spears as he was using his twister attack and muttered "Iron Spear Grip!"  Now the iron mage truly had a psychotic expression. Fūjin’s reaction on the other hand began to make him think of what to do, after all his dad taught him not to fight when necessary, and unknowingly what felt like hours to him he had a flashback to the days of three years ago within the heat of battle.


    “Come boy but do it with gusto this time!” Said the deep grumbling voice of the greyish blue dragon that sat in a forest clearing with his back to a solid stone cliff face watching a 5 year old boy in tattered clothes made from shed dragon shin and various animal pelts punch a boulder denting and causing a small crack to slowly move from the crater he was making with his red fists. At the beginning of each punch there was a cloak of air moving around the boy’s hand like wind with small sparks of lightning flying from it but it dispersed each time just before his fist came into contact with the rock. The boy’s fist began to bleed causing him to wince as he retracted his hand from the rock “TCH! That’s pathetic! Have I not taught you anything! Deep breaths as you punch and put your full body into it!” The dragon scowled as the boy looking enraged turned back with lightning and wind flying off him as he began to stomp his foot while waving his arms "I AM DOING IT, THE THING IS THAT IT’S NOT AS EASY AS YOU THINK WHEN YOUR HANDS ARE BLEEDING, YEA FRAKIN' LIZARD!"
    The dragon punched the boy sending him flying into a bush while flaring his nostrils as the boy got back “DID I TEACH YOU TO SPEAK LIKE THAT TO YOUR ELDERS FUJIN! TCH! LIKE HELL I DID AND YOU THINK IT’S HARD JUST BECAUSE YOUR HANDS ARE NOW SORE AND BLEEDING HUH!?”

    The dragon grappled his left hand that was bundled in a fist with the claws on his right and slashed the skin causing it to bleed "Fūjinrahai!" The dragon ignored his son as he brought his fist like claw to his shoulder as it covered itself with a cloak rain dropped sized drops of water, wind and lightning before slamming it into the cliff face behind him creating a crater but leaving no fist mark or bloody mark on the cliff as the spell dispersed the blood dripped onto the ground “If you were doing it correctly your hands wouldn’t be bleeding, it’s not your hands that are performing the spell; it’s your body as a whole. You are letting your elements out and not keeping your storm inside you regulating the amount you produce. The spell I am trying to teach you is on a lower level than the one you are trying to do, you got to learn how to keep your elements inside and combined into one or how else are you going to eat air, lightning and water separately let alone as one element. That's the whole reason I am teaching you this spell before any other, it will teach you about control over your elements. Hell when I was younger than you even in human years I could fly through a lightning storm and keep my own in while feeding off it!”

    "Yea but don’t got wing to fly do I! Dumb lizard *mumble* why do you teach me this stuff when I am a failure even without wings. Hell I can’t even eat water and that's supposedly  the easiest of the three to eat *mumble*."

    “WHAT DID I SAY JUST A FEW MOMENTS AGO!? I AM YOUR FATHER AND YOU WILL SHOW ME RESPECT!” Fūjinrahai tone softened as he lowered his head to look at his son “Fūjin there are ways to fly without wings and just because you can’t utilise water yet doesn’t mean you never will be able to and, on the off chance you are never able to use it that just means it was in the way for something else. If you don’t have wing to touch the sky then jump to reach it. We storm dragons are the strongest of our kind as no one dragon that doesn’t breathe a storm can eat our breath, but it also makes us the weakest as we can’t reach our full power without feeding off a storm or one of our kin’s breath. It takes hundreds of years of evolution and training for any dragon to be reborn as a Storm Dragon, it doesn’t happen overnight. Do you understand what I am trying to say?”

