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    This been a long time comming....so yeah...hai


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    This been a long time comming....so yeah...hai

    Post by Fūjin on Fri Oct 16, 2015 1:31 am

    So I know is long over due and hopefully no one is going to kill me over it or claim that they are my god and that I need to repent by giving them alchol and taco....looking at you Krow. So I am one of admins of the site along with being the guild master of the Independent Guild known as Dragon Heart.

    Being a freshmen in college aiming to be am art major I can only be on the site in my free time and during which I might be on my other accounts known as Adrien and Ace. However if you ever need me or have any questions simply send me a pm or contact me on skype if you have me in your contacts. If you want me in your contacts drop me a pm. I am clearifying this so people don't confuse me with being inactive.

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