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    Remnant Flame


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    Remnant Flame

    Post by Grimrok on Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:51 pm

    Remnant Flame
    Rank of Magic Here
    Type of Magic Here
    Element of Magic Here
    Sub or Main
    Guild Belongs To
    Character Specific?

    Magic Description
    Put the Description of your Magic here

    Perks of Magic
    Put the Perks of the Magic here maximum of 3 of which each has to have a downfall.

    What are the Weaknesses of the Magic?

    What are the overall Strengths of the magic?

    Place your Spells you know here
    {D-rank Spells here}

    {C-rank Spells here}

    {B-Rank Spells here}

    {A-Rank Spells here}

    {S-Rank Spells here}

    {SS-Rank Spells here}

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