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    Spatial Magic


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    Spatial Magic

    Post by Digdug on Tue Oct 13, 2015 6:14 pm

    Spatial Magic

    Magic Description
    Spatial magic allows the caster to manipulate the properties of space. This form of magic can encompass several types of spells: firstly, it allows for various types of teleportation by (in the simplest explanation) moving the body of a person or object from one space to another. Secondly, it allows the caster to open holes with one space which lead to another space; that is, it allows the caster to create portals. Offensive wise, this magic has the capability to mimic telekinesis by manipulating the space around objects to cause them to move (this, however, is much harder if not impossible to do to a living being). In terms of defense, the caster can cause space to become impassible (like an invisible barrier).

    Without much analysis, this type of magic can seem particularly fearsome in the hand of an enemy. However, on further look, it has a hidden and very major weakness. Any space that the caster manipulates has magic imbued within it for the duration of that spell. If a stronger magic source (like a stronger spell) collides with that piece of space, the spatial spell will be canceled out. The same applies to teleportation: if the caster tries to teleport while too close to a stronger magic source, the teleportation will not work. Same thing with portals; if something imbued with much more powerful magic tries to enter (not necessarily a person but a spell), the portal will cancel out.

    Perks of Magic
    Put the Perks of the Magic here maximum of 3 of which each has to have a downfall.

    What are the Weaknesses of the Magic?

    What are the overall Strengths of the magic?

    Place your Spells you know here
    {D-rank Spells here}

    {C-rank Spells here}

    {B-Rank Spells here}

    {A-Rank Spells here}

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