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When Time Stands Still - An Original Sci-Fi RPG Z0wCCXI

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    When Time Stands Still - An Original Sci-Fi RPG

    WTSS Venus

    When Time Stands Still - An Original Sci-Fi RPG Empty When Time Stands Still - An Original Sci-Fi RPG

    Post by WTSS Venus on Sat Oct 24, 2015 3:52 pm

    When Time Stands Still - An Original Sci-Fi RPG Vv5TgZQ

    Imagine a place where there was no such thing as time.

    Where you could be forever young. You'd be preserved from old age, and disease. You'd keep your memories-- Your athleticism. Everything you knew, and loved would be free from the ravages of time.

    To some, it sounds like paradise; but for those that happen to live it? It's a literal Hell.

    Our story begins and ends in deep space. Many voyagers have found their untimely demise studying the stars, and reveling in the beauty of the universe. Some-- The very unfortunate few, find themselves trapped in time. In the wormhole, known as Aether.

    Time stands still. No one ages. Instead, they remain suspended in time, feeling as though they've lived centuries, yet never feeling the sweet kiss of death. Some lose their minds, turning into unspeakable creatures whose only way to sate their depraved desires is through untold acts of violence. The Reavers terrorize the colonized planets, destroying whatever sense of sanity those that linger there still have.

    Peace is always tentative, at best. The Aether does not discriminate who it swallows into it's depths. Aliens, Cyborgs, Humans-- From all time lines, and all universes can fall victim to it's hungry jaws.

    What is there to do When Time Stands Still?


    We are two months old, sand-boxy sci-fi RPG. We welcome all players of all experience levels! We are also LGBTQA* friendly! We have no word count, and a free-form application! We are a Jcink Premium site. Stop on by, and say hello!

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