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    A Meal to Remember (S Rank Position App)


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    A Meal to Remember (S Rank Position App)

    Post by Zagan on Fri Oct 16, 2015 1:25 am

    Blood. So much blood. The shiver of pleasure danced it's way down Zagan's spine. He hadn't felt so much despair in one place since before he was finally cast out of heaven. Taking a deep breath, he shivered again and waded through the blood and bodies of the town. Every single one of the townsfolk had been so terrified, their faces were masterpieces that would stay in his mind forever. Blood dripped from the ends of his leather coat and finger tips. He was soaked in blood. The once silver strands of his hair now stained crimson from the blood of a child he had bled upside down at the town's entrance. He had used the stream to shower in and it was glorious. Zagan hadn't even planned this whole massacre. All he wanted was to try the cuisine of some famous restaurant and that's when it all started. Looking down, he saw the blank stare of the boy that had been his waiter.

    1 Hour earlier.....

    "Can I get you anything to drink sir?" The waiter pulled out his note pad and waited for his newest customer. Zagan, hair shining silver and coat completely unruffled in any way, looked up at the young man and gave him a pleasant smile. "I'll take the strongest wine you have to offer," he said, handing the waiter, a young teen no more than a child, his menu, "I'll also take the house special." "Very good, sir," the young teen said, taking the menu and walking from the table. The restaurant was quaint in its simplicity. Though it was one of the highest rated places to eat in Fiore, it was located in a small town and wasn't much bigger than some of the barns the farmers had. Despite that, people came from all over to try the culinary masterpieces made by this genius chef. "Your food will be ready in about 10 minutes sir," the child said, pouring a glass of red wine for Zagan, "is there anything I can get you in the mean time?" "Just leave the bottle and let me drink in peace." The boy nodded, setting down the bottle and making a fairly quick retreat. There had been something in the wizard's eyes that gave the threat that was never spoken. The waiter wasn't sure if he had just imagined it but he wasn't about to test whether or not he had.

    Zagan felt a small amount of pleasure at watching the fear in the boy's eyes and knew that he was going to have a good supper. Waiting for his meal, all Zagan could do was watch the happy people talking to each other and enjoying their own meals. How it made him sick. If it wasn't for the fact that he had wanted to try this miracle food, he would never have come to a place such as this. Raising the glass to his lips, Zagan went to take another sip of his wine. Out of the corner of his eyes, Zagan saw the man standing and tripping over the leg of his chair. It had been barely a glimpse or Zagan would have done something to keep the next few second from happening as they did. The cool red liquid flowed into his mouth and he could taste the excellent flavor of the wine when he felt his arm being shoved hard. Glass shattered and a searing line of fire bloomed against Zagan's face. "I'm so sorry," The man had said, rushing to pick himself up and grab something to help clean the blood and spilled wine off of Zagan's face. Without any hint of anger, Zagan raised a hand and brought it down hard on the man's back. A black dagger materialized in mid swing and drove though the man's back pinning him to the table top.

    The room went strangely quiet, everyone staring at the man with the black dagger in his back. A single woman began to scream then the world erupted into chaos. People tripped over each other, forgetting their friends and family as they all tried to escape. Feeling his blood rust rising, Zagan stood and held out his hand, summoning his long katana blade. The screams were everywhere, people running in every direction. The thrill was too much. Zagan dove in cutting through anyone that came within range. Blood poured over tables and filled the air with their slight iron smell. In mere seconds the entire restaurant was filled with blood and bodies. It wasn't enough. Zagan couldn't let those few who got out the doors to escape, so he chased them down, each and everyone. That just led to more people seeing the ruthless maiming of innocent people, which meant they needed to die too.

    Present time....

    The grin on his face didn't alter in the slightest as he turned away from the boy and continued his walk towards the main square. A thousand spears planted in the ground pointed towards the sky, almost as if to mock the heavens themselves. The spear points weren't just empty shining tips. Each and every spear supported the head of the Rune Knight that had held it, the sharp ends of the spear barely protruding out of the top of skull. Well the spear might not have been the exact same spear that belong to the Rune Knight, but there had been a lot of them, Zagan might have mixed up a few. At the head of the spears, separate from the rest of them, a golden spear stood baring the head of the Legion's Captain. He had been a good man. So loyal to his cause. So willing to help those in need. Touching his cheek, almost tenderly, Zagan remembered the man's heroism.

