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    Selenia's Lost Necklace


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    Selenia's Lost Necklace

    Post by Selenia on Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:01 pm

    Honestly, why did Selenia always have to lose something that was important to her? The necklace that Xavier had given her... where in the world was it?! She knew it'd been here yesterday, but then today, it had completely vanished.

    "Open, Gate of the Compass, Pyxis!" she said, holding out the corresponding silver key. Out came Pyxis, smiling in happiness at having been summoned. Usually it was Plue, but now it was Pyxis's big chance.

    "Alright, Pyxis, I lost a necklace of mine and need to find it. It's silver and had a gold star at the end of it. Do you think you can find it anywhere?" Selenia asks, knowing if anyone could find it, it would be Pyxis.
    The Celestial Spirit thought for a moment, the compass on its head spinning round and round, before at last it pointed with both of its wings towards the south of Fairy Hills.

    "So it's that way? Just great! What if I lost it somewhere really far away?" Selenia groaned. "Whatever, l'll do whatever it takes to find the necklace. Let's go, Pyxis; you lead the way."

    Pyxis nodded, taking off towards the bottom of the complex, heading out towards the city. However, on the way there, the Celestial Spirit noticed that, strangely enough, the necklace had moved. Turning down a corner, which ended up being an alley, Pyxis hung his head for a moment before retracing his steps, Selenia right on his heels. It continued like this for an hour or so, and they chased the moving necklace all across town. At last, they finally ended up in the last place they expected.

    "Fairy Tail? Are you sure, Pyxis?" Selenia asked, and Pyxis was certain that the necklace was now in here. Heading inside, as they drew closer Pyxis was able to determine the exact location of the missing object, which ended up being another one of Fairy Tail's guild members. After a bit of explaining, Selenia was able to retrieve her missing necklace, and it was all to the thanks of Pyxis. Giving him a tight hug, she thanked him for his help before saying good-bye and letting him return to the Celestial Spirit World.

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