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    It's just the beginning [Kialya and Forge | Pirvate | Social]


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    It's just the beginning [Kialya and Forge | Pirvate | Social]

    Post by Kialya on Wed Oct 21, 2015 8:43 pm

    The black haired girl placed her hand on the large oak tree that she was passing, a stabilizer as she silently glided through the forest. The leaves breaking up the light created shadows on the forest floor, a pattern of light and dark decorating the ground. Kialya closed her eyes as she took a step away from the tree, no longer using to to keep her balance. The birds in the trees sang around her, each with their own unique song and sound allowing for them to make a perfect harmony with each other. The wind rustled through the leaves above her causing for a few leaves to fall from above and float their way down to the forest floor. Opening her eyes the nymph smiled silently and happily before once again moving forwards, not paying attention to the small flowers and sprouts that began to grow in her foot prints. She was like a ghost in the forest not making a sound as her foot steps fell onto the Earth. Kialya began to hum softly, breaking her own silence. Her harmonious voice spinning its own tune to match with the birds that sung above her. To anyone who had seen her she looked almost to be a spirit of some kind, connected to the forest with flowers growing around her feet and a single pink flower in her hair. But the black haired girl would not know if someone had seen her, caught up too far in her connection with the nature around her.

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