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    Frost: The Observer [A-Rank Application]


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    Frost: The Observer [A-Rank Application]

    Post by Alito on Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:22 pm

    A mountainous area. Nameless, yet towering. Striking to the eye; unknown to most. Snow had a tendency to make this wonderful terrain its home, while soothing winds enveloped the land, itself. It was hard to believe that anybody could live here, yet believe it or not, hundreds resided here. On the contrary, living here meant endless work. One could not build a residence here, you see, while realistically, this mountainous area was only home to a single, yet huge family. In one generation, ancestors would work to supply necessities for the next. They had no permission to be elsewhere, hence their existence in what was known as the "frozen hell". In the beginning, the eldest thought their young ones would someday make this landscape a paradise, though after just one tragedy, the purpose for living here was defeated. This tragedy, unfortunately, was Alito's birth, for his beginning brought forth the end of his mother. Meanwhile, his father had long-abandoned these mountains, apparently in a new residence within Alvarez. It is most important to note that during Alito's birth, the hundreds that once lived here had just been narrowed to two, as Alito's father also brought this great population with him. Alito's mother, however, loved her (and Alito's) birthplace. Therefore, even acknowledging this dangerous environment, she chose to stay, only to give life to somebody her husband could never see- for now, at least.

    This tale brings misfortune on Alito's behalf, though thankfully, fate had other plans. Just an hour after Alito's mother had passed away, buried in snow, a wolf locked eyes with the boy, and took him away. This one, sudden moment, summoned a new fable. The wolf swiftly moved Alito to a sacred shrine, where the wolf's companions resided. These companions, luckily, were human. They trained Alito, nourished him, taught him the basics of living individually- you name it. From just an hour old, to ten years of age, a new Alito rose out of this frozen hell. This shrine left him capable of utilizing Yggdrasil Magic: a form of magic influenced by belief in the Norse gods. At the age of ten, Alito was asked to depart from this snowy atmosphere, and live independently, for the work that came after this series of development was meant to be unknown to him. Even to this day, Alito still wonders what his former comrades truly devoted themselves to, as it was obvious their lives meant more than just Yggdrasil. This aside, we now head into Alito's magic career.

    For three years, Alito lived homelessly. To get a meal, he would beg on the streets. To get a drink, he would also beg for money on the streets. Food and water were the only two things necessary in his mind, honestly. Even bread and water were fine. Everyday, Alito would manage to get this, at least, then proceed to observe society; something his land lacked. It is said that, in the past, a possessor of Yggdrasil Magic also possessed similar visions as Loki, Thor, and Odin. Under Loki's influence, Alito could predict what could go wrong with humanity; with Thor, Alito could predict what might lead to one's downfall, while with Odin, Alito could see how he could take advantage of humanity. For the sake that others would see Alito watch over their homelands, and not partake in their activities, Alito was renowned as "The Observer". Sooner or later, others also became interested in Alito's whereabouts, so once they found out that he came from a snowy landscape, he was uniquely named "Frost." People with enough bravery to speak to the awkward Alito often wondered what he was capable of doing, so when they found out that he was a wizard- this being in Magnolia- they introduced him to all known guilds both in the city and nearby. They unravelled the stories behind these guilds- at least what they could make out of them- which ultimately gave Alito choices.

    The one guild that interested Alito most was the guild home to unshakable willpower: Sage Pillar. As a calm-minded fellow, not looking for trouble or anything extreme, the boy felt Sage Pillar was the right place to go, and so he enrolled. He often visited the guild, which allowed members to tour him around the establishment, then ask if this would be a consideration for his "new home." This quotation surely brought pleasure to Alito's soul, as he never once had a true place to live. Therefore, he responded 'yes'. From there, by attending a few meetings, revealing his magic, and finally getting that tattoo on his left shoulder, Alito became a part of the guild. From here-on-out, as a member of Sage Pillar, Alito worked to master his Yggdrasil Magic for the sake of survival. Little did he know, however, that Yggdrasil Magic is an "experimental magic"; a magic that tests its user. One night, he awoke suddenly, and noticed that a glowing mark of a wolf was revealed on his left arm, also encircling his guild insignia. He researched this mystery overnight, and found out that this mark was the mark of Fenrir; the legendary wolf in Norse mythology, and the strongest canine in history. Ironically enough, once discovered, Alito also found that he could not grasp this power until he visited a certain individual in Alvarez; that his current magic capabilities were incomplete. Albeit, he knew this beforehand. Until this very moment, all Alito could provide was that he was a wizard; nothing more, nothing less.

    After two days were spent solely for getting to Alvarez, Alito found his long-lost father, who immediately challenged him to a fight upon confrontation. At first, Alito was puzzled by this fact, though until this same mark flashed more wildly than usual by this meeting, Alito understood why he was meant to be here; to defeat his father. Throughout the fight, Alito was completely overtaken by his father; the brawl was entirely one-sided. He can remember sensing Fenrir within his father, yet his father was just too skillful with the canine. This magic he conjured so easily overwhelmed the son, and almost killed him. His father wanted to kill him if he lost, actually, for that seemed to be the fate of the loser in this scene. Luckily, a miracle occurred. Just before Alito's father could make a deathly approach on him, the magic within Alito formed a spear that pierced through the heart of his father. This incomplete form of magic overlapped the mastered magic the father possessed, and made itself a new from this ultimate power of Fenrir. The long-lost father died, not a word spoken to his son other than "thanks", which the son has yet to decipher. Why did his father want to die? Especially like this? Perhaps Alito will never know. Nevertheless, Alito moved along back to Magnolia, where he revealed his utmost power to the guild. Fenrir, the first companion of Alito's Yggdrasil Magic was going to help him rank-up in this world.

