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    Betrayal of Tartaros (Axel's S Rank Trail)


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    Betrayal of Tartaros (Axel's S Rank Trail)

    Post by Zagan on Mon Oct 19, 2015 4:17 pm

    Zagan's white hair shown brightly in the fading light of the setting sun. The shine in his hair even more brilliant seeing how the room was scarcely lit by only two candles. The two men sat facing each other in the small room. It wasn't anything special. There were no decorations of any kind or furniture minus the two chairs and small desk that sat between them. It wasn't that Zagan couldn't find a better room, nor was it due to the fact that he lacked funds to afford a nicer one. In the floating city called Rum, all members of the Tartaros Guild were hailed as heroes and royalty. If it had been in the Fallen Angel's mind to use the nicest room in the city, he would had merely had to show his guild mark and it was have been granted him without cost. As it was, the room rented now had been bought and paid for. Zagan didn't want a large or expensive room, that would draw more attention than what he was seeking. Neither had he invoked the special treatment that his Guild mark assured him. This meeting was to remain secret. Their discussion was for no one's ears but the two men that sat there now. If any heard of the their plans before they were completed, it would spell doom for Zagan and his co-conspirator.

    "The time has finally come, Axel," the fallen angel said, his red eyes glowing brightly as he spoke, "all our planning, all the time spent with this guild it all leads to this night." A shiver of pleasure ran down Zagan's spine as he thought about finally betraying that false dark mage Bertha. The idea of Peace through destruction was pathetic. The only way to peace is overpowering strength. "Here is the details of her magic and regular schedule." He slid a piece of paper over to his partner in this murder. As I said before, you do this for me and I'll make you powerful Axel. We will rise from the Ashes of Tartaros, the Demon Blade that will cut down all who oppose us. Kill Bertha and I'll handle the rest. We will make this world a world were demons will reign free from any 'Good' attempting to stop them."
    Axel Vista

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    Re: Betrayal of Tartaros (Axel's S Rank Trail)

    Post by Axel Vista on Mon Oct 19, 2015 8:10 pm

    Axel was sitting in the room while his "friend" talked about how it was time to start their plan. Axel being a silent man for the most part said nothing until the man slid him a piece of paper with his target's schedule and magic. Axel read over it thoroughly and said "So she is asleep right now then?" Not really asking to get a answer but more like just talking to himself. After he was done reading he left the paper on the table and got up to go find the guild master in her private quarters as her time of slumber slowly approached. As Axel left out the room he looked to the man known as Zagan and said "If I fail to return within the hour just know I have failed." Axel then walked out the door to the rest of the city. Once outside he sprouted his wings from his back and flew up high into the sky towards the Tartaros guild hall. Once he was above the complex he searched for a open window to go through.

    After about 5 minutes of searching he found a open window on the top floor, which he flew into and retracted his wings back into his back. So far he was undetected in his infiltration of Tartaros. Axel figured that this was because of how late at night it was and that everyone must have been sleep. Axel made his way though the guild hall towards where he was told the guild master's quarters were, when suddenly he heard a voice. "Hey you! Who are you and where are you going?" Axel heard yell out from behind him. Axel was pretty nervous when he heard however he tried to remain calm, even though he had no weapon and couldnt use his magic. Axel slowly turned around to face the maen who called him and said "Hey guys im new around here so can you just point me in the direction of the bathroom?" with a goofy smile and a scratch to the back of his head with his left hand, they believed him.

    "Oh our mistake new guy the bathroom is right down the hall to the left." Axel then continued on his path as he went to the guild master's office, while the two mages went back to their patrol duties. After about 3 more minutes of walking he made it there to the door. Axel quietly opened the door to ensure he did not awake Bertha. Once inside he shut the door behind him making sure it was just as quiet as when he came in. He then approached Bertha's bedside where he stared at her for a minute before beggining to pray for her. "Forgive and have mercy upon her... Excuse and pardon her... Make honorable her reception... Protect her from the punishment of the grave... And the torment of fire." And with that Axel took a small kitchen knife that laid on Bertha's bedside table and stabbed her in the throat with it. To prevent any noise from being made he quickly covered he mouth with a pillow.

    After Axel confirmed that the women was completely dead he opened the window on the other side of the room and flew out it. He then sat on top of the Tartaros guild building and waited for all chaos to break out once somebody found Bertha's body.

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