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    The Quest


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    The Quest

    Post by Uri on Thu Oct 22, 2015 1:25 pm

    The winter air was cold and unyielding. Snowflakes fell from the sky on the trees of the Woods and the skin of the figure. It was a man, one who had lived many years. His face was benign and fatherly, however in his eyes there lay a great monster. In his black eyes, he harbored evil. Somewhere hidden underneath his clothes was a mark of one of the dark guilds.

    Uri had tracked him for three years. She held back her rage and tears, those were signs of weakness, and she forced herself to endure it silently. However, no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t fully hold her feelings back. Every time she looked at him she felt those emotions swell from her. He was the one who truly knew what happened to him, he was the ones who destroyed her home four years ago. He was the ones who nearly killed her, but stopped out of pity. Uri didn’t want revenge. She could forgive him for the latter two reasons; she only cared about the first reason. 

    Shifting slightly left, she positioned herself so she can sprint to the next bush. However in her rush a twig snapped under her foot. He turned around. His face remained calm, but his eyes held excitement. Uri closed her eyes for a second and when she opened it, she could see his aura. It was green entangled with gold. She glared at him with disgust. “Moldy Gold.” She murmured under her breath. She smirked at his nickname for him.

    “Who’s there?” He said calmly. His tone was smooth and honey like. “Are you lost? I won’t hurt you.” Uri didn’t need magic to know that he was lying. She could easily tell simply by the tone in his voice.

    “Bullshit.” She murmured. She rarely swore, but her anger made her say that word. Uri could feel her body warm up as she got angrier. She saw a pebble and threw it near the other bush she was standing behind before. The small sound caught the man’s attention. This would buy her time to escape. However, before she could even take one step to another bush a hand clasped over her mouth and she saw a blade at her throat.

    “Who are you and what do you want with me.” His voice whispered in her ears. Uri glared at him with pure hate a voice sounded in her head.

    Uri bit the hand that covered her mouth. She tasted blood in her mouth. The man yelped in pain. “You know who I am, you murderer. Where is my brother?” She said with great anger in her voice.

    “I never saw you or your brother in my life before. You messed with the wrong person girl.” His blade began to ignite with the same blue flames she saw on that night. Anger flared even more harshly than it had before. She kept her face emotionless and let the rage translate to magic. Her right hand began to glow with a yellow aura.

    "My name is Uri. Remember that. A blade does nothing against me. After all, it's just a butter knife covered in pretty flames that aren't even very hot."

    “My flames come from the devil himself. My blade helps enhance the powers so you are twice as doomed as before.” He lunged at her and she lunged at him. She felt her hand graze against the edge of the knife and saw the man pass her. However she wasn't going to play fair against the man who ruined her life. Her other hand also began to glow with the yellow aura. She aimed a punch for the stomach before she passed by, however she missed. She crumbled to the ground and examined her hand. It was slightly burnt and had one long gash running across the knuckles, but overall she was fine. The man's blade seemed relatively unharmed.

    "Moldy Gold isn't that tough is it? Like regular gold you are heavy in ego, but soft in fights." He lifted up his blade. He examined it. 

    "Says the one who miss a punch. How about you feel this?"A stream of fire erupted from it and headed her way. Putting her hand in front of her, a sphere of energy formed in it. It blasted itself into the flames and the two fought for dominance. Uri began to pour as much magic as she could into the sphere as it began to overpower the flames. However the man began to pour his magic into his spell as well. The two spells fought for dominance against the other. Both spells struggled for they were the same strength.

    "Where is he? Where is my brother, Lux Donnelly." She growled. She watched the spells clash.

    "You mean the traitor? I have no clue." He smirked.  "After I kidnapped him and brought him back to my guild that night, the guild master ordered my son to bring him to the edge of the world so he could never return. That night my son took off with him. I have never seen both of them since. He is most likely dead along with my son, but that is a small price to pay, after all we can always get new members."

    She gasped in disbelief, she felt sadness overwhelm her. The sudden change of emotions in Uri caused the spell to falter slightly but it was enough for the flames to overpower it. The flames raged at her and surrounded her The sight of blue flames filled her vision, bringing back memories of that fateful day. She had run out of her house to find her brother who was missing, and suddenly the cottage where she lived exploded in flames. That same man, who held a sword of blue fire rose his arm to end her life, however he gave her mercy since he didn't want to bring a poor person into this. Tears began to fill her vision. It wasn't long before her pure hatred replaced with sadness. Her spell faded as her magic power got weaker. The blue fire engulfed her, it burned her, but she didn't care anymore.

    "You shouldn't give up Uri." A voice rang through her head. "How will you win a fight when you give up halfway through it? Use your emotions as a catalyst, they don't make you weak at all. They inspire you. Use your emotions, your love, sorrow, anger, hatred, joy, fear. Use them to beat your enemy."

    Uri stood up. Her face showed no emotion, she didn't want the enemy to mistake her sadness for weakness. Orange began to fill her vision.

    "Like the burn of my flames huh? This'll each you not to mess around with me. Your punishment for underestimating me is death" He called out. She couldn't see him because of the flames and the color. Her body began to become surrounded with orange. She gave a cry of rage. She ran through the flames and lifted her fist and hit him in the face. "Melee combat it is? My favorite."He then raised his sword and struck down on her chest. The blade ripped through the layer of clothing and a layer of her skin.  Uri could feel it burn, however, she wasn't going to give up that easily anymore. She grabbed the man's arm and channeled her magic into her palms. The sound of sizzling flesh filled her ears. He screamed, releasing his hand from the blade and grabbed his arm. Uri took this chance to rip the blade out from her chest. "Stupid bitch!" He screamed. He reached for his blade, but Uri took the chance. She channeled more magic through her body, this time her leg glowed brightly with orange aura and she shoved her knee into his stomach as he got close. He coughed up blood from the impact. She tossed him the blade back.

    "Get up, our fight isn't over yet.” The man picked up his weapon and shot another stream of blue flames at her. She put her hand up once more and a blast of orange energy came from it again.

    Both spells weren’t as powerful as the first time both of it clashed, due to the condition both of them were in. However she needed this last attack so she poured all the magical energy she could muster into the spell. Her vision was fading due to her magical power running out, but she had to persist. The man seemed to try to pour the rest of his magic in that spell as well. This was now a fight of endurance. For about a minute this persisted then, the blue flames weakened. The man’s body due to exhaustion simply couldn’t handle it anymore. The blast overpowered the man and hit him, ending the fight.

    Uri smiled as she collapsed to the ground as well. She had been physically from the heavy magic usage. “You said my brother was good as dead correct? There is a chance he is still alive?”

    The man answered, a smirk upon his face. “There is a very slim chance he still is alive. But I reckon he is dead by now.”

    “Even if there is a chance he is still alive, slim or not, I won't stop looking for him.” Uri pushed herself up. She leaned on a tree for support for a moment, before she slowly walked away. Now she began the journey to find her brother. She was going to do anything to see her brother again.
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