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    Path of Despair


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    Path of Despair

    Post by Grimrok on Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:30 pm

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    Notes: I have Bertha's permission to use her character as I did. The spells used by Bertha and I are not our official spells and there is a LOT of flavor text, so due take that into consideration. Also, the walk from Magnolia was justified by Sonya due to the wiki stating the towns were close and I never did state the time it took me to reach the town. Other than that, enjoy!

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    Word Count: 3,129

    The war in Fiore had taken it's toll on the people of Magnolia. A very large majority of the city had been destroyed. Families lost their homes, people lost their businesses, and many lost their lives. Ðragon had taken part in this war of the best. Many guilds were annihilated, including the one he was in.  He lost his Guild Master in one particular battle against Tartaros. Having been the only surviving member he knows of, Ðragon's goal was to reform the guild and take up a new name under his leadership. Ðragon planned to seek vengeance on Tartaros and the other dark guilds in hopes of writing the wrongs of the world. Until then, he would give his daughter all of his time. 

    The world seemed to come flowing back to him as he left his thoughts behind. The sun was bright and temperatures reached 102 degrees, no breeze. While the day was hot, the people of the town could not be more motivated. At the heart of this motivation was Ðragon's daughter Flamie. Although she was only 6, she was doing her best to bring the people of the town lunches, water, and any supplies they needed for the structures they were working on. 

    As Ðragon walked down the main road of Magnolia he could see his daughter handing out water to groups of workers. He smiled. Despite the hard times that had come to Fiore, it was nice to see the people working together and laughing. After turning around, his daughters face lit up with excitement. Her big gray eyes shone in the sunlight and her snow white hair blew in the wind when she ran toward him. Ðragon hasn't seen his daughter this happy since the war began. Reaching down as she approached, he scooped her up in his arms and held her closely against his chest. "I missed you, Flamie," he said pulling away to see his daughters face. 

    "I missed you too, Daddy," she replied with a smile. 

    "Where would you like to eat dear?"

    "Mm, lets go to 8-Island in Hargeon!" she blurted aloud with excitement. Immediately piping down when she realized all of the workers staring at her, the whole place went quiet. She shot red as they all began to chuckle and Ðragon couldn't help but smile. 

    "Anything for you," he said. 

    Flamie took his hand and the two began to walk South in the direction of Hargeon town. The south side of Magnolia was much more complete than that of the North due to most of the fighting taking place further up. As they walked they could see many families still suffering from the war. People were starving, children were getting sick, it was all so terrible. Ðragon thought back to the moment his wife died. She died with a smile and let Ðragon know it wasn't his fault he had lost her. She knew he would hold onto this for the rest of his life. It was because of all of this suffering of the people; it was because his wife was killed that Ðragon would make Tartaros pay.  

    A gentle squeeze on his hand ripped his mind from those thoughts and brought his attention back to Flamie, who had a very serious expression. "You did what you could," she stated before looking off into the distance. Flamie lost her smile the day her mother died. Seeing her smile today was the happiest Ðragon had been since; it was the happiest both of them have been. "I know Mommy is happy right now. We love you, Daddy," she finished. Biting back tears, Ðragon smiled and pressed forward.

    Having left Magnolia awhile back, Hargeon was now in sight. "What are you going to order Flamie?" he asked. 

    "Beast Man Curry! Beast Man Curry!" she squealed with excitement.

    "I think I'll have the same, actually," he added. 

    Upon entering the town they could see that it was not on the same scale of ruins as that of Magnolia. In fact, most of the buildings were relatively intact. Off in the distance they could see 8-Island. Their stomachs growled and they looked to each other with a smile followed by a laugh. "I'll race you," Ðragon blurted out before breaking into a run. 

    "Daddy you're too old for this!" she screamed before chasing after him. Ðragon laughed backwards only to see Flamie was no longer behind him. 

    "Flamie!?" he screamed. No sign of her. Ðragon's heart began to pound. How could he lose her so fast? Who could of taken her? How was this possible? 