    40 Minutes earlier....

    "Hold," The Rune Knight shouted, his arm stretched forth as if that alone would be enough to stop any power known on Heaven or Earth. It almost made Zagan laugh. "Did you hear that," Zagan said to the man being held up by his hair, "they want me to 'Hold', what do you say, do you thing I should HOLD." His hand gripped the man's hair harder, giving it a shake. Blubbering, the man cried, holding onto Zagan's wrist, doing whatever he could to keep the pain as minimal as possible. The Rune Knight stepped forward, smacking the butt of his spear onto the ground, "release the man and lay down your weapon. Do so and I promise you'll get a fair trial and easy death." A flash of silver and blood sprayed into the air from the man's throat, color quickly draining from his face. "There you go Rune Knight," Zagan said, tossing the limp body to the side and dropping his sword, "I've let him go and I've put down my sword, take me away."

    The Rune Knight Captain had rage painted on his face. It was as if he had never had anyone disrespect him like that before. "You will pay," he growled tossing his spear to the side, "Men, surround the square, set up a barrier. I will handle this trash myself." Rune Knights came spilling out of the alley ways, streets and homes. There must have been someone smart enough to run straight towards the Rune Knight Encampment a few miles out of town and tell them of what was happening. It was a pity it was going to spell out their doom. Zagan didn't move a muscle as the thousand Rune Knights formed a large circle around the two Wizards. Zagan wiped a small amount of brain matter from his shoulder as the barrier bloomed around them. It was the Rune Knights signature spell. A barrier meant to contain a criminal in the even they couldn't handle them. They definitely hit the mark on him.

    "I don't know why you came to this village, nor why you're killing all these people, but I swear to you that you'll never harm another person." Flames erupted out of the man's hands, shooting jets into the air and slowly dying down till fire was only hovering in his palms. "My flames will cleanse you're evil from this world." "Do you believe that you possess the flame of heaven," Zagan chuckled taking a step forward, "I hope you do, for without it, All hope is lost to you." Black wings sprouted from his back, stretching out to their full length and for a second blocking the light shining upon the Captain. It was nothing special, merely a show to intimidate the Rune Knights out side the barrier more than it was to scare the captain. Rune Knights all around them began to murmur, the hushed whispers barely audible as they said, "Angel." This seemed to infuriate the Captain as he looked at his men. "Be quiet your fools, stand at attention, there are no such things as Angels." The men snapped back to attention, all eyes on the two in their middle. The black wings folded back down slowly, fading into a black mist as Zagan smiled at the captain.

    "I don't know what trick you're trying to pull but it ends now." Charging forward, the captain began swinging his flame shrouded fist. The flames were hot but his attack was slow and sloppy. Zagan stepped to the side and dodged the first attack and then the second, but the captain kept on swinging. The first strike hit high on one shoulder, scorching the black leather and giving Zagan the lightest of burns. It was enough to set him off. Twin daggers appeared in his hand, the blades glowing with fire giving the blades an almost glass look. A high punch from the captain gave Zagan all the opening he needed. Ducking under the strike, Zagan slashed a blade against the underside of his arm, keeping him from dropping his attack to hit him in the back. The other dagger slid against the captain's armored chest. The blades didn't cut they melted right though the armor and skin, searing the flesh covering his ribs and under his arm. "Garrrrr," the captain said, shuffling several feet back. His hand went to his side and came back with blood. "I guess I don't have time to play around with you," he hissed, increasing the flames in his his hands, "I will incinerate you." Gouts of flame shot forth and the air around Zagan roared with fire, enveloping his entire body in the burning energy.

    The Rune Knights cheered, sure that their captain had won. The captain himself, grinned and let the flames die. Wind rushed over the captain, forcing him to throw up an arm to block the wind from his eyes. Zagan stood, wings out stretched, in the same spot as he had been before. Gold and silver armor covered his body from foot to wing tips, the gold glowing as if it had been sitting in a hot forge fire. "Armor of the ArchAngel," Zagan said grinning, clearly pleased to see the despair in their eyes. The captain looked in disbelief that Zagan seemed only lightly singed by such a strong attack. His eyes went from Zagan to his men, their faces showing the despair in them as well. "I swore I would never use this but clearly this is what is needed" the captain mumbled, bringing his hands together. A ball of flame began growing in his hands, the size increasing every second. It started off the size of a baseball, solid like an orb of magma. Then it grew to the size of a basketball, then larger and larger. "The Betrayer's Blade," Zagan said softly, his gold and silver armor vanishing from off his body. A blade so black that light itself seemed to be sucked right into it, darkening the area within the barrier.

