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    Celestial Spirit Guide


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    Celestial Spirit Guide

    Post by Grimrok on Sun Oct 18, 2015 11:04 pm

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    I'm writing this guide because everyone thinks Celestial Spirits are very lame. They're right. No matter what Fairy Tail RP site you go to you will always see how unpopular this type of magic is. Why is that? The answer is because with few exceptions, the show made the Celestial Spirits seem really lame. This is due to Lucy's image of the spirits. Celestial Spirits may take the form of whatever appearance their summoner wishes for them to have. The spirits are also rather weak in most cases due to Lucy's lack of general power. That being said I am going to up the feel of the Celestial Spirits on this site. For starts, I want to say this will be Fairy Tail Online's perspective, not canon. 

    As many of you may already know, the Celestial Spirits are based off of the 88 constellations. In the anime the golden keys are considered rare. Despite this, Silver keys are capable of being just as strong. So I'm changing this. The Golden Keys will remain rare but will now be considered more powerful than the Silver ones. Starting now you are allowed to create your own Golden or Silver key. Although the Celestial Spirits are based of the 88 constellations, they do have the word "Celestial" in their name. Due to this these spirits could come from anywhere in the universe. So you now have complete freedom to design your own Celestial Spirit. Celestial Spirits will no longer be weak. In fact they are going to be broken, over powered, and just out right unbeatable! I'm joking of course, but these little spirits are about to get a lot of love.

    The Golden Keys: In order to obtain a Golden key you must be S-Rank or higher and purchase it from the shop or obtain one from an event.  You may start your magic off with 2 free Golden Keys. Your Golden keys are equal to your characters rank are higher. Basically, S-Rank through X-Rank. If you wish to have more gold keys than the original two, you can either get them through events, or purchase them in the shop.

    The Silver Keys: All Silver keys must be A-Rank and lower. You may purchase a Silver key from the shop only. D-Ranks may only have one Silver key starting off. C-B rank may start off with two Silver keys. A-Rank may start with three Silver keys. S-Rank may start with four and SS-Rank five. Silver keys are equal to your rank or lower. Basically, A-Rank or lower. 

    The following must be listed in your magic description: The user is allowed to conjure up a Celestial Spirit using one of their many keys. D-B Ranks may only have 1 Spirit out on the battlefield at a time. A-SS Ranks may have a maximum of 2 spirits out on the battlefield at a time. X Ranks may have a maximum of 3 Spirits out on the battlefield at a time. There will be a cooldown inbetween summoning spirits. Each spirit you bring out will be of the same rank as your character, and will have the fighting capabilities of that character. This means if you bring out two spirits, they will have the same fighting power as say an A-Rank,  assuming you are A-Ranked. While say at S-Rank, you can bring forth 3 S-ranked spirits. To make this fair, your opponent can fight on par with these 3 spirits despite having an even rank in power. However, if you are out numbered you can divide an conquer by sending one of your spirits to battle another opponent. This is one of the strengths of Celestial Spirits, although it is quite hard to pull off. 

    The advantage this magic gives you is numbers. While your opponent is able to take on three S-Ranked Spirits if they are S-Ranked themselves, due to being out numbered it does make it much, much harder for the opponent to avoid attacks. It will come down to their skill in RP to ward off an assault of 3 spirits. Unlike close combat fighting, the spells will work differently. Each Celestial spirit you have will be given spells depending how much you have available. Now, say you are S-Rank. Since you start with 6 spirits and 13 spells, you can divide those up how you see fit. You can also choose to not give some of your spirits any spells yet until you can obtain more spells.  While as a normal mage you can only cast one spell at a time, as a Celestial Spirit user you can cast a multitude of spells simultaneous through use of your spirits, allowing you to completely overwhelm your opponent. 

    As a Celestial Spirit user your characters physical body may not be powerful in anyway. You cannot be fast. You cannot be strong. If you unlock a magic in the future that allows you to boost your characters strength or something then that is fine. Until then, you are weak. You have your spirits to defend you. Your spirits can only absorb damage equal to the rank they are. If they are hit with a spell of equal rank they are to return to the spirit world immediately and cannot be brought an an X amount of posts based off your rank.

    Duration of Spirits:
    D:3 posts
    C: 4 posts
    B: 5 posts
    A: 6 posts
    S: 7 posts
    SS: 8 posts
    X: 9 posts

    Cooldown of spirits:
    D-Rank: 2 posts
    C-Rank: 3 posts
    B-Rank: 4 posts
    A-Rank: 5 posts
    S-Rank: 6 posts
    SS-Rank: 7 posts
    X-Rank: 8 posts

    Now, a Celestial Spirit mage, after reaching SS-Rank, is given access to a Star Dress. A Star Dress is not in itself, always a dress, but is rather a mode in which a Celestial Spirit mage has the ability to transfer into an outfit, much like a Requip mage would. This outfit is attached to a Gold Key Spirit, and gives the mage the ability to take on the passive abilities and spells of the spirit in question. While this is accesable from SS-Rank on, it is not something that can simply be used right off of the bat. To use a Star Dress, you need at least 10 two person topics of at least 2 pages in length where you summoned the spirit. Topics with 3 or more people may be used as well, but for each extra person in the topic, you must have an extra page as well.

    Finally, if all else fails celestial spirit users will have one final trump card. This final trump card is known as the Celestial Spirit King. The Celestial Spirit King is your most powerful celestial spirit. All Celestial Spirit users have access to the Celestial Spirit King but must meet a number of summoning conditions in order to summon him. The first is that you must posses at least one golden key for one months time, real life time. Two, send back any spirits, or change out of any Star Dresses in the battle. Three, you must be X-Rank to be able to summon the Celestial Spirit King.

    Now, if you are able to summon the Celestial Spirit King, you have achieved something great. In fact, you have achieved something amazing. Upon summoning the Celestial Spirit King, you will be given a special barrier placed on you that can block the damage of the next spell that hits you.  The Grand Spirit's strength is always 50% higher than that of your opponents. This means if your opponent is S-Rank, the Celestial Spirit King is at the halfway point between S and SS-Rank. Your opponent will always be fighting an uphill battle against the Spirit King, trying desperately to defend against his onslaught. Each of the Grand Spirits spells are also 1 tier higher than your opponents, meaning the enemies spells can only partially block that of the Spirit King. The Spirit King can only stay on the battle field a short time, meaning 4 of your posts. 

    I probably missed some important information because I'm tired so let me know what you think needs changed, added, removed!

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