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    The Battle of Wills: Aquarius vs Selenia


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    The Battle of Wills: Aquarius vs Selenia

    Post by Selenia on Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:21 pm

    "Why won't you just listen to me?!" Selenia shouts, infuriated at her new Celestial Spirit who simply turned her back and refused to even speak to her. Although the Celestial Spirit was definitely beautiful, her attitude definitely was not.

    "I'm sorry," the Celestial Spirit says at last, sarcasm dripping from her voice. "I didn't ask to be given to such a weakling. You can return me to where you found me, but I won't be helping you," she says curtly.

    "You... you don't know what I've gone through for you. Just please listen to me, all I want to do is be your friend. Even if you don't want to fight for me, would you at least talk to me?" Selenia asks again, getting ever more frustrated by the second.

    The Celestial Spirit, however, just snorts, finding Selenia's questions humorous for some reason.

    "Friends? You actually think I want to be friends with someone as pathetic with you? That's hysterical. I'd rather be caught dead," the Celestial Spirit taunted, smirking as she turned to face her summoner.

    "Just shut up! Look, I know I might not be all that strong right now. Especially for a Zodiac key," Selenia mutters, and it was true; she could already feel the magical drain of having summoned her bearing down on herself. But Selenia wasn't going to back down now. "But I promise you, I will become strong. No matter what... because I have to. Understand?"

    "That sounds exactly like what a weak person would say. All I hear are excuses and more excuses. Why can't you just accept the fact that you're totally worthless? You can barely summon me, much less protect yourself," the Celestial Spirit says, pushing Selenia's buttons even more.

    "That's it! You're going back to the Celestial Spirit World, now!" Selenia screamed, on the verge of tears and full of rage as she swung the golden key of the zodiac in order to close the gate. However, after a couple of moments of waiting, nothing happened. Selenia  tried again, but it was no use.

    "What was that? Send me back, huh? You'd need to actually be somewhat strong for that to ever have a shot. Just realize that there's nothing you can do to make me do what you want, understand?" the Celestial Spirit retorts, using Selenia's own words to spite her.

    That was it. Selenia'd had it with her.  After losing her friends and then having to push herself to keep moving forward, this was the last straw. There was no way in the world that she was going to work with a Celestial Spirit like this, no matter if they were a Spirit of the Zodiac or not!

    But Vi's dying words came back into Selenia's mind, causing her to double over in pain, which seemed to cause the Celestial Spirit some sort of sick happiness and she smiled. Still, Selenia knew what she had to do. Even if the Celestial Spirit was more frustrating than anyone she'd ever dealt with before, she knew she had to work at it. And so, calming herself down, she began to work out a plan for how to deal with this Celestial Spirit's rude behavior. Slowly but surely, she figured out exactly how to reverse this situation. Selenia allowed herself a small, short smile of satisfaction as she looked back up at the Celestial Spirit.

    "Well, I guess once my magic runs out, I won't ever be summoning you again. I don't need a loser like you that probably can't even fight taking up my magic energy when I could use a spirit like Caelum. Oh, now I get why you don't want to fight for me! Is it that you can't fight? I'm not surprised - a scrawny little ugly mermaid wannabe Celestial Spirit like you wouldn't be able to do anything in battle, right? Here I was, mourning the fact that I'd lost a great Celestial Spirit, but I only assumed that because your key is one of the twelve golden keys of the Zodiac. But you're probably a failure, what more should I have of expected? I mean, I bet your last Summoner didn't even want you, and that's why you ended up in a small town in the middle of nowhere being handed out as a, um, what was it? Oh right, a bonus prize. Wow, I can't believe I actually expected anything from you at all. You can go now," Selenia says, yawning to show her boredom.

    The Celestial Spirit, on the other hand, was fuming. Her face took on a deadly look, and for a moment Selenia feared for her life, before remembering that a Celestial Spirit can never intentionally or unintentionally kill its master.

    "What. did. you. say. you. little. shit?" the Celestial Spirit breathed out in a cold fury. "I'll have you know that I'm the strongest Celestial Spirit there is, and now I'm going to prove it to you! I hope you're wearing a bathing suit, because things are about to get a whole lot wetter around here!"

    "Oh shit," was all Selenia could think before a wall of water pushed her from the side of the river from which she'd summoned the Celestial Spirit. It slammed into her like a freight train and smashed her into a boulder which was thankfully rooted into the ground nearby, otherwise Selenia would have been washed away with everything else that hadn't been held down so steadily. Even trees had been knocked over in the attack. But, somehow, Selenia was still standing, and all she had to do was smirk at the Celestial Spirit even if she was actually in lots of pain. The Celestial Spirit, however, didn't know that.

    "Hmph, you're still alive? Not bad, for a weakling like you I guess," the Celestial Spirit muttered, this moment allowing Selenia to close her gate as the Celestial Spirit cast a downwards glance to the ground. It was a minor victory, but she'd forced the Celestial Spirit to see that she meant business, and it would hopefully gain her some respect. However, she had to make sure that the Celestial Spirit didn't hate her before that happened.

    It might actually end up being kind of fun working with Aquarius.

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