    The captain jumped into the air, holding the orb of flame above his head. It had now grown to a size six times larger than the man himself and his eyes glowed with power. "SSSSUUUUUPPPERNNNNOOOOVVVAAAA!!!!" The captain bellowed, bringing his arms forward and sending the large orb of death straight down upon the fallen angel. Zagan looked up at the magic being hurled towards him. His grip shifted on the black blade and he whispered in a voice that carried into the mind of every Rune Knight present, "The Devil's Embrace." The black blade sliced the air in front of Zagan. For a second time seemed to stand still. The Super Nova Spell hung in mid air as if suspended by an invisible string. A black slash cut through one side of the spell, then the other. Time resumed and black slash marks appeared all around the Super Nova, the magic becoming unstable. Light erupted, blinding the Rune Knights around the barrier. All eyes went back to the magically protected area the moment died down, straight towards the two men. Dust swirled around obscuring the view of every observer, but within the shadows of two men. This fight wasn't over yet, there was still more to be done even though they had just seen magic that none of them could ever hope to do.

    The dust settled and both the Fallen Angel and the Captain stared at each other, thirty feet apart. There was something wrong though. The Captain's face was strangely void of emotion. Zagan held his sword up and wiped it's blade across the sleeve of his cloak. The fallen Angel turned and looked at nearest Rune Knight in the eyes just as the head of the captain rolled from his shoulders and his entire body fell to the ground. Fear and shouts erupted from the men, some saying they should all charge him, others saying to keep him locked away and to call for help. Zagan wasn't about to wait for them to come to a decision as he rammed his blade into the magical barrier keeping him imprisoned. The supposedly unbreakable containment spell shattered into a thousand pieces. All the calm composure of the Rune Knights broke. Zagan didn't waste a moment diving into the protectors of Fiore and meeting out death to them as he did to the townsfolk.

    Present Time....

    He stared at the slack face of the Rune Knight Captain, thinking that there was something off about it. "Oh, I know," he exclaimed adjusting the man's eyelids to they would remain open. "There," he said pleased with himself, "now you can keep watch on this town. Wouldn't want anyone to come and kill it's people." Zagan patted the Captain's cheek and walked on, back to the Restaurant where this had all began. Bodies still littered the floor and blood pooled in every nook and cranny, but he walked in as if nothing was out of place. Straight towards the serving counter, Zagan picked up his untouched food that had just been completed when everything had begun. Amazingly, the food was still hot. "What kind of magic are they using that does that," he said inspecting his food and walking back to his table. The man who had fallen into him still lay over top the table, pinned still by the black dagger. Yanking the dagger out of his back, Zagan pushed the guy off his table and set his food down in the pool of his blood that had gathered on the table top. Gathering utensils and a fresh wine cup, he set up his table and poured a fresh glass of the still chilled Red Wine. Grabbing a napkin, Zagan took his seat, finally going to get to try the world renowned food.

    He must have bumped a body or made too much noise because the sound of a baby crying disturbed the tranquility of death. Zagan kicked the side of a body. A woman who's head had been cut into so that her brain was clearly visible underneath all the gore. In her arms, bundled up was a baby that couldn't be more than a few months old. Somehow the baby had survived and was now crying loudly. It struck a place in Zagan as he reached down and cradled the child in his arms. This baby was innocent, mold able. He could raise the child to be his apprentice, to learn the cruelties that only Zagan could show him. His hand brushed the childs cheek, somehow the intimate touch enough to calm the baby's tears. Zagan could do this, he could raise the child as his own. He brushed his hand over the baby's head and smiled. There was an audible pop and blood sprayed over Zagan's face. His hand now clenched together where the baby's head had been. Who wanted that kind of trouble anyways. He dropped the now dead mutilated body back onto the mother's body and wiped blood from his lips. Turning back to his meal, he took his first bite of the famed food and smiled. It was Delicious.

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