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    Aemi Stronghold

    Aemi Stronghold

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    Aemi Stronghold

    Post by Aemi Stronghold on Tue Oct 20, 2015 5:23 pm

    Aemi Stronghold
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    Species Ability/Perk
    Aemi has Rapid Vestibulo-Ocular Syndrome - a mutation that allows her to follow movements in rapid successions automatically. It can by triggered by vestibular mechanisms in her eyes during brief/rapid head movement and adjusts for different viewing distance, following a moving visual target at intense speed. An example of these targets she can focus on would be bullets, projectiles, or even quick motions of physical offense (such as someone trying to hit her). TLDR: she can follow the movement speed of whatever is coming at her, no matter the stats of the opponent.

    Special Unique Characteristics
    Aemi has a barcode branded into her neck, which she keeps covered with her scarf neck piece so that people do not assume that she is a slave.

    Character Depth
    Personality: Growing up incredibly poor, but with a twin brother, Eleazar, at her side, Aemi was always very clingy and fearful of the world around her. She depended on Eleazar more than anyone or anything in the world. He was the voice of reason and the one who made sure that she was always safe. The two of them were very close and she felt indebted to him and promised that one day she would be able to take care of him instead. He is the only person who she has ever let into her mind, because she does not trust anyone. He is the only person she would ever speak to about her problems. Aemi experiences a magical phenomena known as the "Maguilty Sense", which allows her to feel the emotions of her twin. She can tell when he is angry or sad, or feels joy. She does not know where this has come from, but she has had it ever since she had woken up after her memory was erased.

    After the disappearance of her brother, she was all alone. From the last conversation that the two had, he had voiced his concerns of her being unable to take care of herself and make decisions on her own after being nearly 18. She had promised that she would gradually begin to make changes for herself, but after he was taken away by police, she had no choice, but to completely surrender her dependence and start from the beginning. She was scared, lonely, and to this day feels a constant state of dysphoria through the Maguilty Sense. She knows in her heart though that he is still alive, and wherever he is, he is experiencing stress. It never goes away.

    Being 23 years old and much more independent, Aemi has made a name for herself in the Animus Sin guild. After her Eleazar's disappearance, she has had a constant thirst for vengeance against the Magic Council, due to their involvement. She feels that the rules they have set are unfair, especially when Eleazar's heart was in the right place. She wished to see a world where the economy had more equality. A world where magic wasn't so strictly regulated. Animus Sin gave her that.

    Aemi maintains a calm, stoic demeanor, unable to give much of anything else due to the constant dysphoria she feels. Because of this, it gives her all the more reason to search for her brother. While this feeling of distress seems to drown out her positive emotions, making them nearly impossible to feel, it seems to magnify her negativity overall. Still very young and naive, she had no idea how serious of a commitment she had made by joining a guild that started a war.

    She thought she was making the right decisions and helping people, but she never actually thought she'd have to kill. Ever since the death of the council, she has been experiencing what could very well be a case of PTSD. She isn't sure what she's fighting for anymore due to her guilt of being an accessory of murder.  She's absolutely terrified of the idea of a world thrown into chaos and war. She can hardly eat or sleep, but due to her lack of trust in others, she refuses to talk to anyone about it - even the guild leader, whom she looks up to dearly.

    She feels trapped in her own mind, and she desperately wants to break free. This Maguilty Sense is a curse, and she wants nothing more than to safely return her brother home.

    - Animals - one of the few things that can calm Aemi down is the presence of an animal. She is especially drawn to dogs and cats, as well as squirrels and other small creatures.
    - Music - Aemi learned how to play the violin when she was very young, however this was before her mind had been wiped.
    - Freedom - Aemi likes the ability to do what she wants when she wants. When she feels that her freedom is being threatened, she immediately becomes hostile. She is independent and wishes to stay that way.

    - Monarchy - Aemi does not agree with governments which have a person of incredible power at the top, controlling everything on their own. It is the root of poverty and corruption.
    - Anarchy - While Aemi doesn't agree with corrupt governments, she also does not agree with living without order either. There needs to be something to govern the chaos without suffocating freedom.
    - Materialism - Aemi has a disgust for the lifestyle of someone who is rich. She feels that it is wasteful and selfish when there are so many people who could benefit from the extra items a person owns.

