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    staff area sections and staff divisions

    Ean Sableheart

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    staff area sections and staff divisions

    Post by Ean Sableheart on Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:30 pm

    Basically I think the staff area of the forums should be divided into the 3 sections visually.

    A mechanics development section: for things like skills, stats, etc. Although I know were not using stats the point is this is where all the numerical things go.

    A plot development section: Although I will fight to the death to say we as a site should do as little as possible in terms of pre-destined plot, things that would effect IC stuff would go here. Things like discussions about gm's(which I expect to be common) and things like a huge site wide event(which will probably fail).

    A staff guides section: Something to establish that we as staff have rules and what those rules are. It would also include guides

    Site Testing grounds: Place to test new systems in predetermined environments.

    Personal testing grounds: call this your bonus as a staff member to try something in relative privacy however you want here that has nothing to do with the site but more so your character.

    the other thing I want to promote is a division of powers. Divide the amount of power each admin/mod has and their work load. Instead of having 5 people doing all the character apps, magic apps, and other approval stuff have 3 doing character apps and the other two doing magic apps in order to give everyone a breather. Each division would have their own admin. Also our founder would fall under admin rather than founder in order to prevent our lovely overlord from becoming a scary sadist overlord.
    Spinal Tap

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    Re: staff area sections and staff divisions

    Post by Spinal Tap on Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:55 pm


    This is how ULRP works. lol.

    Though usually it involves routine scream sessions to prevent us from killing each other. Though there's only so much of us here right now... so it's impossible to explain with this place as example.

    But this... will be done, I can assure you.

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