    "Daddy, you're so slow!" came the voice of his daughter behind him. Ðragon's eyes widened. How could of not realized this sooner? His daughter has surpassed him! How could he become a guild leader when a 6 year old girl was able to defeat him so easily? Ðragon held his head down, tears rolling down his cheeks. 

    "I'm a failure!" he screamed, pounding his fist into the ground. "No! I wont let this become my destiny. I can't!" Ðragon stood up and looked to the sky before turning towards his daughter who stared back at him in disbelief. The two locked eyes for a long moment before a grin crossed Ðragon's face. "Go,"he said. In that instant Ðragon vanished. A single shock wave erupted from his previous location and he appeared in front of his daughter a moment later. Flamie's eyes widened as she grinned with excitement. Flamie and Ðragon both disappeared in an instant, each of them teleporting forward at high speeds, matching each other each step of the way

    8-Island was coming up fast and the world around them blurred together as their race began to heat up. Flamie grabbed a tomato as they passed a vegetable cart and threw it at Ðragon the moment he became visible, splattering against his mask. Ðragon wiped it from his mask mid teleport and found himself stuck in a wall, having teleported half of his body inside of it. "Tch, she's as tricky as ever." he spat. Continuing their race, Ðragon teleported forward at a much higher speed than before and caught up to Flamie immediately. The two matched each other moment by moment until they reached 8-Island with an explosion of dust and laughter. As the dust settled they could see that it was once again, a draw. 

    "You're getting slower Daddy." she giggled. 

    "Maybe you're getting faster, little one." he responded. Flamie took his arm and the two headed inside to be seated. 

    "Aye, aye! Ðragon and his little girl are here, bring out the Beast Man Curry!" called the manager. 

    Ðragon and his family were regular customers here due to the Beast Man Curry always bringing them back. The two of them sat down and waited for their food while staring around the restaurant. There were a lot of new faces around and a lot of empty seats from old customers who didn't survive the war. Up on the back wall you could see many photos of the heroes that fought against the Dark Guilds, including that of his wife's. Ðragon couldn't help but tear up. He loved her so much and her being gone left a massive hole in his heart. He felt his body tighten at the hatred he had for the Dark Guilds.

    "Here you go, old friend." said the owner as he placed the food down in front of them. "I'm really sorry about your wife, Ðragon. She was a dear friend to us all and we'll miss her greatly. Nothing can replace the warmth she brought this restaurant." he finished before walking away. His words did make Ðragon  feel better, but they wouldn't bring his wife back. 

    "This is so good!" squealed Flamie, already having eaten over half her bowl.

    Ðragon laughed and glanced down at the bowl to see the familiar variety of beast meats, vegetables, and spices. It really did look good. Grabbing his fork, Ðragon was just about to take a bite when he heard a scream from outside. The scream died down for a moment and all that could be heard was silence. Moments later, explosions could be heard off in the distance followed by more screams. "Tartaros..." he said under his breath. "Keep her safe." he told the store owner who was already heading off with Flamie. Although the man owns a restaurant, he was actually an A-Class wizard. With Flamie now safe, Ðragon headed outside.

    A blast of sunlight struck his face the moment he left the restaurant. After a few moments of his eyes adjusting, he looked around to see the place was completely surrounded with destruction. It was obvious their target was him. On the tallest building Ðragon could see a familiar shadow perched at the top. It was Bertha, Ace of Tartaros. Ðragon immediately entered a state of rage. Bertha killed his friends, his guild master, his wife. She's taken everything from him! Just as Ðragon was about to leap after her he stopped himself and took a deep breath. If he lost himself to rage it would all be over in an instant. Bertha was not an opponent he could attack carelessly. 