    - Water - Aemi has an irrational fear of water. One of the earliest memories that Aemi has pre-mind wipe is that she had fallen into a river and started to drown. Ever since, she has found it hard to even walk beside a large body of water.
    - Losing her brother - while Aemi has not seen or heard from her brother for several years now, she can feel his presence and knows that he is alive. It is her glimmer of hope to keep going, hoping that she will reunite with him soon.
    - Death - Because of her brother's survival, she is afraid of what he may feel or go through if she were to die. While she is not afraid of death itself, she is afraid of how it will effect her brother.

    - Finding her brother - Aemi's main goal is to locate where her brother may be. Separated several years ago, she has no idea where exactly he is because she cannot sense him.
    - A New World - Aemi is hopeful that a new, fair system will be set in place after the death of the council.
    - Regaining her memories - Aemi has high hopes of finding someone who may be able to relieve her of her mental lock. Unable to remember her past in any way, but triggering memories here and there, she wants to place the pieces of the puzzle together to finally learn about her origin.

    Hair: Blue
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Height: 5’4”
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Overall Appearances:


    Guild: Animus Sin
    Guild Tattoo: N/A

    HISTORY: Aemi and Eleazar Stronghold were born as twins, only 4 minutes apart, Eleazar being the oldest. Aemi grew up loving spicy food, playing violin, and lived very close by to a gun range... and that's all she can remember before age 12.

    She woke up beside her brother, hundreds of miles away from her home, in a back alley of a heavily populated city, Magnolia. She didn't remember anything. Not her name, not her parents, not even what she liked and disliked. All she could remember was Eleazar. The two of them had been left behind with no note, wearing clothes that appeared to be made of burlap, with a tiny embroidered patch with their names in the corner of their shirts. What was especially disturbing to them though, were the bar codes that were branded into their necks. They weren't fresh and had time to heal. How long had they been living like this?

    The two of them had quickly decided not to question why they were thrown into the world like this, but without any memories of who their parents could be, they found it hard to track down where they came from. The bar codes on their necks made it even more difficult, because it appeared as though someone owned them, and the last thing they needed was someone turning them in for a bounty if they had escaped. They had decided that it was probably best for them to try and live on their own, but in a bustling city such as Magnolia, it was hard to start from scratch.

    They lived on the streets for about four years until they had finally saved up enough money to buy a small, one room hut in the lower class areas of the city. They survived by leaning on each other, doing odd jobs, and sticking by each other's sides when things got tough. If one twin starved, so did the other. They shared everything and were very close. It was around the time that they turned 16 that they had started to realize that they knew each other a bit too well. It was as though they could feel each other's emotions when the other was upset. They immediately could tell when the other twin was lying, so nothing was ever hidden, though they couldn't quite explain it. The two of them had just laughed it off as though it was some twin intuition. A lucky guess. However, it turned out to be a powerful spell known as the Maguilty Sense.

    Because of this sense, the two of them could separate for a bit of time and know when the other was in danger and quickly come to their aid. It was as though the sense had guided the one twin to the other, knowing where they were when they needed to. That also seemed to be the case when the two had been 17, almost 18. Almost adults and still depending on each other, Aemi and Eleazar had gotten into a heated argument about the fact that she had not been doing much to help herself. It was as though Eleazar was doing all of the work. He had left in a huff to go to his job and Aemi had felt incredibly guilty.

    While Eleazar had gotten a cheap paying job as a silver polisher, he was also quite talented in the art of stealing. Whenever they were incredibly tight on money and didn't have enough to make ends meet, he always found away to "borrow" possessions and sell them for quick money.

    Aemi decided that this time, she'd be the one to help. While traveling down the merchant street, covered head to toe with a cloak so that no one would recognize her, she came some magical weapons that truly intrigued her - magical guns. She couldn't help but feel as though these sophisticated weapons were speaking to her in a spiritual level, as though it were calling her. Needless to say, the temptation in her heart seemed to consume her and she went in for the punch. While the merchants seemed to be distracted by other poor children who were running by, Aemi snatched one of the smaller models and quickly disappeared from the street with it.

