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    Benji White

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    Post by Benji White on Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:44 pm

    After all the lights go down, I’m just the words you are the sound
    A strange type of chemistry, how you’ve become a part of me
    And when I sit alone at night, your thoughts burn through me like a fire
    You’re the only one who knows who I really am.

    General Information:

    Name: Benji White | Azrael
    Nickname: Ben, Bennie. | Azzie, Rael.
    Age: Thirteen | Unknown
    Species: Angelic Host - Benji White is currently the host and vessel of a "Grim Angel"  also known as an "Angel of Death". While Azrael is an immortal being, Benji is one hundred percent human. But when Azrael is in control he gains some of the Death Angel's traits- such as his midnight blue wings and golden yellow eyes.

    Species Ability/Perk:

    Angelic Wings - Part of the perks of being a vessel of an angel is that it comes equipped with wings! However, unlike normal wings Benji doesn't have them twenty-four seven. Instead he has to draw upon Azrael's magic in order to summon them on his back. The process is quick but very painful for him and requires a constant stream of magic to keep them active. Not only that they put a strain on his body physically and magically after extended usage, thus he only uses the wings when absolutely necessary.

    Special/Unique Characteristics: One of his defining traits is his shock of pure white colored hair, which sticks up in many different spikes, almost as though he put his finger in an electric socket. Another special trait of Benji's, is his electric blue eyes that seem to even glow slightly in the dark. Beyond these two features there's nothing really remarkable about him appearance wise...

    Character Depth:



    Benji is much like your average young boy. Believing he's "too old" to be treated like a kid, despite being only thirteen years of age. Unsure if girls are "gross" or "weird" and barely understanding the concept of "love" or any form of attraction. He's a bright and happy soul, eager to please and earn praise and yearning to prove himself as a man and a mage. Despite his youthful innocence and optimistic view on the world, Benji is secretly weighed down by the horrors and tragedies of real life.

    Having lost his family at a young age and facing difficult situations in a bid for survival has gave him a sharper, more attentive mind and near jaded and bitter mentality hidden behind layers of childish want and indulgence. His thirst for acknowledgment from his elders and peers has made him a bit of a "attention seeker", trying to fill in the void that holds all of his hatred, resentment, and sorrow by acting out to be noticed.

    And while he is often scolded by Azrael and has learned to be a bit more subdued with his "clownish actions" he still has a long way to go before he can let go of his need for others to notice him. For those he learns to trust and care for- they would find an astoundingly loyal and stalwart willed individual who is willing to die in order to protect those precious to him. And on the other side of the spectrum, is willing to kill in order to ensure his close one's safety. On his darkest days he falls into a state of depression, his mood soured and his anger boiling just below the surface.

    On these days he's at his worst and seems to become apathetic and unnaturally cruel for someone so young. And while Azrael denies any influence, it is not impossible to believe that Benji pulls upon the Death Angel's darker magic unconsciously at times, creating- unpleasant results... Despite all of his hardships, Benji does his best to be happy and have other people happy as well. He's still a young boy thrown into a twisted and cruel world with an angel companion who may or may not be the best of influences for the youth. In the end though, Benji will forge on ahead with his head held high and a heart full of hope, because in the end "hope" is all he has left...


    Azrael is... less complicated than Benji. He stands firmly in the belief that death is not a "punishment" but a "release" a form of "salvation" to those suffering in life. He is a surprisingly charming and charismatic individual with a silver tongue. Intelligent, wise, and well- old, Azrael is a being of power and grace. He can be quite vain and dislikes his host being covered in dirt and filth.

    And though he may not say it, despite all of the previous hosts he's been through- Benji is the first he has gotten attached to. In such a short amount of time the boy has (annoyingly so) gained his respect and thus Azrael holds a soft spot and protective streak over this particular vessel. And he'd be damned if anyone gave this child a premature death! After all, only he would be allowed to reap this deliciously pure soul...



    + Spicy Food
    + Napping
    + Azrael


    + Sweet Food
    + Stargazing
    + Benji



    - Death
    - Rain


    - Weakness
    - Brashness
    - Daytime



    * Losing Azrael - Having Azrael with him for the past six years has made him very attached to the angel. One of, if not his greatest fears is losing Azrael or Azrael leaving him. To him, Azrael is family and to lose him is like losing his loved ones all over again.


    * Losing Benji - Being so attached to Benji (though he'd rather reap his own soul before saying it aloud) he has an unnatural fear- on a obsessive and possessive level- of losing Benji to some other being. He would hate for the child to die by anyone's hands besides death itself. He's just selfish like that.


    * Remaining Weak - One common fear the two both share in common is their fear of being weak. Azrael's fear of never reclaiming his former power, rubbed on to Benji- who fears never being strong enough to protect those he loves. Thus they both fear that they'll never be strong and wish to overcome it.



    > To become Strong - Tied into their fear of being weak, the two have the drive to become powerful- both, together and as individuals.


    > To Find A Home - Not in a literal sense, but Benji wishes to find a home in the sense that he has a place to come back to. A family- something he has been lacking for six years now. He wants to find people he can protect and love, and they the same for him. He just wants to belong...


    > To Ensure Benji a Peaceful Death - Caring for Benji, what Azrael wants most is to ensure that Benji finds peace when his death is upon him. Preferably surrounded by the loved ones Benji craves so much for. After all, it is only right for the one who helped him for so long to be given eternal happiness...


    Hair: Snow White
    Eyes: Electric Blue
    Skin Tone: Fair
    Height: 5'3" Ins
    Weight: 148 lbs


    Rank: D
    Guild: Wanderer
    Guild Tattoo: None yet.
    Benji White

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    Age : 28

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    Spinal Tap

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    Re: [EXAMPLE]

    Post by Spinal Tap on Thu Mar 19, 2015 5:05 pm

    While Azrael is an immortal being, Benji is one hundred percent human. But when Azrael is in control he gains some of the Death Angel's traits- such as his midnight blue wings and golden yellow eyes.


    I see wings, which means flight... How much magic is used? How high.. that kind of stuff.

    Explain on "traits"

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    Re: [EXAMPLE]

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