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    The Gate of the Twins


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    The Gate of the Twins

    Post by Selenia on Sun Oct 25, 2015 2:17 pm

    Selenia's latest job had taken her to a town where two feuding twins, both of whom were mages, had begun a battle over their late father's inheritance. It had been a harrowing battle, but thankfully she'd been able to stop the two of them from doing anything rash in time. Now, thankfully, she was on her way back home. It would be a long walk; she'd chosen to walk, as opposed to renting a magic mobile, not only to save up her magic, but also because she wanted to have some time alone. It was nice, the peace and calm of the road which she walked by herself. Although she loved her guild and all the people in Sabertooth, she still needed some time for herself, and this job had been just that. It was refreshing to say the least; she couldn't remember the last time she'd been so at ease. Everywhere she turned, it seemed something new had been going on, or another job was happening. And while this job had exhausted her, it was all forgotten by the time she was on the road again. The town she'd visited was far to the south of Crocus, just up the river. A small town, not many had heard of it, but it was still quaint. Or, at least, it had been before the twins had gone at it. The main plaza was now totally destroyed thanks to their fighting, and it had been all Selenia could do to stop their mayhem. In the end, however, all was finished, and they divided it equally, as their father's will stated.

    Heading back to Crocus, Selenia had summoned Plue to keep her company on the trip back home, her pace a leisurely one that didn't care about what time it was or what time they'd be arriving back in Crocus. After all, one had to enjoy the present; if all she was worried about was the future, and how she was going to get by, or where the next Celestial Spirit key was, she'd never be able to relax. Worrying about the future wasn't Selenia did often, simply because the future was still to be written. No one could always know what would happen next, and she was just going to roll with the punches, whatever life gave her. Joining Sabertooth had relieved some of her anxiety, allowing her to take jobs and get stronger, but the fact that she hadn't found a single golden key of the Zodiac still daunted her. Those rare and powerful keys were said to be a Celestial Spirit summoner's greatest treasure, but in reality, she just wanted to meet them. The Celestial Spirits she'd met up until now had been wonderful and unique, but that didn't mean she was supposed to be content without having met all the Celestial Spirits she could.

    So as she walked along the path, contemplating these things, she didn't even realize it when a dark mage jumped down from a tree, onto the ground in front of her, until he spoke up.

    "You there, prepare to forfeit your life to me. Your time is up, and your Celestial Spirits will belong to me!" he shouts, trying badly to intimidate me.

    "Um... do I know you?" Selenia asks, very confused. "And how did you know I was a Celestial Spirit summoner? Are you one too?"

    "Quiet! You shall perish, fool! Now then, prepare to meet your doom!" he responds, looking annoyed.

    "Oh, okay, so you're going to try and kill me to take my keys. I get you. Alright, I mean, if you say so. But if I win, I get your keys, right?" she asks, grinning.

    "What... what are you saying? I'm beyond you in power! In fact, one might say I have the strength of your very own guild master. I know you have no golden keys, so you have no hope of winning! I, however, am unbeatable with this Celestial Spirit... Open, Gate of the Twins, Gemini!" he says, summoning them.

    "Bidi bidi. What do you need, master?" one of them asked, looking tired. "Really, couldn't you give us a break after what we did yesterday?" the other added.

    "Silence, both of you! Destroy this girl at once!" the dark mage practically screamed, his anger rising even further.

    "You don't have to shout," they said in unison before turning to face me.

    "Plue, go back for now," Selenia said. "Open, Gate of the Chisel, Caelum! Caelum, these guys are trouble. Let's do our best to take them down."

    "Ha! As if you have a chance against a Zodiac key! Go, finish them now, Gemini!" the dark mage squealed in excitement.

    Gemini flew at Selenia, but Caelum was quick, shooting at them before they could try anything. However, they simply split up, each of them touching one of Selenia's shoulders. Transforming into her, Gemini-Selenia smirked as they said, "Caelum, shoot her!"

    Caelum reluctantly turned, forcing me to Force Close his gate before he was made to do anything.

    "You'd use my own Spirits against me? What kind of a monster are you?" Selenia mumbled in shock, still surprised by what had just happened.

    "So you acknowledge my power? Now then, bow before me, and I'll consider sparing your life!" the man said, laughing.

    "Don't think I'm giving up that easy," Selenia muttered as she dashed towards the mage, surprising Gemini, who'd still been searching through the information about her, with her abnormal speed. Increasing the force in her fist for that attack, she was able to deal a large amount of damage to him, knocking him onto the floor.

    "Wha-what are you doing?! Celestial Spirit mages aren't supposed to be this strong!" he blubbered, bleeding from his mouth. "And what are you doing, Gemini? Attack her!"

    Gemini-Selenia, shaken from the shock of how fast I'd moved, summoned Caelum, my only offensive spirit, simply saying, "Shoot her."

    And Caelum did shoot. But he hesitated for just a moment, which allowed Selenia, along with the speed on which Selenia prided herself allowed her to get out of the way, albeit just barely. The shot hit the evil mage head on, blasting him as he was trying to get up.

    Moving behind him and grabbing his arms, pulling him up and positioning his body in front of hers to keep him from moving, Selenia whispered, "Now then, give up or you're going to end up with a broken back. And neither of us want that, do they? You're right... I'm not like most Celestial Spirit mages. I train my body and my magic hard, but even more importantly my Spirits care about me. So why don't you just surrender? I wouldn't want to have to break these arms."

    "Just don't hurt me!" he cried, beginning to bawl. Gemini-Selenia returned to the Celestial Spirit world, as did Caelum, and the rest was history; after having the man locked up in the nearest town, Selenia took his only key, which happened to be Gemini's, the golden Zodiac key of the Twins. After all, their contract with him was broken now that he was incarcerated. Deciding to give them some rest, Selenia happily went on her way, her first Zodiac key in hand.

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