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    Kialya Done


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    Kialya Done

    Post by Kialya on Wed Oct 21, 2015 6:08 pm

    November 8

    Species Ability/Perk
    Nymph: A mythological spirit of nature imagined as a beautiful maiden inhabiting rivers, woods, or other locations.
    ~Ability 1: Kialya can grow any type of plant. Revive it if it is dead or make it grow faster, ends up with flowers usually growing in her steps. Kialya must touch the plant, also she cannot control how the plant grows, only that it grows.
    ~Ability 2: Can talk to animals.

    Special Unique Characteristics
    There will usually be flowers somewhere on her body.

    Character Depth
    Personality: Kialya is usually a shy girl, she does not speak to many people, leaving her with very few friends. But despite not talking much the girl is brave and will do what most people would not. But, this does not go often seen as she girl is much like a ghost, of which she might be as Kialya is a wandering Nymph with no place to call her home. Kialya, despite her lack of friends, smiles often. A silent hopeful smile. She loves to watch people and their lives which is part of why she does not talk much, being an observer to the ways of life. Kialya loves to go on long walks outside through any weather. The cool air against her cheeks, nipping at her nose and the warm hot heated air brushing against the back of her neck brings joy to every stroll that she takes. The black haired girl also loves to sometimes just sit down and enjoy her surroundings, look at the flowers springing up around her and the way that the leaves rustle in the wind allows for the girl to feel connected to the Earth. Kialya is a simple girl who enjoys the outdoors even though many times she has to enjoy it on her own. But, if the Nymph does happen to gain friends she will protect them with her entire being. Give her life for them, knowing that because she is a mythical Greek creature she will reform again. Kialya loves to please the ones that she cares about and will always think of herself second when it comes down to a decision.

    In a battle, Kialya does not like to fight dead on unless it is a challenge or absolutely necessary. Kialya likes to hide in the trees and attack from the shadows, making her much like an assassin or a ninja, but she never aims to kill. The Nymph will usually aim to knock a person out as quickly as possible, trying to deal as limited amount of damage as possible and get the fight over with as soon as possible. Kialya doesn't like to hurt people who are not apart of a battle and will do anything in her power to keep them safe and uninjured even if it causes her more injuries that she would get in that battle. Under a leadership Kialya will follow orders to the best of her ability, but if there is a chance that someone is about to get hurt that is not a part of the battle, she will make a new route around it and still try to finish the plan whilst trying to keep the innocent unharmed. Kialya as a leader though is asking for disaster, she is far from a leader. It isn't because that she can't it is because she does not have the leader qualities of being loud and cheery and unified. She likes to watch but likes to do her own things lot's of times. Also if there is a battle going on and she is not a part of it she will still watch and make sure that the bystanders are not injured.

    - Flowers- They smell really nice and they are beautiful to look at with each one being different from the last it is just a paradise for observers.
    - Silence- Silence is good when you are trying to listen to the small noises around you, this isn't talking about pure silence but the silence of voices and hearing the voices of nature that surround everything
    - Music- Kialya loves to sing and dance along with music, her favorite being light rock, nothing with too much base or too loud that it will ruin the melodies and the harmonies within the song.

    - Fire- It burns and destroys everything that it touches, there is nothing good about it.
    - People who target the innocent- Why target those who have done nothing to you, these people are the work kind of people
    - Polluters- Everyone has to live in this world and if people keep throwing their trash and waste everywhere there will be no where left to live.

    - Fire- Being a Nymph Kialya is afraid of fire and it's burning effect that it has on everything especially the plants
    - Friends- She is afraid that she will not meet up with the expectations of the friends that she could possibly make.
    - Loneliness- Despite her being used to being alone Kialya is always afraid that one day there will be no one around and it scares her.

    - Friends- Kialya will do anything and everything to protect the few friends that she makes.
    - Plants- Kialya wants to protect the plants that she was born to protect, who gave her shelter when she was born
    - Hope- Kialya wants everyone in their lives to have hope and to her she wants to be able to share the hope that she has in her heart.

    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Purple
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 135lbs
    Overall Appearances:


    Guild: Light Bringer
    Guild Tattoo: A light purple on the nook of her neck, right side


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    Re: Kialya Done

    Post by Grimrok on Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:45 pm

    Character Approved!

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