    A series of missions arose shortly after Alito's return to the intersection of Magnolia and Hargeon, where his guild rested, which Alito took as an opportunity to claim rewards. This series revolved around infiltrations against a gang responsible to the kidnapping of a kingdom's most valued knights. Slowly but surely, Alito found a way to complete this series- mainly by the discovery of the Odin fragment: Odin's Eye. Ever so rarely, Alito could notice each and every single aspect of an opponent's speed and angle trajectory, which always provided him a chance to strike his enemies in the most vital area, assuring victory for ones of their weak class. Other times, because his magic was still so new to him, Alito took advantage of his surroundings to hurt incoming threats, and keep them away from his well-being. This series took well over a week, though in due time, Alito found the missing knights, and freed them with their arsenals. Alito can remember this because it was the first task he ever took to display his magical side. This series of missions gave Alito so much experience with his magic that he when he returned, fellow guild members recognized how much stronger the man had become- 15 at this point- and granted him an exam.

    The first exam was the most difficult for Alito, honestly. Just as his father demolished him until the final moment, the man who challenged Alito also packed quite the punch. However, until Alito discovered that emotions only made him feel weaker, and that fear was only holding him back, he still absorbed the pain. After he discovered his downfall, the rise of his magic truly came to be sensational. In mere seconds, a catastrophe of magic was summoned, and the defeat of the evaluator was brought about. With the defeat of the examiner, Alito passed. This officially made Alito a C-Ranked wizard, though he wasn't done just yet. Soon after this achievement came yet another series of missions requested by the guild for Alito to complete. This time, Alito was to defeat the ones responsible for overcoming those past knights, and keeping them hostage. This series of missions was a lot easier, and while he committed further to this series of tasks, Alito noticed that he was only getting stronger, and that his personality in battle was incomparable to most, thus intimidating in a sense. Another exam came shortly after this, and required that Alito have a rematch with his former examiner, yet without magic. It was a strange duel, but nevertheless, it proved that Alito was not just strong magically, but physically too. This exam ended in a draw as both fell simultaneously, yet because Alito put so much effort into the fight, he passed. The examiner also liked how Alito bluffed most of the time to make a solid comeback, just as he did in the past fight. Alito was now at B class, yet again, this was not enough. The biggest mission of all was about to come forth.

    Demons. So they truly existed. In Alvarez, apparently. Alito was assigned to single-handedly defeat Akuma; a high representative of the demon race throughout the continent. The power these demons held greatly differed from the magic Alito possessed, as he could recall. In fact, unless Alito unleashed a bombardment of assaults, oftentimes the demons would surpass him. Additionally, they never fought just to see a person lose consciousness. No. They fought to the death, even with their own kind. Only once before had Alito killed someone, so killing many- regardless of race- was difficult to consume. Albeit, Alito just had to do it. He can remember how psychotic these demons were, and how sadistic their lives were. Countless humans suffered to their strength, while all who lost to demons were brutally murdered. Against each demon, Alito had to use up almost all of his magic, thus making him much weaker to fight the next. On the bright side, his B-Rank exam, which helped him fight well without magic, allowed him to defeat more demons under these circumstances. This exam took about a month to complete, as demons roamed throughout all of Alvarez, while leaving a single one behind resulted in the potential ceasing of humankind in the same location. The worst part about these demons was how they could surpass Odin's Eye, or possessed powers that heavily weakened an enemy if they could not keep their eyes closed. In other words, it was best not to look at a demon. Death, death, and more death. Alito continuously killed demons for the sake of his own kind, yet limited the existence of demons. The most surprising demon, of course, was Akuma, as her appearance caught Alito off-guard. Akuma, realistically, was the demon form of Alito's mother. It was extremely difficult for Alito knowing that he would have to kill his mother, who already died giving birth to him. Not only that, but never knowing anything more about his mother other than the dying glimpse of her when he was first-born, which most of the time, was a memory humans could not grasp. Truthfully, however, Akuma wanted to be killed by Alito, as she too had a dying wish for him. Loki, Thor and Odin; with her death, the Yggdrasil abilities concerning these three became obtainable by Alito's hands. With victory over the demon race in Alvarez, Alito is sure that he will be remembered by demons in other territories, yet he is not worried. Especially as an observer, Alito is sure that his father and mother always watch over him.

    And so the A-Rank exam began when Alito returned, though there was an extreme surprise. In all honesty, Alito was only 15 or 16 after his brawls with the demon, yet Akuma aged him in her last moments for the sake of having a body matured enough to maintain his current powers. He keeps this a secret from women as he does not want to appear too young to them, though he is sure that women will still respect him anyway. Aside from this, within a few months after his return to Sage Pillar, or rather his arrival on the borderlines of Magnolia and Hargeon all the way from Alvarez, Alito claimed A-Rank, and here is how (soon this will be a URL code for the actual exam topic).

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