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    Plue and Selenia: Bonding In Action


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    Plue and Selenia: Bonding In Action

    Post by Selenia on Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:48 am

    'Let's hope all the practicing with Plue was worth it,' I think as I step out onto the stage in a hot pink miniskirt and and a tight, lighter pink blouse.

    "Open, Gate of the Canis Minor, Nikora!" I shout loudly so that the audience hears me, Plue's silver key in my hand. Right on cue, a magic circle appears on the floor in front of me, from which appears Plue.

    "For my talent portion, I've prepared something with one of my cutest little Spirits, Plue! I hope you all enjoy it!"

    "Puu-puun!" Plue said.

    Without further ado, I grab a hoop and put it next to Plue, allowing him to jump through it with ease. He wobbles ever so slightly as he stands, his tiny body shivering with nervousness and excitedness.

    Moving the hoop a little higher, Plue jumps through it and does a little flip on the way down, landing on the stage. He does a little bow, which the audience seems to go nuts for.

    Lastly, I flip the hoop horizontally above Plue. He jumps up in a little spin through the hoop, allowing me to drop it and catch him.

    "If you liked that, you'll love this!"

    Putting Plue down, I grab two little black and white canes and top hats from off the stage and, handing the small one to Plue, we begin our dance routine. It's only a minute long, but we're both in sync to Plue's extremely cute dance. There's a little bit of spinning, booty shaking for the crowd, and a lot of jumping - Plue's favorite part.

    At last, we stand with one leg out and our top hats in our outstretched hands.

    "Thank you so much!" I say, grabbing Plue and heading backstage.

    (I've been working on practicing first person RP too, so I hope this is okay ^^ I'll probably be sticking to third person, but first person is fun sometimes)

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