    Because of her quick movements, it was immediately noticed by most people on the street that there was a thief. She ran as fast as she could, and immediately made her way to her brother's work. Slamming the door behind her, she explained everything to him. Outraged, he had taken the gun from her and immediately began searching for a hiding spot for it. If she didn't have the gun, they had nothing to prove. Not a moment later, there was a knock on the door.

    When Eleazar had opened it, there was one guard who stepped inside, immediately seeing the gun in the brother's possession. To the guard, it looked as though he was the one who stole it, and he was prepared to arrest him. On impulse, Aemi had grabbed the gun from her brothers hands and pointed at the guard, not even realizing that she had just opened fire on him.

    She had no idea that she could even use a magical gun of this sort. From what she was told, only people who were trained in the art of gun magic could use them! What she hadn't known was that she had been trained in the art as a child by her parents, though she does not remember.

    When the guard fallen dead, the two stared in complete silence and fear. Aemi had dropped the gun, shaking heavily as she turned to face her brother. He knew that this wasn't going to go unpunished, and that more guards would be stopping by soon. Sighing, and making the decision to sacrifice himself, he turned to his sister and told her run and that he would catch up. He promised her that he would catch up.

    Believing his promises, she immediately took off for the streets, leaving the area completely. She then decided to wait for Eleazar to catch up. Hours passed, and there was no sign of him. In fact, she couldn't sense his presence at all. The only feelings that she could make out were that of melancholy. She had feared for the worst as she immediately raced back to the merchant street, searching for where her brother may be, but there was no sign of him.

    It wasn't much longer after that, that she began to feel an intense guilt for the disappearance of Eleazar. And despite their actions being illegal, she had an irrational detest for the law. They had taken everything away from her. Not long after he had not returned, they had evicted their house and most of their belongings. They had no comment on whether or not her brother had been imprisoned or not.

    About a year or so after living completely alone, Aemi had gotten a job as a nanny, able to live in a nice house and eat good food, in return for watching and teaching the children of the house. It was comfortable and quiet, but Aemi came to envy how materialistic the family was. They had it so well off and never struggled for anything.

    The adrenaline Aemi had felt when she had fired that gun had stuck with her for years. She couldn't stop thinking about the sensation. Could she really be able to conjure magic? She only wanted more. Using every bit of money that she made at her job, she had finally saved up to see a gunsmith about making her own. It was hard work and it was incredibly expensive, but in the end, she was able to make one of the most beautifully crafted sniper rifles to be seen in the city. And she carried it everywhere. She quit her job, left the city, and took refuge in a small town, mostly of mercenaries and other colorful characters. Gun magic wasn't quite as popular as other types, so it definitely scared a few people off.

    (Keeping this brief because Kitten and I plan on RPing how she was recruited)  Aemi and met Kitten soon after and was recruited into Animus Sin. She had heard of Aemi's views on the world and how rotten it had become under the rule of the Magic Council. Despite Aemi's biased feelings, there was now an innocent man behind bars because of her. She had agreed to join the cause, and immediately being put to work.

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    Re: Aemi Stronghold

    Post by Mizuko on Wed Oct 21, 2015 8:11 pm

    Hiya! I'm Mizu, and I'll be grading your app today. ((Just to start off, love the FC ^.^))

    Now, there's actually NOTHING wrong with the app that I see. I just have two suggestions. One is, in your perk, write that she can see any movement, no matter the speed stat of the opponent. That sums it up so that a curious player wanting to see your character knows exactly what you're talking about. Secondly, I suggest making a topic in character timelines and moving your history there. Most everybody's histories are there, so somebody might not think to come here for yours, if they want to know about your character's past. It's all totally optional. I'll leave this unlocked for you to edit the little perk thing if you want, and then if you do/don't decide to, just bump when you're done and I'll approve and move it over ^.^ Have a fun time RPing!
    Aemi Stronghold

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    Re: Aemi Stronghold

    Post by Aemi Stronghold on Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:22 pm

    Alright I edited my perk to have the basics highlighted for others to see. :) I'm gonna keep my history here in her app for the sake of having it all together, but I may repost it in the timeline area once I finish up all the rest of her stuff. ^^


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    Re: Aemi Stronghold

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    Okay then!


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