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    [WIP] The Official Staff Job Thread


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    [WIP] The Official Staff Job Thread

    Post by Bacon on Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:34 pm

    The Staff Job Thread

    To those with the ability to see and read this, I would like to say, whether you be moderator, trial staff, or development, congratulations and welcome to staff!

    Here, as staff, we strive to bring out the best we can in order to have this site running and functioning smoothly. We expect your best work, no less. After all, this is a responsibility that you have all been entrusted in.

    I would also like to, first, state that being a 'site owner' is simply a title. Consider me a part of staff, a friend. Someone you can come up to and ask about anything as well as tell me any opinion and or thoughts you may have. It is what I am here for. That said, if, at any time, I do something out of hand, tell me and correct me. If you see me doing something that would be detrimental to the site, tell me no. It's what I ask and entrust in all of you to do. As owner, it is my promise as well as my upmost responsibility to keep this site running and functioning smoothly. I promise to keep an open mind as well as try my best to settle disputes (as well as overlook and oversee anything happening on the site that is of importance.) ______

    Admins, I have entrusted you with the responsibility of not only being able to use the ACP wisely, but you have also been given more advanced responsibilities within and outside the site. You are vital in keeping the site running effectively both inside and outside. Among the responsibilities that the admins may hold lies coding, graphics, site relations, staff management, staff training, among many others. ______

    Moderators, your job, is to review all applications unless told otherwise. You are the people who stand between OP applications and site balance. Therefore, you all bear a great responsibility here as a moderator. You also are in charge of welcoming members whether it be in chat box or in the 'Intro and Farewell' portion of the site. If there are any issues, you are to copy the logs and send it directly to me, Bacon. Failure to do this will result in all punishment given to the member null and void as well as among other things. If you have any questions, do not hesitate in the least to ask around. ________

    Development, you ____


    Admins and Special Staff
    Zed/Amaterasu: In charge of Coding, Design, and Staff Management,

    Dragon/Forge: In charge of Site Relations, Staff Management, Grading, Development, and Design

    Ean: Staff Management and Development

    Ace/Selenia: Moderator and Development

    Mizuko: Moderator and Development

    Krow: Moderator and Event Development

    Kos/Tatsumi: "All Around" Moderator

    Mary/Aemi: Event Developer

    John/Sun: Developer

    Adrien/Fujin: Event Developer

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