    Ðragon closed his eyes for a long moment and thought about all of those that he had lost. His friends, his master, his dear wife, all of these people needed their deaths to be avenged. Most importantly of all Ðragon had to protect what he still had, his daughter. Flamie was still alive and breathing and was waiting for him to finish things up here and come back to her. Ðragon's eyes opened and he stared Bertha down, this time, with more resolve. Ðragon vanished and appeared in front of Bertha, fist drawn back. "This ends right here, right now!" he screamed. By Bertha's expression he could tell his sudden speed had caught her off guard. 

    A shock wave emitted from their location and Ðragon felt he had landed a blow. The two of them flew through the sky due to the force of the punch. Feeling something tighten around his fist, Ðragon looked down to see Bertha had actually caught his hand before he could land the blow on her stomach. Without another moments hesitation, Bertha swung her left leg around in a 360 degree kick that collided with the left side of Ðragon's skull. Losing consciousness for a moment, Ðragon found himself in a pile of debris. After taking a look around he could see he had crashed through a nearby magic shop. Realizing a direct attack wouldn't work,  Ðragon scooped up some flash rings and leaped to the top of the building. Standing next to the hole he had made when he had crashed, he kept the rings hidden from sight.

    "Oh, poor Ðragon. Don't you think it's a few years before you should be fighting me?" Bertha teased from a nearby position on the ground. 

    Without a comment, Ðragon leaped into the air and fell towards her. Thanks to the direct attack he made on her previously, he knew Bertha's guard would be dropped if he attacked in another foolish way. As Ðragon came within range Bertha lifted her left leg in an upward kick, aiming for his chest. Just at the kick reached him Ðragon mumbled the words"Phantom Zone,". Bertha's leg passed right through his body and Ðragon positioned himself so her leg was no longer inside of him, becoming tangible again. Then, Ðragon released the flash rings from his left hand and watched as they fell inches away from Bertha's face before activating, releasing a radiant light that lit up the area despite the brightness of the sun. 

    Bertha winced and was forced to close her eyes; Ðragon wrapped his fist in transparent black energy and brought his fist down on the top of her head, hanging in the air for a moment before Bertha's body collided with the ground. After bouncing once, Bertha slammed back into the ground due to the force of Ðragon's punch. The black energy wrapped around Ðragon's fist contained the destructive power of shock waves. These shock waves are able to pass through and damage almost any substance, tearing it apart. If the shock waves are directed into the ground, the result is a devastating earthquake capable of generating huge tsunamis and massive earthquakes.

    An earsplitting cracking sound could be heard in all directions. Ðragon gradually fell to the ground and the moment the tip of his toe touched, the entire city shook. Large explosions of dust erupted from the outskirts of the city and shot up into the sky. The ground on the outskirts of the city had cracked and shattered due to the force of the punch Ðragon hit Bertha with, causing the entire city to sink 50 feet. Once the city stopped moving, Ðragon turned around to head back to his daughter. A quiet laughing could be heard from behind him which caused Ðragon to stop in his tracks. 

    "There is no way she could survive that!" Ðragon thought as he began to turn around. Standing before him, was Bertha. Although bleeding from the head, she was relatively unscathed. 

    "That was quite a punch you landed there, Ðragon. If it not for the impassible spatial wall I created around my head, I would have died. Despite this, you shattered my wall and I was still hit by 30% of that attack," she said through gritted teeth. It was clear that Bertha meant business now. "Spatial Displacement," she muttered. Bertha's hands became enveloped with a warping clear energy.  Bertha lifted her arms and the towns buildings began to lift into the sky. Bertha floated off in the distance at the same level of the buildings, about 50 feet into the air. 

    "Bertha, there are people in there!" Ðragon screamed. 

    "Why do I care, Ðragon?" she said with a shrug.

    Bertha was right. Why would she care? With gritted teeth, Ðragon leaped into the sky only to be hit in the back from one of the buildings. He coughed as the wind was knocked out of him. Ðragon strained to move his limbs due to the high speed at which the building was moving. Using all of his might to turn around, he looked into the window to see that there were in fact people in this building. Their eyes locked for a moment as the wind slapped against his backside. With a nod Ðragon told them he would save them. Slamming his hands against the walls of the building, Ðragon summoned a little extra power and teleported not only himself, but the entire building into another part of the city. 

