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    13ae (WIP)


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    13ae (WIP)

    Post by 13ea on Thu Mar 19, 2015 12:32 pm

    General Information:
    Name: Nex
    Nickname: XII (Thirteen)
    Age: unknown
    Species: Cursed Human

    Species Ability/Perk: Due to a failed illegal magical experimentation Nex has been cursed, his curse allows him to see in the dark (however his eyes are now sensitive to sunlight, that's why he usually wears sunglasses during the day. Bright lights do not effect Nex in any negtitive way, it just makes him fell uncomfortable.) He can also phase through inanimate objects however, he cannot phase through any objects made out of magic, meaning he can still be cut, damaged and touched by magical weapons, physical attacks clad in magic etc.(This ability requires no mp, this ability also cannot be used when Nex is using his magic.) Black electric sparks often times spark out of Nex's body when he is in deep thought, angry, sometimes its just random. (The black electric sparks can stun NPC's however has no effect on NPC mages or other players. No MP is consumed when this quirk activates.) The curse has also given Nex immortality, he does not age but he can still be "Killed." When Nex is just walking about, he normally is in his Chibi form, meaning he's about 2'5" small and adorable. Nex uses this Chibi form so that he would not scare away the little children in the guild. Nex's poofs into his chibi form in a cloud of fluffy white glittery smoke. When Nex returns to his normal form, a bolt of black lightning strikes Nex in his chibi form. As soon as the dusts settles Nex could be seen back to his normal form, note, the lightning does no damage to Nex or anyone around him, it's merely for show and intimidation. (See chibi form in siggy)

    Special/Unique Characteristics: The whites of Nex's eyes are pitch black, and his irises are blood red. Nex has multiple piercings on his ears, a pricing on his left brow and a piercing on his bottom lip. He also has a multitude of tattoos all over his arms, chest, neck and back, all of which are words in an unknown language and unknown symbols.

    Character Depth:
    Personality: (350 words minimum. This includes how your character acts in and outside battle.)

    - Tea and Sweets
    - Napping
    - Fairy Tail

    - Magic Council Meetings
    - Paper Work
    - Bright lights

    - Nex fears Fairy Tail's Bills
    - Nex fears that he is not strong enough to protect those he cares about
    - Nex is afraid of being alone

    - To protect Fairy Tail
    - To find a significant other that will accept him for who he is
    - Meet new friends and allies

    Hair: black
    Eyes: The whites of his eyes are black, his irises are blood red
    Skin Tone: incredibly pale
    Height: Chibi form: 2'5" Normal height: 5'11"
    Weight: 125 pounds

    Rank: (If a new character, list D)
    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Guild Tattoo Black and red on his left Shoulder

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