    "No, not a clue." Fūjin replied looking confused which caused his father to sigh “Never mind then…look go wash your hands in the stream and have the pack put some spit on it before wrapping them up, then we’ll figure out a way for you to get airborne.” Fūjin nodded before walking towards the forest to leaving the clearing when his father cleared his throat to get his attention making Fūjin look back “Look Fūjin…son I ain’t going to be able to keep holding your hand walking ye’ through life, one of these days you are going to have to kick off the ground and fly. Then when you can’t see me, you’ll one day surpass me and then you aren’t just going to fly you’re going to soar and clear the sky of any clouds letting the light shine down.”

    "Dad that is really iro-...ironic coming from a storm dragon."

    “IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE INSPIRING YOU DAMN PUNK! NOW GO WASH YOUR HANDS!” Fūjin smirked chuckling as he ran off leaving his father behind as the giant winged lizard laid down crossing his front legs and began licking his claw that he wounded “The damn kid is too much like his mother, making me do stupid things like this.”


    The two twisters clashed and cancelled each other out, as Fujin’s mind came back to reality as Fujin put one leg forward as if about to jump into the spears flying his way as suddenly jets streams of storm air of shoot out of his joints and he began to run on the air around and in between the iron logs sailing towards him dodging them at a blinding speed, after his first step first step the air pressure changed around him to a high pressure lifting him up off the ground after Fūjin jumped in the air and then began riding the air currents, he moved as blur and got up close to the Iron mage as in right landing under his nose with under a few seconds from when he fired his final log. "STORM DRAGON'S SKYWARD TALLON!" Fūjin roared while he performed an uppercut surrounded with stormy winds and formed a shape that resembled the claw of a dragon blasting his opponent skyward straight up into the sky. "Damn you... DAMN YOU!!!"  Fūjin could hear his opponent’s anger had skyrocketed and saw that the iron mage’s skin had turned to steel and his arm turned into a heavy iron pillar extending it into the sky to bring it down like a hammer as the Iron mage fell through the air "IRON PILLAR FIST!!!"  Fūjin stood still conjuring storm winds in his hand that had sparks running through the air current "You shouldn't wave metal around during a lightning storm, ye’ metal head." the young dragon slayer taunted the iron mage as he rolled to the side dodging the iron pillar.

    The hairs on the back of Fūjin’s neck stood up straight up he as he “crushed” the storm winds he had in his hands, now small arcs of blue electricity were flowing around his body, his eyes looked like a dragon's eyes but were glowing blue light coming from his iris' lightning continued to strike his body burning the things around him and leaving black patches of soot on his skin. "STORM DRAGON'S LIGHTNING ROD HORN!" Fūjin roared as he leaped into the air and head but the Iron mage in the stomach as a flash of lightning shocked through the iron mage’s body before being sent crashing into a nearby building due to a burst of storm air that soon followed after. Fūjin then slowly walked over to his opponent that was now struggling to get up. After picking up his katana on his way over he pointed it at his opponent straight in the eyes, Fūjin’s eyes were still dragon like though no longer glowing as small arcs of lightning bounced all over his body.

    "This fight is over!" he growled baring his teeth like a wild animal and pointing his sword at the Iron mage’s stomach which was no longer steel after his head-butt. The mage then passed out and Fūjin sighed with relief with a goofy looking smirk before walking over to the tree where he had left his items (getting the egg and wearing it’s bag like an oversized necklace). The announcer from before tried to pull him into another fight which in turned made Fūjin growl at him causing the man to quite literally poop his pants while backing away from the young dragon slayer. Then he went back to the man he had just fought and picked him up carrying him on his shoulders towards an in which he had smelt food coming from about a block away. Fūjin sighed as he walked along carrying the man “You know he was a good fight…shame I had to fight anybody in the first place…dad wouldn’t be too happy…”  he spoke to the egg he now tied to be carried around his neck by the strap of the bag “I hope he doesn’t attack us again once he wakes up…that’s the last thing I need…”  Fūjin laughed sadly as his stomach growled as loud as an dragon roaring causing him to sigh and to continue walking in silence as he walk to the town’s medic.

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