    Ðragon appeared atop one of the buildings Bertha was controlling, gasping for air. Teleporting that single building was only a temporary solution. He wouldn't be able to teleport another one. If things continued as they were, Ðragon would lose. More buildings came flying in his direction but all Ðragon could do was dodge. "Damn it, damn it!" he panicked. He couldn't teleport himself, not to mention other people. He had no way of moving these people to safety. "I'm sorry!" he screamed, his voice echoing through the city. The towns people knew that they couldn't be saved from Bertha's onslaught and began to hug each other from within the buildings, families spending their final moments together. Suddenly, he had a plan.

    A clear bubble began to form around Ðragon's body. This bubble expanded to become massive in size, a solid 60 foot Radius. Inside this bubble you could see Ðragon's silhouette in the center, along with memories of events that happened just before Bertha had lifted these buildings. "Time Barrier, Rewind!" he called out. All of the buildings surrounded Ðragon and stopped moving. After a sly smile formed upon Bertha's face, all of the buildings rushed towards him at insane speeds. "I WON'T LET YOU DIE!!!" he screamed. The buildings slammed into his barrier simultaneously. Just as the buildings entered his barrier, explosions could be heard across the entire city. Each building that had entered Ðragon's barrier had been taken back into a time before they had been lifted off the ground, saving the people. Ðragon's barrier dropped and he felt himself grow dizzy. Too much power had been used in those last two spells and he could feel himself slipping away.

    After glancing over in Bertha's direction he could see that she too, was exhausted. Ðragon blinked slowly, only to notice Bertha was gone. An impact could be felt on his abdomen causing Ðragon to slowly look down and see Bertha's first planted against him, a spatial energy wrapped around her fist to enhance her attack as he had done earlier. As she applied more pressure his ribs began to crack and break, blood shooting from the mouthpiece of his mask. Ðragon's body fell downward until it crashed into the 8-Island restaurant. 

    "Daddy, Daddy please!" came the voice of his daughter as she came running to his side frantically. 

    "N-No, Flamie..." he begged, unable to get his words out.

    "Oh, what's this?" Bertha interrupted as she gripped Flamie's body with her spatial magic, bringing her right up to her face. "Hello, cutie." she teased, gripping her a bit tighter. Flamie's expression didn't change as she reeled her head back and slammed her forehead into Bertha's nose, causing it to bleed."Y-You little bitch!!" Bertha snarled as she surrounded her hand with more spacial energy, punching Flamie right through the chest. Flamie's eyes widened and tears began to form. Her blood splattered backwards and landed on Ðragon who stared in horror at the events that had just transpired before him. Bertha tossed Flamie's body away as if she were a used toy. "I have things I need to attend to, Ðragon. I'll play with you again, soon." she said, laughing maniacally. A portal erupted in front of Bertha and she entered it before vanishing, her laugh echoing through Ðragon's mind. A thud could be heard as Flamie's body landed next to him. 

    "F-Flamie, please!" he screamed as he grabbed her, holding her against his chest. Flamie's eyes were dulled out already and her breathing was fading fast. 

    "D-Daddy?" she whispered, clenching his chest with her tiny hands. 

    "Yes Flamie!? Please, speak to me!!" he cried. 

    "I'm going to be with mommy again," she sobbed. 

    "Flamie, don't die! I can't lose you too, please! Please!!" Ðragon begged. 

    "I love you, Da-.." she trailed off as the last of her breath left her body. Flamie's body went limp. The city shook with Ðragon's despair as his beautiful girl went off to be with her mother. The towns people all began to cry as Ðragon's hatred and despair reached them, Ðragon's own voice echoing above all as he screamed, holding his daughter one final time. 

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