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    Three Steps to End the War


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    Three Steps to End the War

    Post by Hiroko on Sat Oct 24, 2015 7:20 pm

    "We were surrounded, it wasn't something we could've known before, but it was a huge and very carefully planned trap. Behemoth had us surrounded. They blasted us away in a matter of seconds with tones of spells coming from everywhere, almost all my mates where exterminated and quickly killed in a very painful but quick way. I don't know if it was just bad luck or a curse, but I survived after the attack, only to see my fallen friends and allies, lying on the ground as they bled out or simply lost their life. Some of them left slowly while some others didn't even notice they were gone, but it was me who was able to capture such a painful image. When the dust was down, I found my self standing with an army around me. Some of them hiding in the trees and some other looking at me, the last man standing, with their red and fierce eyes, trying to destroy my mind and erasing my will. But I tried my best to stay strong and look forward to the fight which hadn't yet finished. Before I could even move, a fire ball landed on my chest, it burned a little, but I was already used to those kind of attacks. I didn't step back a single time. A few other fire balls fell on me from all directions, most of them coming from the trees, but I stood strong. I started to step forward, but my body was almost falling apart with each step. A few more blasts of energy and other stuff landed on me and all I could hear was the enemy shouting out orders to kill me, but they weren't enough. I decided to keep attacking and giving my one hundred percent, so I used magic to give me some strength, and in a few seconds, jump towards my enemies and kill them with nothing but my fists. It took me about 32 hours to kill them all, but when I finished, I had this beautiful feeling. That's when I knew my friends and family didn't die for nothing, they gave me their strength, Lamia Scale Gave me it's strength." Hiroko ended his tale and looked down.

    He was relaxing in some sort of thermal waters with a bunch of beautiful and gorgeous woman around him. He had his arms surrounding two woman, one at his left and the other one at his right. One of them got closer to him and kissed his cheek. "Poor guy, I get you're a hero, but I can tell it hurts to be one." Said the woman as they all looked at Hiroko. "Yeah, It was painful, but that's why I now carry with the rest of Lamia Scale, my family." This was everything he had to say before having all woman there feel some sort of sorrow for him, but that was exactly what he wanted. "Anyway girls, I gotta leave now, I'll probably be back later, but gotta leave for a while." He said and stood up to leave the thermal waters. The girls in the waters started to complain in order to convince Hiroko to stay a bit more with them, but it was useless. "I'm Sorry, but I have to go, got a mission now. The war is almost ending, I have to help as much as I can. But I'll be back." He said and left the rocky area covered by hot steam and entered a wooden building where he took a towel and placed it on him to cover his strong body woman so much adored.

    Hiroko walked through a wooden hall to get to a blue door. He took a deep breath as he threw the towel to a corner and finally placed a bathrobe he had to completely cover his beauty. He opened the blue door by pushing it left and entered the room. A group of three old men where sitting around a small table with some tee. A servant stood in the corner to close the door after Hiroko sat with the old men. "So, any decisions yet? Did you receive my message?" Hiroko asked at the men in dark green robes. "Well, we received your message, but we aren't sure about making deals with you, you get our point right? We gain nothing with this transaction and we actually lose quite some of our power in Hosenka, so why should we do this favor to you?" Asked the man facing Hiroko in the opposite side of the table. Hiroko took the cup of tee in front of him and gave it a try before lowering it again. "Yeah, this is the thing. I'm not sure if this is clear for you enough, but the Golden Beast is in Town, and you need my protection. He knows what you've done and will probably try to take your lives, so, if I were in your position. I would already be accepting this deal. Half of your locals for my protection." He said and waited for a response while the men spoke with each other in a strange language or code of some sort. "Well, if you excuse us, I think we can we can take care of our company, and we also think a specific dark guild has a price on your head, so why don't you just give your self up peacefully instead of causing a big chaos here." A group of men entered the room by breaking the door after the same old man spoke. The servant in the door shouted in confusion and fainted before she could do anything. Hiroko looked around and noticed it was just a group of about 5 mages in a weird black armor. "You really don't get it do you?" Said Hiroko and started to separate and disintegrate just as if he was made of sand. He appeared doing the opposite thing and building himself up behind the men in the armor. "You can't escape from the golden beast that easily. You should know that." Hiroko then transformed his hands into golden sort of spikes and slashed the men's back neck in a single move, cutting their back spines and making them lose all mobility. "They'll slowly die now, but it's you who I should worry about." Said Hiroko to the three old men. In fear, the old men stood up and stepped back a bit, but in a second, their chest was cut by some sort of flying sand slash, killing them and taking their life almost instantly. Hiroko looked at the scene, eight dead persons and one fainted woman. He took a piece of paper from his pocket. When he extended it, he compared the drawing in it with the old men, it was them. They where better known as the cruel and sadistic monarchs  of Hosenka. They had a huge bounty in their head because of their monopoly and the power they had and abused to do what the pleasured with people in town. They were a powerful weapon in the dark alliance. "It's time to go back with the girls, they're probably still there." Thought Hiroko to himself. "I can't believe they completely ate my stupid story. I just love dumb chicks." Said Hiroko and moved towards the thermal waters leaving the bloody scene behind.

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