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    A new Me, a New Earth


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    A new Me, a New Earth

    Post by RockLegendRyu on Thu Oct 15, 2015 10:03 pm

    The Lab had been destroyed and I was on my own for once in my life, which now consisted of no more than an hour. The only problem I had at this moment in time was, quite literally, I had no idea where to go. With no idea of where I wanted to go and a full map uploaded into my CPU I decided that it was going to be best if I just began to explore maybe I would find exactly where i belong. In my search I stumbled upon a cave, a very large cave at that. I was very unsure of myself when I wanted to go and explore, then remembered that if I didn't explore I might never know where I belong or fit in. I marched headstrong into the cave only to hear the roaring of a deep voice that would have intimidated a normal human. The voice rang in my audio sensors.

    Who dares enter my cave? Be you a human? the voice was deep and menacing.

    Suddenly I saw the face of a gigantic lizard creature as the cave walls shook under their foot steps. He looked me dead in the eyes and inhaled deeply, almost taking me off of the ground.

    You are not a human, you smell...different He took another deep inhale, pulling my slightly forwardYou are artificial...i can smell the machine in you...however, i can also smell the magical energy in your body...who are you, Machine?

    I am Ryujin...I was created in a Magictek lab....they made me in order to further the knowledge use of magic in machine and I, as in my human self, was already dying of a fatal disease and decided to give my life to attempt to help them in my research, however with the help of my "friends" helped me to escape...now i am lost, can you help me find a direction Mister Lizard. i asked him after explaining my situation to him.

    He roared loudly. I AM NOT A LIZARD, I AM A DRAGON the dragon roared some more before slamming it front left foot into the ground and a wall of rocks came out of the ground and pushed my out of the cave. The dragon stormed out of the cave in a rage after me before stopping dead in its track when i stood up. You...you have a talent Machine, and I, Terraria, shall teach you about the Earth and her ways.

    I looked to him and as my eyes turned to gears as i processed his face and who he was and his name. I then knelt down in front of him as a knight would to a king and accepted his willingness to teach me even though he didn't have to.

    You are too young to understand what the world has offer, but I will give you the strength and show you that with in every little thing, is a new reason to carry on and fight for what you believe in, now here, eat this. The dragon spoke to me as he nudged over a tiny white rock that was just smaller than the palm of my hand.

    I was curious as to why he would make me do such a peculiar thing so i decided it was best not to question my elders and put the rock in my mouth and swallowed it. It fell down into my system and i felt it sitting there. I wasn't sure what i was supposed to be feeling.

    Let that stew in your stomach for a little while, as i teach you the rest of this lesson he spoke to me as he nudged me over to the edge of the water. Let us start with something simple, attempt to throw a rock using your magic

    I looked to one of the rocks on the ground and reached out my hand and attempted to move the wrong, and after about five minutes of nothing moving Terraria chimed in his wisdom You need to focus your magic into your hand and then into the object you are trying to manipulate...only then will you begin to understand the power of Earth magic

    I looked back at him and my eyes turned to gears as i processed this information and then i looked back at the rock. I reached out my hand and then focused very clearly on the smoothest of the rocks and when i expanded my fingers, i could see the rock lift slightly off the ground before dropping back into the pile. I looked back at Terraria and he nodded. I looked back at the rock and focused some more, this time I actually lifted the rock off of the ground and into the air. I looked behind me and Terraria and he tossed his head to one side signaling me to throw it. I looked back at the rock and pulled it closer to my body by pulling my arm towards me then i pushed my arm straight out and launched the rock about twenty feet away from us. It crashed into another set of rocks in the distance.

    I looked back to Terraria and he nodded That is enough for today, come inside and rest Machine and tomorrow we will continue to teach you, you have begun the journey to becoming a new you.

    A few weeks went by and I was learning plenty, this including how to move bigger rock, how to move the earth beneath my feet, how to create walls of solid stone and even how to cover my body with rocks. I was told by Terraria that when i felt low on magic, i was supposed to eat rocks and i didnt understand it until one daymy Magic replenished itself. It was actually working now all of his tricks, all of his skills, i was learning them, i was actually learning how to use the magic of the Earth. At one point about three moths later in July, on the seventh day, I ran to back to the cave after training, to find it was completely empty and Terraria was gone to who knows where...this began my second adventure, to search the land and find my dear friend.

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